1. john_volkov

    some small sugestion's

    1.personalizate transformation's to make the asscending part more esf like not dbz like (someting like frieza transformation) 2.remove rolling and makeit more like a tail thing when some one hit's you don't rolle just go staight up 3.the scouter and life gaudge smaler in 648x480 resolution's...
  2. Rayne

    Small Suggestions Thread

    Ive had a decent number of small suggestions in the past that wernt really worth making a thread about, so, Im going to try to remember them and just make a list of all the small things that i think might make the game better... Ill edit/post more here if i think of anymore and if anyone wants...
  3. shadowcast

    A small sugestion

    Well the last few days i've been thinking of how to enhance the dbz feel in ESF........... So you know the advanced melee when the atacker stays in place choosing direction keys and the one atacked stays stunned.......... Well to enhance it i was know the part in the dbz...
  4. R

    Small world in WOW?

    I don't know if this has been posted before, but wow! Wow wow!
  5. N

    Small or BIG problem...

    ok new problem now... esf is installed but now when i try to open steam nothin happens.... o.O i double click on steam.exe or try to open steam thru cs or esf and nothin happens.. like my comp is barindead or something >.< wth is goin on here?!
  6. Shako

    small tutorial- spriting

    hehe me remembers this forum when everything was filled with loads of sprites wich where done by some veterans here. Nway i would like to see people get interested into it again. Just type what tutorial you need and ill do one... this one was requested, pretty basic:
  7. andriusa2

    small problem with console

    So then I try to enter some command or cvar in conse after first symbol it closes and i can't enter any commands or cvars, can some1 help me?
  8. Ravendust

    A Small Revelation (Fusion Reborn)

    FUNimation have launched their new DBZ site with a Movie 12 theme, which has information on the upcoming film (April 2006). The form thats fans like to call 'Fat Janemba' has got a name in the dub: Janempa. Also, the representation of Hitler has fallen under the more politically correct 'The...
  9. H

    New sig, need small help

    ok i am going to make my own sig and i have never done one before but i have messed around with photoshop and stuff so it will be a learning process for me, anyway to the point, someone please answer a few questions for me thanks. -what does SIG stand for? -how big should it be? (pixels and...
  10. -/Raiden\-

    A small Fight map =D (WIP)

    esf_t_fight Beta Release Because the f... bug removed my map i release the beta version :( One Player start One Light you can look the design :P and report bugs *g* hf
  11. K

    I have a, possibly small question.

    I havent played ESF in probably 6 months, and I have forgotten how to melee. Yes, I read the FAQ, I went to that site, the flash tutorial loaded to 24% and the site is now currently unavailable. How do I melee?
  12. F

    Small codec problem

    Okay so I went to watch a previous Bleach episode today. I opened it up in WMP like usual, but the problem is, it only plays the sound, not the video. So I was wondering what codec I need to download for it to play. The anime is .avi i know that. (and I'm sure most of you know that as well) I...
  13. john_volkov

    some small sugestions

    1.For asscendind to rise some biger rocks and litle roks (Like Frieza telekinseza rocks and the normal ones) and not to many rocks to have a god ping it will be mor DBZ is :D 2.More speed to disk attack loopback near the ground to make sa small dust trail and swoop near the ground...
  14. john_volkov

    esfb123.exe bugs a small bug

    I thing this is not a big deal but com one loke and the image will give u all the info
  15. L

    Small server question..

    I'm sorry if this has been asked loads of times before, but I've looked around on the forum and this has been bugging me. Ever since I got my router, I can't host any multiplayer games on anything. All I know is that I need to "foward ports", I get to this point: and I don't know what to do...
  16. S

    Modeling Competition 3 – Small Fantasy Environment Piece 16-08-05 - 1-10-05

    Modeling Competition 3 – Small Fantasy Environment Piece ------------------------------------------------ Description: Building on skills is important, so I believe this competition should further expand abilities touched on in previous challenges. Saying that I will balance this don’t...
  17. M

    Just thought I'd ask a small question.

    Is there a Mac Version of this? At all?
  18. GoldenBlade

    Small PS Suggestion

    I think that while psing if someone went turbo the beam should get larger like in the anime
  19. K

    small suggestion

    When you shoot a beam it lights up the surrounding area if it is dark but while you are holding the energy in your hand it does not so I suggest that once you have a beam charged up to the point it shows up as an energy ball your character holds it should glow just as if it had been shot. I...
  20. Shuyin

    1.3 ascension and final forms [small suggestion]

    Ok so we'll have the ssj > ssj2 > ssj3 transformation line. But what about the ssj straight to ssj3, and other transformation skips? I remember talk of the various ways and buttons it could work with...and then i thought about the double tap swoop. Single press Z - Transform to Next form...