1. Damaera

    I suck...

    I'm very noob at this..
  2. F

    :P i suck at mapping! YAY!

    yeah i need help. ok um im a noob at mapping of course. so dont laugh! ok. im also reading those mapping tutorials at but it doesnt explain to me where the brush tool is x.x i know i suck. but im looking and looking and i cant find this brush tool. because everytime i try to...
  3. fryd4good

    Breakups suck, eh?

    Yeah, another breakup thread. Sorry about this, but I really need some advice from the masses with experience. I've talked to a few other individuals, but this might help. Anyhow, the situation is, my girlfriend is really into me, and she's happy, and says all these things that make me feel...
  4. J

    omg a newbie question!!! damn i suck :P

    ok, how many skin maps can half life support?? and whats the maximum size? (my first try skinning for half life...sorry)
  5. Almighty_Gir

    omg a newbie question!!! damn i suck :P

    ok, how many skin maps can half life support?? and whats the maximum size? (my first try skinning for half life...sorry)
  6. VivaLaPineapple

    i now suck at photoshop

    i recently tried working with photoshop after awhile and all i could do was this. granted its not my worst but it isnt my best
  7. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Do my sigs suck?

    I know the Taker one is lame, but it's more of a placeholder, I guess. The other one is what I worry about--does anyone get the joke, or what? Also--I made this set for a friend [EDIT: I made the picture he used for the top blue one...he chose the fonts and effects...the bottom one I made as...
  8. SailorAlea

    Kaioshin/SupremeKai Model

    I was wondering if anyone has a model for Kaioshin(Supreme Kai in the dub), and a soundpack to go along with it? I searched GSF and Redsaiyan, but couldn't find any.. I didn't put this in the 'request for model to be made' folder, because I'm asking if one already exists. Much thanks..
  9. GhostfaceKillah

    Arthas Reborn....

    Cheezy title, crappy art by me, crit me hardcore so i can stop sucking plz!!!!!
  10. grOOvy

    ESF Real Life Mural =)

    Welcome to the ESF Real Life Web Mural! \o/ Ok, I've been collecting pics from forum users, IRC users, Beta Testers, Team Members and Forum staff (everyone, heh =P). And this project is basically a 3200x2400 sized mural, which contains real life pics cut away and put in nicely into one huge...
  11. Mr. Satans

    Map Theory/Idea

    Tell me what you think:
  12. DiebytheSword

    No fate but what you make . . . who says a Cameron-less Terminator movie has to suck?

    I just saw T3 this afternoon, and it completely pwned me. I really expected far less, but was instead impressed with every aspect of the film. It was mighty fine for a 3rd installment.
  13. G

    Did you saw the model on the homepage???

    Did you saw the model on the homepage??? Great model and skin but th middle picture looks a little strange... what do toy think?
  14. M

    Kid Buu

    weeeeee so far
  15. VivaLaPineapple

    my RO profile

    yeah i suck at coloring, and yes i did use a refference pic for the shape of the head.
  16. RaNger

    A quick picture

    Ok, I suck compaird to some of the people here, but its a start right? Any Ideas for the backround? I can always render it agane and make changes.
  17. S

    another bojack trunks

    a good bojack trunks! ok i made a bojack trunks out of the majin vegeta model and the orig trinks. and i used brollmans ssj trunks head. i would show pics but my uploaders is under maintainence. can i send the pic anthe model to someone so they can host it. and i changed the burnig attack...
  18. Damaera


    Ok guys I'm a new map maker............... and I really suck at the sky wall part... Maybe someone can help me?
  19. sexyasian86

    NEW Bojacks Trunks

    hello, i'm practically done with my trunks, just need to find a rally good skinner to skin the front part of his chest. need to skin the rest of the sword strap. if u can see it. i used brollman edit of his trunks. and wh00t got this need skinner to help me with that damn strap...
  20. Cold Steel

    puppetpall Z?

    Well I guess most of you guys know about my comic now. It's called puppetpall Z . I'd like to know if you guys like it .I made a poll to vote, but i also like a personal opinion. The thing is if the voting will suck then I will quit making the comic.