1. Pommy


    i suck so bad at art now. i havent used photoshop in a month and now I can't do anything. I don't know why does anyone know what my problem is help :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  2. M

    Messin' around

    I was just messin' around earlier and I came up with this It's not a sig, and it's not meant to be a background (Although, I am using it as one). How's it look?
  3. rarthax221


    Ok I've started to do the tutorial of csgirl.....and the drawin ref is hard....and mine suck... so i wanted to know: Do you need to draw Ref pics to edit models/skins??
  4. DaKD

    USSJ Vegeta (for those who wanted a bearable one)

    I took the time and made a bearable ussj vegeta. and this is not just a plain edit i edited the skin and scaled the props very carefully. dont tell me that it sux or not cuz i wont fix it. do it ur self if u think it needs fixin just give me and the original creator credit. Ill post some...
  5. F

    Super Vegeta model complete.

    Yep, it's done. I just need someone to host it for me. pm me if you want the job! Original Vegeta Model by ESF team, Edits done by me.
  6. P

    Models Gohan, Trunks

    Any one got models of Gohan or chibi Trunks? Hey does any one know where i can download a teen Gohan and a chibi Trunks? both with super saiyan skins?
  7. Fixxxer

    OMG American DBGT is gonna suck!

    They got crappy music, AND A GIRL IS DOING GOKUS VOICE! Maybe just gokus voice when he gets turned into a kid but its still a girl.
  8. Snow

    Ape maps

    What do you think the APE Clan maps?
  9. Pommy

    My new button LOOK :)

    My new button for my website <img src=> feedback please :D also the site is
  10. S

    just wanted to ask everybody -

    what do u think of my drawings? drawing skills? give me everything u've got! u think u suck? say so! u think they r most impressive (always wanted to say that...hehe)? say that too! everything that comes to ur mind! and b harsh! if u think im 1 of the worst just tell me
  11. owa


    Hey, Well I'm not new to layout mkaing I just suck at it cause of my lack of HTML knowledge. Anyways here is what I made, the actual site will have minor changes but untill then tell me what ya think.
  12. fatmanterror

    will somebody skin my black brother??

    hey i made a Schwarz Bruder, i was wondering if somebody would wanna skin it for me since i suck at it, i still got a few things to do like make hands and stuff, and i forgot to make some vertices face forward before i took this so thats why his stomach looks a little odd, but i assure u its not...
  13. Kman3252

    Free Flash Sig

    what do you think? if lots people like this i ill problably make more! I will ad in your name if u want this one. First come first serve. <embed src="" quality="high" width="350" height="65"> Edit - i will fix that white line ^
  14. A

    Alpha and Beta

    is it ok i u download a esf alpha model and put it in beta
  15. S

    i suck hehe deal with it

    just another sig... i really have nothing to work on so im taking old pics of myself and fing with them
  16. Pommy

    new sig good?

    i made this sig earlyer today. I aint the best but i dont think I suck :P. I don use tutorials, its from scratch. :D sig changed (below) is it good ? :D
  17. Eon


    Ive been searching around and been wondering if there is a Trunks around with his black undershirt on? if there is tell me please if there isnt would it be a good idea?
  18. S

    Oh No!!!

    For those of you who use Rancho Web as a sig or avatar hoster, you may know that it has been unavailable to Free Users, and is now only availabe to Paying Users. I just found out today, and i really neada know a good, free sig and avatar hoster. *AND PLEASE DONT SAY BOOMSPEED*
  19. B


    u know that goten that god gundam made well it sucks Its even better if there is saoud included that model
  20. Wuying Ren

    WIP Future Goku reskin

    I made a reskin of the Goten model by God Gundam he get credits and stuff. This is future Goku he appears in a dbz/dbgt special 100 years after dbz he is the grandson of pan. Here is the skin: notice I don't changed the face only the bandana on his head (I say this because it...