1. S

    Cinder Model (W.I.P.)

    i have spent about 30 minutes on this so far, here is a pic of it, give comments on what i should do for the shirt and pants and jacket...
  2. ?

    Hi kann mir einer dieses bild unter meinem namen machen?

    Hi alle DBZ fans!! kann mir einen dieses blid unter meinem namen und unter meiner message mchen ? ich hab davon keine ahnung !!:p
  3. K

    Im Search 4 Models

  4. ZuL

    Need help with animating

    I need help with animating. If you are a talented animator, and you work with 3dsm4, please reply to this topic. I make both player models and view models and i need to learn/need help with animating them. I am not gonna ask again, so this is your chance... :) (hope lots of people want to...
  5. Akhkaru

    UV Maps

    Vassago, LW7 UV Maps Ok, I wanna learn to skin, and I think I have a slight clue... But I really need to know haw to do the UV map thingies...
  6. L

    Help on two things

    Alright, I need help from you guys. First, whenever I play ESF, my camera in 3rd person view is always to the side, and I cannot see anything unless I put it in first person. (Which isn't much fun) The second one, I need a Sig! Please help me whomever does this, I only know of one of you...
  7. Z

    Yo andoid 16 can u make me a sig

    Well for 1 i like my sig but can u do somthing else wit my custom character? I want to kno how good yur skillz are they seem pretty good so far....
  8. S

    Who want this sig

    Who want this sig And a lil poll , do u like the sig?
  9. J

    Sonic, your sig is ready(anyone else can give commens plz)

    here it is, i hope you like it <img src=""> put my name under it, if you are gonna use it.
  10. J


    hey sonic, i can make you a sig but plz find the pics of sonic you want on it yourself, i'm not in the "Sonic" thing. and i tried but i can't find the supersonic pics. so plz find them. contact me on ICQ 56458305
  11. D

    Evil Frieza Skin

    i was bored and made this... enjoy... DOWNLOAD
  12. K

    hey read this please android 16

    hey can iasku a favor well i wanted to know if u could make me another sig with ssj4 bebi vegeta firing a ki wave on theright side and goku ssj4 firing a super kamehameha wave and in the background make it like a bluish red lava type of layout and make silver lettering in the background middle...
  13. SSJ-Roach

    Just a sig.

    i was wondering if I could have someone make me one. Maybe with Gohan going SSJ2 for the first time. Or when they show Gohan and Goku in the same image when he was power struggling with Cell. Thanks for any help.