1. Nemix

    PC Problem

    I have recently cleaned up my pc becaue it was noisy, it had a lot of dust in it. >.< Anyway now when I try to run a game or something it makes a very loud, vibrating noise and the pc freezes and i can't press the shutdown button or the restart button on the pc I can only press the power...
  2. C

    ESF 1.2.3 + ECX or EVM Problem Linux Platform

    Hello, if someone could help me or give me a hind, that would be nice. If i start a Server normally everythings fine, but if i try to load EVM or ECX i got this AMXX Errors L 06/20/2011 - 01:36:36: [AMXX] Plugin needs newer debug version info (plugin "EvolutionX.amxx") L 06/20/2011 -...
  3. B

    Custom Model Problem D:

    i have ESF open Beta, so i downloaded this model then i put the Goku folder in my Custom folder in Player folder and when i select the Custom Model in game to replace goku its just blank then i click to play it and its still...
  4. Dawntilldusc

    Problem with character selection in Beta 1.3

    I've installed the beta .exe and run it correctly. I can play the game, but when selecting my character, it is the default esf 1.2.3 screen w/ a few ad's like Ginyu and Android 18. I have seen what it's supposed to look like, and haven't been able to produce that result even after uninstalling...
  5. B

    Evolution Class Extensions (ECX) problem

    i got a problem D: when i try to create a game in Evolution Class Extensions (ECX) it just freezes and i have to alt+control+delete it to make it go away D: can someone help me with the problem?
  6. S

    Earth Special Forces Problem "Half life mod" Bitte schnelle hilfe :(

    Hi alle da ich in diesem Forum neu bin wusste ich nicht genau wo ich das zuordnen soll also um genau zu sein wo ich das Thema öffnen soll Earth Special Forces = Half Life MOD Beim verbinden des Server wo er anfängt dateien zu downloaden flieg ich aus dem Server mit der Problems Meldung half...
  7. D

    big pack 8.4 problem

    ok so i used winrar 32 bit to install it to steamapps/vegeta274/halflife/esf. well now whenever i try to play. it will load and stop and lock up at parsing game info but like ill hear sound. if i hit esc. gives me menu but glitches game if i hit resume... what should i do ---------- Double Post...
  8. Sting

    Well known problem still hope for some help

    Hi, I have a small problem with 2 models that are well known problems. I use the 2 models from ecx goten and trunks. I am edit them only a little bit. Try to add new attack. The problem lies then also here. When you going to edit one of these models the fusion animation will go crap and...
  9. MikeOfHeaven

    little problem with shenron

    when i call shenron i press B he comes out of the dragonballs but how can i grant a wish?
  10. D

    ECX + Big Pack Problem

    I got ESX and big pack installed correctly into the esf folder but when I start a server it takes me to the main menu again. I have un-checked LAN and this is what it says in the console no mater what Usage: Setmaster unavailable, start a server first. No detail texture mapping file...
  11. H

    problem with open bet 1.3

    why is this happening to me when i put bots in?
  12. T

    esf 1.2.3 install problem

    when I download the esf 1.2.3 from the link on the news page on, once it's done saving I can't open, run, and install it. When I try to use internet explorer to open it then the thing says it's a MIME file or mime x MIME file or something like that. I can't seem to open it with...
  13. person27

    ECX RC2 big pack problem

    So, i install ECX RC2 and the big pack. i install the big pack into the esf folder properly. But now if i have the big pack whenever i try to create a server it just goes to starting local game server. Then it takes me back to the game's main menu! why does this happen:confused:
  14. C

    Problem running beta application

    I'm running with the Windows Vista OS and when I try to run the application file for the ESF Open Beta Final I get an error saying that windows is unable to run this file. It then proceeds to tell me that it needs to know which program to use to open the file, and asks if it should go online to...
  15. DaFeLa

    steam game buy problem!

    i know it doesn t have anything to do about esf but i hope you still can help me please! ok this is an error what i get when i try to buy counter strike There has been an internal error initializing your transaction. Please contact support for assistance. any help ? thx
  16. C

    Problem with a site.

    I dont know if its just me so ill post it here. The site: goes in endless loops for me, which means it just keeps saying Connecting, Connected, Waiting and then repeat endlessly. Does it do it for you too or is it a problem on my end?
  17. DaFeLa

    steam problem!!

    i have a problem and here is a screeenshoot about my problem its german but il translate it here now in englisch image : translatet from german to englisch: not connect to Steam, network possible. This network could be a problem with...
  18. E

    New problem

    I currently see 2 ECX servers...and when I try to join any of says...your version doesn't match the servers version , and I cant connect :(..could some1 tell me why pls?...I can connect to regular esf servers...FFA and training zone.Just the other night I connected to a ECX server and...
  19. d3vak

    1.2.3+ECX+Big Pack Server :s

    Hello, everyone! I am new to the Forums and recently installed the ESF 1.2.3 (which is awesome btw) plus ECX plus the Big Pack that are published on the ESF site....and they run correctly on Steam and everything.....but only on LAN games... because when I enter to an online server everything...
  20. EvolutionX

    P48 Problem

    Hi. I need a litle support with ESF Beta 1.2.3 Protocol 48. When i try to connect on some servers it says you protocol is 47 (something like this). So can someone tell me how to update my steam to protocol 48? :/ Tnx in forward