1. L

    DRagonball gangnam style
  2. Sting

    New style of karate
  3. I

    Increase Power Level, LBZ style?

    I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with LBZ aka Lemming Ball Z but I think it would be cool if ESF had LBZ's style of power level increasing. Where you can charge your Ki to boost base power level but doing so depletes your fatigue. having your fatigue drop to 0 makes your character...
  4. Skyrider

    New Forum Blue Style

    For those who are interested, I've added a new blue style for the forums. While I also added a new black theme, It still needs quite a lot of work which is not as nearly done as the new blue style. You can access the newly added blue theme by Clicking here. I've also replaced the dragonballs...
  5. SG_SSJ!

    Turorial:Sprayed style

    First of all this tutorial wsn't made by me! It was made by a guy in a DBZ Portuguese forum...I just have translated to Eng. Second :It's a very basic tutorial mostly used for begginers! Ok Let's go 1st:Open a new document with a normal sign dimension(example:350x150) 2nd:Choose a render...
  6. Deathshot

    New Style Attempt

    What ya think? It is a bit weird looking to me...
  7. Chakra-X

    Sol, a try at a more tonal style of digital painiting

    I enjoy digital paint because of the lack of mess, cost, and convenience of having everything you need on a screen. However, I've done mostly cell shading and not any "realistic" types of shading, so I decided to color in my character Sol in his new design with this style. Inked on paper...
  8. shadowcast

    Cooler, Lemming style

    well..might aswell post it now that some people know of LBZ...:P Its still a WIP has somewhere around 1500 tris :P Enjoy...if you can :P
  9. Boogyman93

    Problem with the forum style.

    Hey I just found that down in the left corner there was a option to change the forum stile. I changed to dark style to see how it looks and then I changed it to old style to see how it looks but when I did the option disappeared and now I can't change it back. Is there anything I can do about it...
  10. G

    Android 16 - My style D:

    Front Side Just a test design I'm working on during breaks from working on other projects. I also thought Android 16 was missing something when watching DBZ... you know you have this huge dude and he can only take his lower arms off? imo, nothing says Fear me like 2...
  11. D

    RPG style storyline in esf

    is it possible to add an rpg style storyline to esf? :) it would be great, imagine you start with little goku, then you acquire experience, techniques and power. It won't be good if we add the exact clone of dbz storyline, we can think about an alternative but also interesting one :) also I...
  12. The Deco

    A Sims style game with adult content

    Does any of you know a game in Sims style only with more adult content. I mean like, not cartoony, foolish "sex" or no blurs in bathroom, stuff like that. Mature content but in Sims style(Build house, get job etc...) Edit: I'm a senior member xD
  13. The Deco

    Does any of you guys have DBZ-Series style aura model?

    I'm looking for series style auras Examples: I'm really looking for 1 of this, its major for me. Thanks.
  14. I

    My concept of a rock style trunk's (Ruff)

    Got a bit bored.. so drew a fast concept of what i think a rock trunk's would look like.. ruff drawing when i got bored.. do a sexier version soon.. bad pic as well just took it with my mobile :s but gives u the basic idea.. i did a quick 2 second draw over on photo shop.. as well...
  15. The Deco

    Poll - Ascending ideas thread | Interactive ascending or old style ascending

    Well I thought about it and I really think we should have an interactive ascending ESPECIALLY in the FINAL version. Seriously its just too plain and simple. So im doing a poll if you would like an interactive way of ascending or just keep it how it is so the development team will SEE before...
  16. The Deco

    Me and my friends making a tag team style tournament

    Me and my friends making a tag team style tournament and doing some smash and bash Me and 3 more of my friends got today some tag team blood bath, today, and im bringing the videos to you! We just took esf_cell_games map and used the arena to fight tag team style. Rules were: - No...
  17. Growler

    Growler's New Style art

    Got into vector art and the like.. just here to update on what I've been up to lately on the art scene. Here's a mix of wips and finished pieces. This here was actually my first attempt at vector art... this was before I knew how to use the PEN tool and therefore did all the vectors by hand :/...
  18. M

    Yourself Simpsons Style

    Lol, go here to make your own version of yourself, using the Simpson style. Here's mine. They didn't have the facial hair that I preferred so I just drew in on there.
  19. R

    New style trans

    I have an idea: in the series, when the characters transform, they don`t do like in esf, where they just make a couple effects...In the series, when they transform they stay with the "turbo aura"..For example, when beeing goku in perfect trans, you not only transform instantanely, but also make...
  20. -Origin

    So, I'm trying to create this new style..

    It seems to be working out quite decently, this one took a lot of work but I'm very pleased with the end result.