1. U

    Practice mode and buttons showing

    Yeah the title is a difficult to understand, but here is what I mean: Practice mode which just lets you introduce to esf world by showing the buttons or the keys (like press space button to fly...) and lets you interact with a bot with step by step. Also gives you introduction what the...
  2. Dzamija

    Strange problem with showing hidden files.

    I've had this problem for a while. I want to make my Windows Explorer show hidden files and folders, but every time I try to set that option, it just....doesn't happen. I just go back into Folder Options and it sets itself back to "Do not show hidden files or folders.", instead of "Show hidden...
  3. F

    My server isnt showing up on the list..

    Ok so my ports are fine, even if I don't go through the router and just plug directly to my pc this still happens. My friends and such can join fine and have a great connection all good and all, but they need to join through xfire or do a manually connect "ip" console command. My server just...
  4. Deverz

    IGN Showing off all 5 spore phases In-Depth cell stage look. New vid each week :D Already got my pre-order. Going to pay it off so I can just walk in and walk out *Edit* Wtf is Will Wright smoking Source
  5. Prozac

    Read post showing up as unread

    So I hit all forums read, post, watch my post. goto offtopic and bam new post. how come that doesn't just read as read?
  6. Skyrider

    Problems showing up my server on master server list

    I'm having some problems now, for some reason my server won't show up in the main master server list. Even though i did added the ports: Port start: 27013 (both TCP and UDP) Port end: 27016 (both TCP and UDP) Private port: 27015 (prolly wrong, but i tried a lot of ports, even 2500) Host IP...
  7. R

    No servers are showing

    When i go to find servers in ESF no servers come up. I think i need to update it but i downloaded the latest type of ESF 1.2.3 right. And i did full install. So im not sure why no servers are comin up. Another question why r the graphics not as good as when i saw a picture of trunks in browse...
  8. T

    SHowing All My August.

    First And everything! DONT RIP!
  9. Mr. Satans


    THis is quite interesting, it shows movies all over the world (I think) that are NOW SHOWING. I thought it would just do US. Apparently there is a LIVE ACTION "Initial D"
  10. K

    No games showing up

    Well, this isn't for ESF because i haven't downloaded it yet, but for other mods. When i go to multiplayer, no games show up. Do i have to put in a server or something? Because i dunno what it is. Pleeeeeaaaase help me :cry: edit: Doesnt work on half-life or any other mod just to let you know
  11. P

    Why my created server isnt showing up?

    I create a server right, but no one comes, then I check it up on and I don't exist, whats the probelm there? I'd like to make my own server and test things out and have people come in
  12. R

    Not showing up

    I installed HL then Steam placed esf in Progfiles/steam/steamapps/[email protected]/esf (and not esf/esf) but not showing in steam so a friend said try ESFSPV2 but it isn't working either any help :(. I don't have the icon in the 3rd party part :( :shocked: edit: If I try the exe I get...
  13. K

    ESF not showing up in steam!!!!!???

    I really wanna play this but when I go to games its not where the other mods always go!!! HELP! I am using the steam pack cuz the other 1s always corrupt or it says some **** like cant open cuz its expected to be size this but its this. and i tried those they do the same thing HELP! :cry...
  14. Goten-son

    pic not showing on forum

    hey is anyone else getting those broken picture "X's" by a lot of the topics (since its the same pic) i right click and pressed show picture but it did nothing, this is getting annouying to see i just wanna see if im not the only one
  15. B

    5 min sketch

    ehm 5 min sketch + coloring did this when i was bored yesterday evening, i grabbed a lil notebooklet (like with the yellow paper and the sticky strip to paste it on a fridge etc) and a black ink ballpoint and sketched some stuff and came out with this its for my dod clan (sigh)...
  16. Final Vegeta

    Request a wallpaper

    Well i would really like a great Vegeta walpaper as majin Ssj2 smiling (the evil smile he did to goku @ the tournament when he blew the ppl up) But not to ful with stuf just a nice wallpaper showing Vegeta's powah! And ofcourse maybe to spice things up for u wallpaper makers, maybe make a...
  17. Gangster464


    ITZ NOT SHOWING UP, WAT Da **** is thiz, well, ill try again but, but seriously. Gohan iz way better than Goku right????????? O_O PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE AANNSSSWWWEEERRRRR
  18. NeLo

    Well This One Is Better...Im suprised

    Hey guys, im at it with Kenshin again although something about this wallpaper just seems really neato i think. I axed bryggz and he said it was pretty cool but kinda weird. Though i do agree with him..its just something about this piece just i dunno just makes me wanna just stare at it..So guys...
  19. S


    yet another picture from my friend no he didnt trace it
  20. B0Bmaster40000

    decomposing demon

    ive just been playing around with psp, trying to go for a dark/evil theme. This is what i made so far. - Demon model made in 3dsmax with use of creature creating software - Everything else (texturing, colouring etc...)done in psp by me tell me what you think, what i could improve, and any...