1. Soulicro


    Another one. Simple and effective was what I was trying to aim for. Love to hear your C&C.
  2. T

    Super Sonic Hair

    Hello. This is my first Model ! I tried to do the Super Sonic Hair. This isn't really but i try :
  3. @lv/n

    Sonic Adventure DX problem... :S

    Hey, i was playing this GREAT GREAT game and here's the problem... Sometimes, most of the times, my pc just reboots after i play a while... I have all the requirements and the latest drivers for my video card, which is NVidia GForce MX 440 with AGP8X... any1 knows how to solve this problem? cuz...
  4. Wangster


    yo people... i drew this this afternoon when i had 2 hours free from school... that was arround 11:30 when i finished it... i havent posted in a while... but here is a start :) please C&c. this is BASED ON the real sonic, it isnt supposed to be him, just a made up bro or something.
  5. Hyper Chi Aura

    Sonic Fight movie

    There is this movie when Sonic fights that unknown hedgehog from Sonic X. Click here . Why am i sumbiting this? cuz i personally think its one of the best fan made sonic movies ive ever seen
  6. R

    That item idea that Sonic had

    I like it, I think this fleshes it out a little bit. Like Boyster said, start off by picking an item. After a certain amount of kills the item upgrades, but only a limited amount of times. For example: If you pick the armor, it starts with X% defense boost. Then after Y kills, it would have X +...
  7. Guru_San

    My Sonic Sig

    What you guys think? Not made a sig in about 8/9 months! Then wipped this up in bout 10mins -SaN
  8. M

    dbz togeki>super sonic warriors.

    i did a search and search for togeki only and found nothing due to sonic warriors not out yet, however they did already emulate it and i would like to know if anyone has a GBA emulator how do u remap the keys? Unfortunatly i cannot use the big ki attack like kameha etc cause of the 2 key...
  9. Z

    Is Sonic anime??

    its because he reminds me of some anime that ive watch...
  10. K

    Sonic Read This(Suggestions)

    Ok you wanted me to stay calm and say my opinion so i will. 1. This game isnt gonna last very long at all because of how easy it is to master the melee system. The game is seperated into 2 things Melee and Beams soon as the game was released beams were uselss and now melee is getting more...
  11. CM

    DBZ: Buuku Tougeki (Super Sonic Warriors in US)

    After the release of the flaming piece of crap we all call DBZ: Taiketsu, Banpresto, Arc Works, and Cavia bring us perhaps the most fluid, most enjoyable, and best overall DBZ fighting game the world has seen. Although limited by the... limitations of the game boy advance, this game is just so...
  12. H

    What happend to the sonic models pack?

    i havent been here for a long time but i remmember that model i love it but i cant find it anywhere now :-\... it had also 7 emeralds... i did a search and i cant find nothing about it
  13. SailorAlea

    Sonic Heroes: Review

    Has anyone played Sonic Heroes for any of the systems? I was given Sonic Heroes for X-Box. Anyway, here's my review of the game. Graphics-7/10 Gameplay-5/10 Sound-4/10 Music-2/10 Story-1/10 Tilt=4/10 Originality: 1/10 Overall Rating: 4/10. (Definitely not worth playing unless you...
  14. MickeyG

    someone was making a sonic:

    i've been away for 2 weeks or so ..was it done, who made it and where can i find it (I searched the 7 pages) and if it wasn't released, what was the last progress.. i would like to see the model :D
  15. Allimenma

    Sonic The Hedgehog map

    Could some1 make a map of the green hill zone (1st level) the map is veary cool in the sonic games, so i thought it might look good in esf
  16. Allimenma

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    Hi all u Modellers, can I convince any of you to make a Sonic The Hedgehog/Super Sonic The Hedgehog model for ESF. I will be veary gratefull, cause I'm a Soic nerdo :p
  17. P

    Sonic model

    hey guys now that red sayain is down i dont know where to look for models and i really wanted that sonic model that takesplace over gohan so i and one has it or know where i could find it plz show me thnx
  18. DaKD

    [WIP] Shadow the Hedgehog/Super Sonic

    I was inspired by shijing's old sonic models to take my own shot at them Critz please Updates below
  19. H

    First poly model.. Super Sonic

    Ok.. be kind in your crits. This is my very first model that I've made from scratch. I'm still not sure If I'm making it right, because I'm following what I've learned from trial and error. It still needs a lot of work, and a more roundishness to it, but I hope its a good start:<BR><IMG...
  20. Jaredster

    Sonic Model Request.

    Does anyone still have the sonic model that was hosted on Redsaiyan a while back? If so message me on AIM at Jaredster5 . I really need this model.