1. chad1123

    Need help with SteamCMD server

    I've followed Hl'evs tutorial but always seem to get stuck at "6. Launch ESF installer. If a message pops up asking if you want to uninstall ESF first, hit No. Uncheck all the options (MP3s, Japanese Voices, Steam menu...
  2. C

    Coldcce's New Server for esf. That will be public and running daily. - Coming soon.

    So I've been making quite a few esf characters for my new server that I already made, and set up but I just need everything ready, and some more characters to be finished. Right now all these characters can go up to super saiyan 4. And that is the limit on saiyans and custom characters...
  3. KidSsj

    Add your server HERE!!!!

    Hi guys i'm KidSsj and this is an important thing to make some fun in this server chat:- who has any server that work and online please post it here and let's play online! if you had any website that makes servers please tell me post servers like this for example...
  4. J

    New Server

    Hello, to all players of ESF 1.2.3, I invite you to the new server to stay in Miami. IP Hope you like it, :)
  5. X

    Testing Server

    5 Minutes from now i will start my server for testing... you can connect via browser ( if you can find it ) Or by the following command in console ; connect I hope it works !! EDIT A player called " ssj4kakarot" joined .... so its findable ;)
  6. E

    ESF Server test

    ok so i have HLDS and my question is can someone connect to the server i made right now the server is onLINE when i connect to my server i go in game with no problems i have ESF ECX RC2 + big Pack 8.4 instaled and the server also is..but i dont see any one joining so if it works it would be cool...
  7. X

    Server doesnt show up

    Hello, Like the title says .... I tried every step i could find on the forum , sv_lan 0 , verified steam , port forwards ( my router had them pre configured for Half-Life ) and i added some extra. Though i do not see it , some one did enter the server called "Dansky". I hope he reports...
  8. G

    Steam ESF 1.2.3 Server Problem

    Hello to ESF Fans i need your help i have steam and Half Life 1 on the steam 1)now i join in server it name is ECX RC1 RC2+AF and on steam it need to save on auto and on the first times i get in this server it save to me and after few days it not save me no i need to upgrade my PowerLevel...
  9. Hellion_Blade

    US ECX Server

    I want to start one! As in pay for hosting a server out of Chicago. I don't really know jack shit about running a server and I've been recommended for server hosting. What type of server do I need to buy? First guess would be Half-Life: Death Match and then just install the...
  10. Sting

    SVN Server

    I try to set up an SVN server. So far all goes well but still run into some problems. What did I do step by step. First installed it and created a name, password and a project repository. Then try to login on the server by my own computer (the server is on a secondary computer in my house)...
  11. Hamppu

    Noobiest admins on ECX server.

    Yeah long story short, just got banned from the only active server out there. Why you might ask? Simply for owning the admin's ass time and time again :> Guess that's what you get when you can just buy your way into "power". I've seen only 2 admins active, them being Ocb and Mieliuss (or...
  12. Baaja

    What makes a HL mod server lag free? (e.g. ESF Final + NNK)

    Hi I will be moving in to a new apartment which I will share with my girlfriend. As we will have a good connection provided by the housing cooperative, and I will have a spare laptop without a screen doing nothing at all. I was thinking of starting an NNK/ESF server with pretty good uptime...
  13. mannypolston

    cant connect to server

    i cant play online on esf 1.2.3 the servers pop up put wont let me join why is this?
  14. C

    creating server problem

    Hello esf-community and developers, at first i'd like to tell you, that im using valid steam half life 1/ESF:ECX RC2. i have a problem with creating and running my own server. i tried using hlds.exe thing and i can't get it to work. im using tunngle for this and what i can get to work, is...
  15. TREX

    New Australian Server

    There is a new Australian esf server open, this is permanent but I'd like to use it for the upcoming ESF tournament, everyone in the oceania area such as new zealand, tasmania, australia etc should enjoy it; it's located in Sydney
  16. M


    A portuguese server enjoy! :yes:
  17. V

    My friends cant see my server.

    i created steamppid (i put in in the main folder of esf) and wrote 70, sv_lan 0, no firewall but my friends cant see my server even if i can join their servers. WHY?
  18. P

    ESF server without steam.

    Hi. i was wondering if you guys knew how to make a ESF server without steam. I mean when players connect they do not get the steam valdation rejected message. i wanna do that because im trying to host a server, but no one can join beacuse most of the players do not have real half life client...
  19. ~#Revan#~

    make an esf 1.3 beta server?

    would it be good to do a server esf 1.3 beta? and if it is ... I need something more than the esf 1.3 beta to make the server as a patch? I can put amxmod on esf 1.3 beta?? so... what do you think? or do I wait for the final version?
  20. S

    Is their any ESF servers in usa? Or have they all shut down for good?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!