1. Kaination

    SICK graphical 3ds game - First Beyond the Labrynth holyyyyy **** this thing looks good. /applaud
  2. Boogyman93

    Sick and wrong idea...

    This just popped into my head while looking on youtube. I don't know if ESF will have any easter eggs but how about making Android 18 do the caramelldansen as a taunt :O I would be awesome if Android 17 and/or 16 would do it with her at the same time... IT WOULD BE EPIC! This is probably the...
  3. Painkiller

    what do you think and feel when you're sick?

    ok now what do you think or feel when you're sick? i am sick at the momment and what i feel is that i am quite tired and i think about school all the time what do you guys think/feel?
  4. Mr.Lukyas

    Sick joke is sick? Or is it?

    So, do you find this joke funny :O
  5. Tsunami

    Fox News: Mass Effect is sick and wrong Its great how they get their "facts" about the game so wrong, but when did facts get in the way of a good story on Fox? Kudos to the guy for defending it as best he could in the few seconds they gave him.
  6. Barney's_Soul

    I'm getting sick of Bleach's slowness!

    The new episode that aired yestrday was so dull! The episodes before that were fine, but the first half of the episode was ****....just a stupid dragonball ripoff of a fight which could have been cut down to 2 minutes. The second half was better, and the 10 second clip of Ichigo and Rukia was...
  7. B

    Some people are just plain sick!

    *Link removed - ESF is not the type of forums for this video* Seriously, what kind of lowlife ***** does something like that? I really hope that ***** gets locked up or beat up or something. If you're a sensitive viewer or can't stand animal cruelty, then don't watch. Its truelly disgusting.
  8. Mr. Satans

    Is Anyone Sick Of...

    ...People whining and complaining about Microsoft just because they get viruses all the time? I have so many friends that know jack about computers and don't shut up about "OMFG MICROSOFT IS SUCH CRAP! VIRUS *BLAH BLAH BLAH* SPYWARE *BLAH BLAH BLAH*" -- Personally I haven't had a virus in...
  9. Gama

    Sick thugs film cat killing

    this is my sister who lives up liverpool we brough her a cat 5 years ago for Christina and we found out 2 days ago that it was killed by some ******s who let their pitball rip it to bits and filmed the whole thing while laughting, this upsets me to see how sick some people are in this world the...
  10. K

    Getting sick of MM that and MM this...

    LISTEN! Now I know the scene somewhat, but MechMod was designed for HL2, not for HL1! Since the 2nd portion of SDK was released, MechMod is being PORTED to HL2. Stop whining how it crashes on OpenGL and your forced to use d3d, because it's merely a alpha, and also just a warmup.
  11. N

    ok, i'm getting sick of this

    every thime that i make a sky do i get water, even when it sais defald funtion_wall. i even made the sky verry thick and still get this, does anyone know what to do now?
  12. Nuttzy

    oh the projects you think of when your sick(800x600 pics)

    as the thread title implies im feeling a lil bit under the weather, and ive been spending alot of time at my computer desk so though idea struck me to make a high poly scene of my computer desk, my desk is fairly cluttered and i do plan on doing everything from the bag of potato chips to the...
  13. B

    LMFAOO A Must Read This Is SICK!!!

    :laff: Im reading and checking throught my emails right, and this email pop up that i wasnt to familiar with than i remnberd it from sometime last year and even this year around it was simply Hillarious LMAO heres the link.. Copy and Paste...
  14. U

    New map Idea. (sick of Spawn Killers)? read this.

    ok, im sick of getting killed every round, when you die some one from say evil team is waiting at ur base to cheap easy kill you, i think that the enemy team is not aloud were you spawn there should be a sheild of some sort, when you leave your sheild you are not aloud to go back in it unless...
  15. F


    I WANT HIM BANNED! DO SOMETHING. his name is devil. naruto. Psycho. i have pics of him and his wonid. and im sick of what hes doing. omg. come on there has to be a way to can stop him. you cant hit him. you cant stop him. he crashes server. 109-0 against 5 people.... in 120+ ping. give me a...
  16. A

    I'm sick of lame meelee people.

    EFS Is a nice game, asslonge there are not meele losers around, always getting you in the back, or if you are bushy agianst a other with a beam, very irritating and it kills the fun, for most. I play it sometimes, and I get a lot more fun with out meelee losers, than with, only think they do...
  17. R

    ESF to HL2 - I know HSU getting sick of itbut i have something to say

    Why I don't understand - Can esf not go to the HL2 Engine. ESF Is already going to lose a majority of its population to that of SOS. If you converted over to HL2 you would gain that much of what you lost .. doubled. It would be hard work yes, but in the long run you would have more people to...
  18. Rebirah

    I'm sick :(

    I'm sick and have missed 3 days of school :( my temperature has veried from 99(current tempurature) to 103. I have been in bed all the time :( wake up at 3 at night and not go back to sleep till 8. Wish me to in getting better soon :)
  19. H

    God's Gift or Satan's Sick Joke?

    Well, many have asked for this, while others have just thought about it. What am I talking about? A movie. A movie desired by many. That's right, a Final Fantasy VII movie. The game with the best story out of any game/book/movie has become a movie itself. It is scheduled to be released sometime...
  20. C


    If I swoop at the wrong time im a ki n00b. If I tleport too much im a telewhore. If I stand and block im, well, a blocker. then I get 3 guys on my ass beating the crap out of me and hurling insults at me. At this point the game is no fun and I just want to stop playing but at the same time...