1. Blackowt

    Project One (Unfinished)

    What do you guys think? Should I continue it? ^^ <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  2. Kasey

    Microsoft's Project Natal (360 attachment thingy)

    I looked around and it looked like nobody posted this yet so... Microsoft is working on some thing that will attach to the 360 and you won't need a controller. It's sort of like the wii but better. Watch the video it's ridiculous.
  3. KarrdeKNR

    New Project AM2R Trailer (Remake of Metroid 2) Oh man, this is really starting to look sweet. Loving the changes he's made to the SR388 tunnel theme. I'm absolutely psyched.
  4. Deathshot

    Art Project: Color my Walls

    Well. I have decided to make a new touch of art to my walls and I want the ESF Community to help me. I want to try this as a new project. I am hoping to get everyone to Draw something on Computer Paper, Notebook paper, Cardboard boxing or anything they want to draw on, and send it to me to...
  5. KarrdeKNR

    Project AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake) Tech Demo #2 Released Just like the topic says. DoctorM64 has released the most recent version of the tech demo. It basically shows off the way the engine plays right now. It's heavilly based off the GBA version and uses a lot of sprites from it. He's added a fight with...
  6. M

    Project Gutenberg

    Here's a website I came across some time ago: Project Gutenberg has a very large library of free e-books ranging from Charles Darwin's, On the Origin of Species to Herman Melville's, Moby ****. I figured I'd share this site with you guys (sorry...
  7. nemix12

    ECX Addon Reborn Project

    It's an addon wich adds more things Spiritbomb Sprite: Deathball Sprite: Kamehameha Sprite: Goku: Compare Goku: Goku SSJ: Goku SSJ2: Goku SSJ3: sprites are done from 0 we will need permisions for gokus and we'll change gokus head cuz its sv vegettos one.... we need more...
  8. Super Veggeto

    Naruto Canvas Project

    So I've been working on these for the last month (sorry if I overdid it with the size D: ): Refs used: I used Acrylic paint on 60cm (w) x 40cm (h) canvas. Made them for my cousins (by their choices) and still have one more to go, which would be Itachi. I already gave those 4...
  9. Doormat

    Project Gotenks

    Hello there. me and my pal DBZ hell decided to team up and make a Gotenks as a custom char for buu. we took kidbuu as a base cuz the proportions fit perfectly for Gotenks. So yeah in this thread we'll post progress of this project so stay tuned. i do ze model, dbzhell does the skinage and...
  10. Viper

    LOL, physics project...

    It was supposed to be a written project, but i went wild (caveman style). Not that pretty looking, but it's a lot more different than an A4 piece of paper with drawings on it :P
  11. LionHeart


    I will not advertise.
  12. scope

    Project Cloud

    I am working on Cloud strife from the movie advent children. This is the latest image i have so far: i think i am going to have to fix the arms alittle bit. I didn't want to post the polies right now...maybe tomorrow but i just smoothed it out and rendered it. I think i am going to make...
  13. True-Warrior

    Project: Scriptz

    Hello People Project Scriptz is my first flash animation which is about a guy named Scriptz(main character) who family got murdered by a boss he use to work for but fired him and kill his family all in the same his mindset is to kill anyone and everyone(including the boss)who had...
  14. Spunky

    Project: Saiyan Revival - Progress

    My apologies for not explaining exactly what P: SR is. P: SR is a project I started a while back, in which actors live through the various Sagas of Dragonball Z. You can check here to see the current progress of the project: Actors Needed: 2 - (60% completed) Models Needed: 4 (w/skins &...
  15. Z

    project leader

    hey guys me and triforce started a zelda inspired game about a year ago and it died, now im back and so is tryforce and i just wanted to show you guys what we made this first week ;) we reached ingame :P
  16. M

    Tony Hawk -- Project 8

    New Tony Hawk game coming out like no other.
  17. ace005

    teamRAD project?

    ok, so i heard some stuff about this RAD team, who are going to make a sp player mod can anyone tell more about it pls?
  18. seb

    Progress in the Tien/Gotenks project?

    I'm just curious of the work being done. Most likley my answer will be, "when it's done" but by the community are we expecting them to be complete? It would be really great to have them in the version 1.3. _______________________ :-o Did not see the...
  19. -Blaze-

    Project: Vegetto

    Since ESF wont have movie chars such as Gogeta or Brolly, why don't we make a Project: Vegetto? Vegetto would be one and only superior character in the game.I bet lots of people would like to see Vegetto in the game wouldn't they? Here's the info: Normal Vegetto: PL: 3.000.000 ( you...
  20. Volrath

    ESF Portuguese (BR) Project!

    Hello. Let me introduce the plan. As the owner of the "ESFBR": -REMOVED- (Earth Special Forces Brazil Community). I've build the ESF Non Steam: -REMOVED- (Part of the ESFBR project) And now I'm after the voices that are used on ESF default sounds. Actually, I'm here to ask the ESF...