1. Sicron

    Photoshop CS5 review, oh my, I think I just came

    So we had this post a couple of weeks ago with the new Content Aware fill, well, here's an entire review on some really nifty new features, the new 3D features seem very interesting as well: I...
  2. D

    dissidia FF - review

    well i know theres 2 or three people on this forum who are looking forward to this game and every review i've seen thus far is ridiculously conflicted. luckily, through some connections of my own, i received an advance copy a few days ago. its gonna be a long review, since im bored atm. The...
  3. D

    bioshock sucks my balls (my review, kinda)

    you dont have to reply, im just ranting. i got this game 3 days ago, the day after christmas. ****in, ive had so many problems with just installing this game (and i knew it'd be trouble when it said dvd rom) that i consider it a pathetic and completely worthless game. and i havent even...
  4. -Origin

    Best Bioshock Review ever.

    Made of pure win.
  5. M

    DragonBall Z: Sagas - Review [Xbox/PS2/GC]

    Published by: Atari Developed by: Avalanche Software Genre: Action Adventure Number of Players: 1-2 Release Date: US: March 22, 2005 Also Released For: PS2/GC DBZ Sagas is a Action/Adventure game that I do not exactly enjoy for the most part. This game is just a repeatative...
  6. K

    My review

    Hey everyone, I'm gonna give you my ideas on ESF beta 1.3 and i hope they help you make the game more fun. Some of these im sure you've heard, but it doesnt hurt to repeat them. The game is fun and definitely an improvement over esf 1.2.3 but there are some things i would like to be...
  7. Optimus Prime

    Twilight Princess Review Causing Outrage

    So, Gamespot gave TP an 8.8, and the backlash was ridiculous. While it has calmed down by now, at least on Gamefaqs, the fans flew off the handle, as can be seen here. Now, I'm not here to say whether or not I disagree with their score, I havn't played the game. Rather, why do people get so...
  8. ~*Logan*~

    Logan's Dragon Quest 8 Review

    This may contain spoilers starting around the Dhoulmagus area of the review. Read at your own risk. PS - Ignore my spelling and grammar errors...I was tired while writing this.. Alrighty. I just beat the game tonight. And this game has plenty of pros and cons to discuss......unfortunately...
  9. F

    My review on Naruto[Spoilers]

    [warning below contain spoilers from episodes 1-51 so this is a warning] Well........ seeing as how Naruto is popular on this site....... i thought ... oh what the heck, lets try out naruto! As you have seen from my previous threads........ i was sad because dragonballz was done, and i was...
  10. U

    Hotel Rwanda ~ Review

    The following is a short essay on the movie & the topic itself. It contains opinionated thoughts and speculation and while most is factual, not everything is to be taken as the die-hard truth, just one mans opinion. I believe this will give a good outline of the topic & movie. (Contains no...
  11. TimTheEnchantor

    Video Review of Killzone now available.

    A full review of the great FPS shooter, Killzone is now available for you to watch and enjoy. Please give me feedback! The quality is the best I could get it while keeping the file size down. It's my first time, so I will stutter a bit! Enjoy! KILLZONE VIDEO REVIEW
  12. Sicron

    Review your (favorite) game!

    I dont know if this really belongs to just Off-Topic or to the Video Game part, but ill just post it here, so you can move it if you want... Well we all know sites that create reviews about the newest games, and sometimes we agree with them…but sometimes, we don’t agree with them at...
  13. FreeDoM

    Halo 2 - Review

    I think it's pretty good, well balanced. Anyone figure out how to find hosts? It seems all i can do is create games:)
  14. OubliezJe

    The Grudge, review.

    The grudge, just got back from watching that movie. Great movie. One of the few movies that actually made me jump a few times. The storyline, was good but could use some tweeks but, they worked on making it scarier than usual, which is good. :yes: :yes:
  15. Vagabond

    HL2 PC Zone Uk Review gives it 97%

    PC Zone have just reviewed HL2 and has given it a 97%. there highest score ever more details at . so the RC that valve handed in must of got the Thumbs up.
  16. S

    My ESF Review.

    I Decided To Put A ESF Review On My Site. I Didn't Go Into Alot Of Detail And Put Alot Of Links To The Manual, File Page ect. Just Tell Me What You Think. CLICK HERE
  17. Soulicro

    Another sig.. Please review

    Yet another one of my creations... Trying to learn new things, apply different things each time, hopefully getting better. C&C please
  18. Soulicro

    New sig.. Please review

    hey... I just made a new sig.. here it is: C&C please
  19. Y

    Help me write an ESF review to promote in argentina

    Finally i get the chance to write an article about the game so i can promote in argentina, i was wondering if you guys could help me a bit, doesnt matter the langueage y can translate(at least try)
  20. S

    Ill Make Sigs For Ppl Review My Work

    Ive Been gEtting alot better, check out what ive done so far on also email me if u want something done i am usually happy to do it for a bit of fun.