1. CM

    Project TC Fileupload Going Down

    im sorry to say that due to many useless sigs, animations, and porn pics, PTC FileUpload will be going down. I recently found out that the module has slowed down PTC greatly, so i will take it down within the next 24 hours. if u have files in there, download them so you dont lose them. in the...
  2. T

    Goku And GT. Saiyaman (pencil art)

    nuff said...
  3. DragonDude

    Your Mapping... HL1 or HL2?

    I was just curious, how many mappers here are planning on switching and mapping only for HL2 when it comes out? Myself, I'm going to try it, because it adds tons of new and useful features with AI and scripts, but I don't know if I'm going to completely switch over. What are you guys planning?
  4. M

    Fusion Model

    Heyzz I was just wondering whatever happend to the Goku + Vegeta (Gogeta Fusion) model did it ever get finished and will it ever appaer for download because i would be a waste not finish it after i get my awnser mods can close this tread No Flaming or Spamming i just want the awnser...
  5. Masibu

    Request: Midgar

    Now, not quite sure if u can actually request maps, but... i was wondering if anyone could make a map of midgar from ff7? i wouldnt mind seeing a few final fantasy maps around
  6. dudeman

    It's time for something TOTALLY new!

    lo peeps we've seen flash stuff, all sorts of artworks, such as photoshop abstract, 3d rendered abstract, drawings, cg art, and much more.. now one thing ive never seen before is a 3d rendered film.. maybe im missed it but i think im the first...
  7. D

    "Wing-X" is COMPLETE!

    Can j00 say...1337 PWn4GE!? :D
  8. CM

    Muscle Tutorial (Skinning) (Not Zereth's)

    well, i use a different style thats not like the one zereth uses. theyre both good in my opinion, but for starting skinners this is easier. i wont make this based on a skinmap since no skinmap is l33t enough for my skills (yeah right) this is ONLY for photoshop users (i dont have FFD4B2sp...
  9. TehMuffinMan

    project futora warfare ^_^

    anyways, this is a "mini mod" for esf, basiclly a huge pack that replaces most things like maps,models ect, i've been working with nuttzy and Bob for a while on this, and i was wondering if anyone wants to give us a hand with things, the link to the sites here we mostly need modelers, but any...
  10. CM

    Beta Testers Needed - Project: Total Conversion

    Project: Total Conversion, my total conversion pack for ESF (with the help of quite a few other people of course) will have a beta-tester-exclusive beta version soon. I need some beta testers so i can be notified of errors and bugs in animations, skins and sprites. If you wish to try, PM me with...
  11. B0Bmaster40000

    Another random idea from B0B

    if your bored, or want an idea for another modelling project, why not try making Homer Simpson, to replace Buu. That would work nicely seeing as they are both fat, make girlish sounds, and like donuts :)
  12. HyperSaiyaman

    Cooler 2nd transformation Project

    I've been thinking to make starting from Crackerjack's cooler model to make a transformation, i invite specially Crackerjack and all modellers that wanna join to make this model i think if we work together we can make it, here's a pic i made of how it could b: Thank You for reading.
  13. catfish

    Some more map ideas...

    I've decided to try to make some maps for ESF... I've tried mapping before and i sucked big time, but maybe I can set this as a very-long-term project. I was just thinking of what you could make... everyone is making locations from DBZ earth. What about locations of our real Earth? There are...
  14. Mistery X

    model for SAIYAN CRUSADES, Chibi Trunks

    Check it out, NO ITS NOT FOR ESF ok now that, that is out of the way, lookie and crit please
  15. Stanz

    Any free workers out there?

    Ok, to be honest I am in desperate need of modellers and skinners right now so if your intrested please goto my forum by clicking on the sig below and read up on EPT and stuff if you dont know about it. Thanks alot. *SITE WILL BE BACK UP ASAP, IM REALY SORRY ABOUT THE DELEY*
  16. V

    New Project( model)

    I am working on a model of freddy kruger model I got the idea from the upcoming movie freddy vs jason go to to see the trailer of the movie
  17. B0Bmaster40000

    Mech Models!

    ive taken up a little project to make a full mech model replacement for the characters. I think its a cool idea, and i hope you guys like it. Here is a screenie of my WIP mech krillin. I still have to skin the mech part.
  18. I

    Need a modeler thats not on a project.

    Well...I started a model, but i got 2 days left on my freeware MS3d (never should a gave my registered one to my cousin) and its gonna take me much longer than that to finish it. I'm trying to make a SamariGoku. Here's a pic... Since beta 1.1 isn't out yet..i have no clue how to make it look...
  19. Bryggz

    HELP ME! i need reference pics for hellsing's main character

    hey guys! im keeping up with the whole "stay away from dbz-themed characters" bit, and im make a model from the guy in hellsing, but all the reference pics i have of him are low quality and very........far away from him.....i would appreciate some good side pics and front close up pics, and...
  20. V

    Working on a chibi gang project

    Hello everyone I am working on a mod for esf, It takes characters from all kinds of comics and makes them tiny and have huge feet and heads, they also use wepons instead of blast except for there strong attacks such as Vegeta's big bang, spawns chains, and Green lanters ring blast things. But I...