1. Nemix

    PS2 Emulator

    does anyone have PCSX2 TC Editon... that is one pre-configured and with all plugins and necessary thing or if u have a good ps2 emu can u share it with me :D i wanna play a dbz game on my new pc some specs: intel core 2 quad cpu 2.5 ghz 4 gb of ram nvidia geforce gts 250 - 1 gb
  2. Painkiller

    PS2 Emulation

    Me too. (well not completely) I have Soul Calibur IV PS2 And GTA SA as a gift from the guy I bought the ps2 from. I tried to run the game with the PS2 Emulator, but didn't really have it run pretty good. If you can possibly tell me the exact emulator version and plugins, bios etc you used...
  3. The Deco

    Require games for PS2

    OK im bored from my ancient ps2 games that I have so much. I am board from my PS2. Now I hardly know any games, seriously and definitely dont know what is good. So all I need here is a PS2 games recommendations. It can be anything, seriously, throw anything you got, thanks. (for SP, not MP)...
  4. Vegeta

    Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World [PS2]

    Dragonball's final game on the PS2:;title;0 This is what we've been waiting for...
  5. Vegeta

    Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World [PS2]

    Dragonball's final game on the PS2:;title;0 This is what we've been waiting for...
  6. M

    DBZ: Infinite World [PS2]

  7. The Deco

    Virtua Fighter 4 for PS2

    Yeah I got it, it doesn't got a story mode like Tekken which you see a video clip of the character, is this for real? VF 4 don't got story mode??
  8. Pieter Paul Rubens

    Best Tony Hawk game on PS2

    Back in the days I was in love with Tony Hawk games on the PSX, recently I've been playing THPS3 again and would like to play a more recent version of the game, so I checked da webz and found there's been like 6 different games since THPS3. So now I'm turning to you people to tell me what the...
  9. Phobius

    Persona 4 for the PS2! Persona 3 for the ps2 was kick ass can't wait for 4/22/08 for Persona: FES which is an expansion to Persona 3 and now news of Persona 4 just gets me even more excited!
  10. KarrdeKNR

    PS2 Emulator (not rom based, bored at work)

    Basically, I'm wondering if we know of any good, functional PS2 emus that run actual PS2 games on a DVD rom drive. I'd haul my PS2 in if this laptop had TV in. I know this is kinda grey area in terms of legality. But I own the system, the games, etc, I just wanna play at work :P
  11. G

    Me playing as venom is spiderman 3 for the ps2!

    sweet aint it? ;)
  12. LionHeart

    ps2 vs pc

    A friend of mine can't decide if he wants to a ps2 or a pc He is going for a pc cuz most of his friends will have a b etter one than his curent one soon. But I'm telling him to keep the curent pc witch is not one of the best but still it's good and get a ps2 cuz he only uses the pc for the...
  13. KarrdeKNR

    Extracting PS2 models onto a PC - or hell, just viewing them

    Ok, basically what my issue is is I need to extract the model files from soul calibur 2 so I can get some screen caps for references. This shouldn't fall under warez or reverse engineering as it's my copy of the game, and I'm not planning on releasing anything from the package, and frankly, if...
  14. Phobius

    In response to mf29's ps2 topic.

    Well seeing as modifying your ps2 is no way illegal all it does is voids your warranty and if your warranty has expired then theres no big deal to it. Also if home brew talk can be talked about so can swap magic and hd loader since its pretty much in the same category am I right? Also if 3...
  15. Suh Dude

    PS2 on the computer yay!

    I got my PS2 hooked up to my PCI card. Now, I was wondering if I bought a component cable for it that it'll be better looking on the computer because its all like strechy looking, and I can barely see the fonts on most of the games, or I can get a thing called S-Video cable for my PS2 but I...
  16. liad

    alright so i tryed to run some of my old ps1 games on ps2 but..

    i cant save !! the ps1 game load fine but i cant save with the ps2 memory card in ps1 games it doesnt detect the card i also tryed to put a ps1 memory card in my ps2 but it also isnt detected by the ps1 game or the ps2 itself so can anyone help me and explain how can i save in ps1 games on my ps2
  17. Ravendust

    PC: Watch TV + PS2?

    I'm looking for a decent PCI TV card so I can plug an aerial cable into my PC and watch live TV (i'm assuming i'll need some software for that too). I would also need to plug in my PS2 so I could use the PC monitor as my PS2 screen. In a nutshell I need to use my PC, play PS2 (Region 2) and...
  18. B

    Bully PS2

    looks like rockstars creative team has thought up another winner , because evidently , bullying+doing things for cheerleaders in return for sex = crap game that could possibly endanger the gaming community as a whole AGAIN ( GTA violence effecting politics and banning of games ) people are also...
  19. SA_Gohan

    New PS2

    I only just got a ps2 yesterday, and I have no idea which titles to get, outside of a few of the big ones like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy X/X2. I did pick up Guitar Hero (which I love) and Ultimate Spiderman, but I've got nothing besides these. So any recommendations on your favorite ps2...
  20. Optimus Prime

    GTA: Liberty City Stories to come to PS2

    Kind of nice, that I won't have to wait for GTA: 4 for the next slice of the GTA pie. Thoughts?