1. Growler

    Hosting an east coast ESF server

    ESF died... I wanna revive it by hosting an American east coast server. If I did, who would want to play again just so I can see if it's worth it... Also... I needa talk to someone about hosting That is all.
  2. K

    Two things

    1st, i cant link my profile to my steam account, otherwise i would be posting in the help section, i saw in the forums(cause i did use the search tool) that it was an issue the admins are working on, so if you could do it manually it would be great heres my profile link...
  3. Twillypop

    1.3 Open Beta Final Server Freeze

    I'm having a problem with 1.3 Open Beta Final, I recently downloaded it from the ESF website and I was PUMPED it actually came out.:smile: So I downloaded it to my Half Life folder and it installed just fine and I opened it up to play. Everything was working till I made a server, it loaded fine...
  4. Darkraid

    'Create Server' Question

    Well I wanted to play with a friend of mine ESF:ECX RC2 and tried with 'Create Serer' option from the menu. Everytime we try to Join one another's server it says only "Server not responding." I remember first time when someone showed me ESF I was able to join his or he joined my server from...
  5. CankerousJak12

    Anybody that joins my server freezes up

    Ok so my friend can join now but anytime he gets to the Team Selection Screen he freezes up, Can anyone help me? btw I'm using hamachi
  6. B

    People Automatically drop from my server

    People Automatically drop from my server, when i look at the console it says "ESFnoob" dropped or "IRONMAN" dropped, im wanting them to be able to join and download my custom model and just join me in general, what causes a drop? my ports are forwarded.
  7. M

    server creating?

    Hi, Im new here and I still can't open MODS section. In this forum I can get modifications for linux and so on? As I understand it is quite simple to make server ( as it is to make CS1.6 ) but here isnt AMXMODX as it is in CS, there I nees ESF mod? So how I could get all those modes? I...
  8. killor

    ECX server

    Everytime i play ecx and i try to enter there servers it wont let me or i will have to download something and when i get done ecx will never load up it will stay at 'verifying resources' can someone help me
  9. MrDJSilva

    Server Keeps Crashing D:

    hay guys my server keeps crashing now D: i have esf 1.2.3 and i have the ecx rc2 addon
  10. CankerousJak12

    Hosting server

    I'm going to be SHORT and SIMPLE, My friend recently got Half-Life and ESF:ECX RC2, and we would like to play together, all the servers are too laggy, so I would like to host a server. BUT there are 2 problems 1: I can't port forward because my dad setup the router and I don't know the...
  11. MrDJSilva

    Server Problems for Windows

    im getting this on my server the server is windows esf Game dll version mismatch dll version 140, engine version is 140 the game dll for esf appears to be outdated, check for updates
  12. RB-Phenomenal

    Creating a Server Problem

    I turned off my firewall and it allows me to play on other people's server. But whenever I try to create my own server it stops at 'starting local game' and sends me back to the main menu. Any idea what's going on?
  13. P

    Hosting an online server

    Hi guys, whenever i create an online server, my friend is not able to join with my INTERNET IP. when he tries to join, he is always connecting to my LAN IP, i've already forwarded the ports with, i own a legal copy of HL and Steam, i've tried sv_lan 0/1 and i've already tried...
  14. Mii

    Create server prob.

    Im not so sure you will be able to help with this one. I installed a dark pack and. af characters from this location The reason im not posting there because the last reply was made a long time a go. When i try to create a server now, it stops at...
  15. M

    Linux esf server turns itself off

    I'm trying to host esf server on linux platform. Everything works quite fluently, except that after an hour or so server turns itself off: I thought it was because of bots, so i forbid them to connect to the server, but it's not helping - server's still doing this crap. No idea what's wrong...
  16. B

    Esf 1.3 Open Beta start server

    Hi, i have a problem when i start a new server i have got a 'fatal error' "Entity is not a player", i don't know where is the problem :x Sorry for my english speaking.
  17. G

    New Server for ESF ECX

    Hi guys iam new i made server for esf ECX i want people to join To play Server IP: Cya in server ---------- Double Post below was added at 03:34 PM has been merged with this post created 02:07 PM at ---------- guys anyone enter server ---------- Double...
  18. d3vak

    1.2.3+ECX+Big Pack Server :s

    Hello, everyone! I am new to the Forums and recently installed the ESF 1.2.3 (which is awesome btw) plus ECX plus the Big Pack that are published on the ESF site....and they run correctly on Steam and everything.....but only on LAN games... because when I enter to an online server everything...
  19. Mkilbride

    Hive Gaming - Premium server host

    ~ content removed
  20. T

    I can't open a local server, and I can't post in Support Area

    First of all, I already validated my account, and when I try to acess the support area I go to the validation page, where after put my login and password, I get this message: Account already verified But my problem is, that after installing ECX, when I try to Create a Server, my screen get...