1. bapplebo

    Small Wip, my proportions suck =P

    AND i'm bad at drawing rain, grass and houses. T.T
  2. bapplebo

    something small

    its still wip, any crits? finished, went for soft grunge effect.
  3. ~*Logan*~

    just a small, teeny, tiny question

    I was you make a spray appear in ESF like you do in CS? ^_^; I ask this because since I made a custom one for CS, I wanted to use it for ESF too. Eh? EH? Like it? I do ^_^ o_o And yes...I have a smaller version of this to fit spray standard so I wont get any replies...
  4. Gogeta91

    Very small goku suggestion

    I was just thinking make it so gokus turbo aura is red to simulate kaioken maybe you could put this in the 1.2.2 patch i see on the main page? IF not any chance it can be put into a small file for the people who want this?
  5. S

    a small dump...

    well here's some stuff i draw wen im at college, doodles, crits all welcome, these arent really serious though, just stuff i do for fun >_< some are a month or 2 old the last one i did today. The superhero guy was an exercise i did with wangster >_<. for some reason the paper from college...
  6. I

    Small Stuff

    Hi there Random Things Jumpping and flipping Press back back and do backflip Press forward for a forward flip Press side buttons for sideflips with jump Targetting when throwing sensu beans For lock on throw to a friend Like the one that looks like the melee target Gohans shield...
  7. Nuttzy

    small question

    ive recently got all insired again to do something in my spare time besides sleep, so i wanted to make a lil demo mod, but the look of the mod i want to achieve i dont think is possible, but i did have one idea, so im asking it here i want the whole thing to look like a cartoon, this means no...
  8. F

    A small problem with admin/amx mod

    Think anyone can help me? Yes i know, This is amx, and i should bring it up at their forums, But its easier for me, when there are people who actually play the mod and use amx mod or admin mod.
  9. N

    Small request for darktooth! and whoever

    I didn't realize how smooth the smooth flying animations where untill I used an analog stick for analog movement. Boy is it nice to see... um my small request is for their to be a walking animation for when you are walking with an aura on (when your walking with the boost toggle on). Like in...
  10. C

    small mp3 player bug

    the mp3 player is supposed to pause when you transform right? but it only stops when you do a long transformation. it just continues when you do a fast transformation i know its not a big deal, but its a bug and easy to fix i think
  11. Yamucha

    Small Suggestion for 1.3

    Since there already is a Tien model in the works, and it would -seem- at least, that it is being considered for being implemented. If there is not a bad team character chosen yet to balance the odds. May I suggest Turles? Seeing as how we have the Tree of Might level, it would be pretty cool to...
  12. Kamex

    Models appear too small

    In the game, all of the players, including myself, appear much smaller than the rest of the map. This is particularly noticable when standing on the street in the city or standing next to a door. I don't know if this is intentional. If it is not, then how do I fix this problem? If it is...
  13. Gogeta91

    small Galitgun sugg

    can u release a few sprite differences to make vegeta's Ggun aura like final flashes aura that is pink when you're charging the galit gun
  14. L

    Small bug,

    Situation: Ingame playing, start to record a demo Bug: After u started the recording of the demo u are stuck with ur attack which u had selected while starting the demo. Solution: Type kill in console, or generly die will fix the problem.
  15. MopageBoy

    small sugestion

    just a small but useful suggestion. when u press the home button now it restets the rotation of the camera but not the zoom. imo it should reset the zoom cos when ever i play with the zoom i can never get it just right .
  16. K

    a small FPS question

    Hello, big fan of the mod. I have noticed that when i put on showfps that my fps never passes 60. At first i thought, well just change the fps_max, however that is not the problem because it was set at 100, can anyone tell me why this happens? It looks like it is trying to go higher then 60...
  17. G

    small models

    today i was playing some esf and i went to swoop, i miised the guy and mi model turned all small usualy his head is the size of the WHOLE crosshair , wehn he turned small his head was the size of the point where the lines meet + (his body turned small to) i had to restart esf to have a big model...
  18. S

    the sprites esf 1.2 is very small

    :cry: the sprite oin esf 1.2 is very bad are not transforme sprite trail.spr the sprites is very small on 1.2 please have you a big sprites compactible on esf 1.2 :laff:
  19. N

    Small suggestion (yeah yeah so soon)

    Was just wondering if its possible to allow (in the far future of course) characters to be able to jump off walls while holding a charged ki attack. I think it'll make wall jumping a little more usefull. So you could do things like jump off a wall to dodge one attack then beam jump to dodge...
  20. Mr. Satans

    Small Mistake In v1.2b

    The client command cl_drawdiamonds doesn't work due to a typo in the coding. I did cvarlist and in the list it's cl_drawdiaonds (missing the m) Nothing major, since diamonds are on by default, but just thought I'd bring it to your attention.