1. Z

    Looking for a project...

    Anyone want to work on a project with me, any project... I just want something to do. I can model, and that's about it, so if anybody wants a model of something, or wants someone to model them stuff for a scene their making, I'll be more than willing, I can't texture for crud though... Oh yeah...
  2. Ravendust

    Community Project: Operation Tien

    (credits to Eclipse, Teknik and Wheres) It seems people are once again willing to animate 1.3's Tien, but the old thread is redundant by now so I made a new one. Here is a list of (1.2) anims for him, obviously Darktooth has both team status and moderator status, so he can edit this list to...
  3. davidhalo

    Halo's Project - 3d Halo

    I'm trying to revive my modelling skills due to a fact a $5000.00 canadian scholarship is being offered as a prize for a top animation project and so thus my ability to 3d model needs to be honed. Plus I really want a kickass video for a site I may start. With some advice from fellow 3d...
  4. Gama

    New Project

    Well this is my new project atm and is my second ever lineart/colouring i have done on PS but if u guys wanna see my first just ask i will warn its scary :D time taken so far 3hours 30mins and head is still not finished :S Well I finished him and here is the end result i like it:
  5. Volosity

    My 1st project in a while and i only have MSpain

    hello every 1 sry it this seems lame but i need somehelp making this look realistic or just shadowed and colored better, i made it on MS Pain *t* if some 1 could plz help me this is going on the back of my grandmaws grave and it's really special to me... thx PS: it's Elvis, she was a HUGE...
  6. I

    Project Offset I was watching Attack of the Show the other day and just before I was about to turn it off, this piece of ownage came up. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is rendered ingame. As soon as I watched the video, I thought of the opening CG in World of...
  7. S

    new site project

    hey guys thanks for the comments on the previous posts, right now im making a site for my church pastor, and wanted to see what you guys thought about it. :laff: (the image is BIG) but try to keep on subject as much as you guys can. thanks
  8. ZeroNightmare

    My Current Project - DBZ Sprite Battles!

    My friend Nick and I are converting megaman sprites into dbz sprites, and were gonna pose em and stuff with beams... pwoer struggleing and what not. Heres my megaman + vegeta sprite transing. Heres some beams i have, nicks working on the sprites. final flash wip... I'm happy with all...
  9. Nuttzy

    strange project,

    ive recently developed an addiction to a ps2 online game entitled monster hunter, its a game in which you well,.... fight monsters, dinosaurs and dragons anyways, with various weapon types my goal is to make short video clips of my new favourite cartoon character, duckman, doing various...
  10. E

    ToS Project - Triple E bish!

    ^__^ Me, Eclipse, and Enix are working on a Tales of Symphonia pack. We'd like to release it for a mod as a pack however I'm not seeing one that it would fit in, rather, I've found a few but I don't see them making it to release :/ However we will take them to the end for atleast a secksi...
  11. Jimesu_Evil

    Here's an ambitious project... I'm gonna make my own DBZ movie special

    Yep, you heard me. No, I haven't lost my mind. I'm planning to have the movie go for about an hour, it will have some music by Bruce Faulconer, and the storyline will revolve around a war on Namek involving the Namekians and an alliance of Saiyans and an unknown race of Demon warriors. It...
  12. DBXMe2

    HR GIGER Still life project comments?

    here is a model I made with a friend, not going to edit the model, cause well.. I'm lazy, and dont have a MAC to work onto it, so I cant edit the model, even if I wanted to.. and besides was for school, and for marks.. so really dont care.. BUT if I was to change something what would it be...
  13. R

    side project

    thought al spoil u guys too
  14. Moshe Kipod Ham

    Personal Project Help - Stereotypical jokes

    Lets begin with saying what's a personal project. At grade ten (in any schools that follow the Middle Year Program [MYP]) each student has to choose to make some project, make it, present it on a special evening to the school and finnaly make a written essay. My Personal Project is to make a...
  15. L

    Guyver 3D graphics project

    Hi Im making a 3D Graphics Guyver Movie To do soo... i need a few modelers (AND SKINNERS) who r experienced in using 3DSMAX. Thx If you want to join or ask questions E-MAil me at: **edited**
  16. TimTheEnchantor

    We Change (school project)

    A school project for my teacher's art mag..
  17. Antoine3323

    Bored...Need New Script Project!!

    Got any suggestions for a new script that u may want?!?! Cuz with all the free time I have now, Im real bored.
  18. N

    G.S. Falls, and a new project begins!

    Hey guys, I'm sorry to say it but my old generic studios site was resently found to have been earlier taken and reserved by another person or persons. No worries how ever, I spoke with my folks they are willing to let me host my own site for a hole year through The site isn't going...
  19. TAz00

    Not ESF, but a decent project.

    This isnt Esf, but then still related. How many of u have seen the Linkin Park - In The End Vegeta Tribute movie? *cough* KaZaA *cough* Wouldnt it be kewl to have a HL engine based movie, with the esf model characters singing and playing the instruments? Here is my so far test build map with...
  20. Wizard's Curse

    Wizard's Curse Final Shine project! ™

    I got this awsome idea a few days ago ... make a final shine ... w/o coding ... Im talking about changing the Final flash into a Final shine ! I think its posible to make a script soo when you fire a flash ... it blows up in your face. I chould make the beam invisible and some sparks(the...