1. M

    does anyone know !!!????

    does anyone know when vassogo is releasing the super buu model, I NEED A BUU PPz, and most of everyone would probbaly too want a super buu-evil buu 2 form p.s gammar sucks
  2. L

    Can Someone Please Make Me A Gotenks And A Ssj Gotenks!!!!! Please!

    Can someone make me a gotenks and ssj gotenks??:cry:
  3. G


    hi , just started this lille map thingy , its called canyon but its far from finished only did a verry small part .. (like lets say +- 30 minutes ) oh yea that texture from grass / to eh 'sand' has to be moved 1 or 2 i know :)
  4. C

    Does this Card suck?

    does a ATI Radeon 9000 Pro 64-MB suck ass??
  5. DaKD

    Brolly from Movie 10

    Heres my first model taht i made from scratch and also my fist skin(which is undergoing heavy improvment i jsut wanted a preview with skin ^^) THIS IS LIKE A 50% PROGRESS PIC lol hah no more looking at pics of something that doesent exist. Il have new pics as soon as the new skin is done^^
  6. DaKD

    SSJ4-Goku & Vegeta

    Well tonight im gonna begin my SSJ4's and ill have some pics up soon By the way does anyone even want SSJ4's?
  7. K

    my gohan model

    i made a gohan model with the picollo cape, i cant post any pics, got nowhere to host. umm i really suck at skinning, can anyone give me sum tips on unwrapping and making the skin look real? thx
  8. catfish

    Otherworld arena, Kai's planet

    These are some suggestions for maps - because i suck at making maps maybe I'll just suggest some ideas to the people that are fantastic at making them. * Otherworld arena - where Goku fought Pikkon. If it's already in ESF i missed it. * Kai's Planet - This could feature the lake with the...
  9. S

    Psx Cover Art Contest

    Esf's Psx Cover Contest Alright, This is Esf's contest of the month :) The objective of this contest is much different than the first. Instead of Cg's, Wallpapers or sigs I thought (With help from Ryoko) What about a new unique idea? Why don't we design the front cover of a Play Station...
  10. P

    News just in: Microsoft Suck

    i wuv adobe... edit: theres afew errors on it, but u get the idea
  11. W

    ESF comic

    Not funny ESF comic I was bored. Yes it is the one and only hercule.. staring at the esf beta mod.. I suck at colouring so i won't even try.. ;)
  12. E

    Some DBZ Models ive been doing...(A few)

    K....heres a few models ive been doing about 1600 polys each without heads or hands.... non dbz dude i did: i also did this 16 model which is around 1200 polys which im not very happy about but ill post it anyway: aint been here a while, just thought id say hi...
  13. Chimpbot

    I have a request..

    Okay.. I have a simple request.. I've been looking for a model to replace the HWGuy from TFC. I wanted a model of Gundam Heavyarms.....but alas, none could be found. Now.. If any of you could possibly make a model.. I'd be extremely happy :D
  14. E

    Im Back, New Model....

    Hey, im back from my holiday, parents bought 25acres of land in turkey so my holiday turned into a business thing where they were sorting everthing out :\ anyway since ppl are doing 3000 poly models, i decided ill do em too heres my tien, still wip, dont say anything about the hands...
  15. M

    you mods all suck

    *Whatever . . . edited for general stupidity and profanity *What are you? 12? Good luck backing that up. *Cucumba!
  16. D

    Ill be a nOOb and say...

    MY first model (well sorta) ive been messing with milkshape and then dicided to make a player model, ok theres no head but thats still to come, the skin has also been done by me and yes i know it needs work (and a belly button) im gonna fix the arms up because there pretty simple at the...
  17. Majin Vegeta 05

    how big

    how big are the new maps?
  18. R

    Almost Finished Rikimaru Model

    Well, this is the second model I've actullay made... I figured I'd take a chance at modelling Rikimaru, he always seemed pretty cool. Have a look at him here Thanks --------------------------------------------- Do or do not...
  19. D

    Models To skin

    Hi, I was wondering if any modelers out there would like me to send me a skin map of their models to skin...... it would be great, because i want to improve me skills even better! Plus my drawing skills suck but my computer skills are awesome!(Still not the best)
  20. Virtigo Seven

    Gundam models anyone?

    Can anyone make a good Gundam model?