1. D

    Logo Type...image thing....

    here is this logo..thing....that i made tonight...cuz i got bored :p lol *EDIT* heres it with grid...cuz EVERYONE LOVES GRIDS :p **EDIT** image isnt showing....uhh...just right click, then copy the URL
  2. T

    Mystic Gohan

    Well i downloaded azn his mystic gohan (battle damaged). And the model is really awesome and the skin also. But it's different from the show. I fixed it. :) It's now more reddish like in the series.
  3. P

    How do you put a damn Sky in Valve Hammer?

    I finished my map but I do not know how to put a sky..
  4. DaKD

    I got bored

    heres my boredom showing lol
  5. P

    My Sig not too frequent of a poster here but i thought i would try and get some feedback on my new sig
  6. Jonka

    Showing pain

    I dont know if this has already been thought up or not but what about having it where if any chracter is at low health thier arm is hanging straight down like vegeta's was after fighting andriod 18 or something else besides that so then you know you can just finish them off:)
  7. E

    A Drawing... me :D Whatcha think? Or if the image stops showing up for some reason. (Damn Geocities)
  8. J

    my sig

    hi im new what do you think of my sig? :yes: ? or :no: ? :p
  9. T

    eclipse model coooooooooloooo

    heeeeeyaaaaaa new model!check it out
  10. T


    anyopne has got some models that needs to be skinned or skinmaps so i can skin them....plz plz
  11. Ecchi Pr0n

    Why there not showing a second run of Gundam on cartoon net

    i was just reading articles about Gundam on te net i came across one that said the reason they didnt have a second run was Sept 11 so i want your opinion.
  12. E

    Some screenies
  13. L

    Problems with some of the player skins showing up...

    Ok, i finally got the game workin under D3d mode. It's a bit of an annoyance to have to switch back and forth for ESF and CS, but i'll make do. Anyways, the NEW problem i'm having is with the player models not showing up correctly. For some characters such as Buu, Gohan, and Krillen, the model...