1. KidSsj

    how to fix this problem?

    hi this is my first thread in this forum:but i think you can help me for this after opening the game and loading the map the game start but after a few seconds from playing the game closes and it shows an error in the game . can you help me thanks for reading --- edit ---...
  2. G

    Steam ESF 1.2.3 Server Problem

    Hello to ESF Fans i need your help i have steam and Half Life 1 on the steam 1)now i join in server it name is ECX RC1 RC2+AF and on steam it need to save on auto and on the first times i get in this server it save to me and after few days it not save me no i need to upgrade my PowerLevel...
  3. Quietrain

    Nocice has a problem

    How to modify ESF1.23 sun as NNK? Map seemingly infinite, but there are boundaries. I am Chinese, and English is not good, please understand. I like esf!~ --- edit --- Novice has a problem...How to do sun in nnk.We want to do this sun in the esf1.23.There are seemingly infinite , in fact...
  4. C

    creating server problem

    Hello esf-community and developers, at first i'd like to tell you, that im using valid steam half life 1/ESF:ECX RC2. i have a problem with creating and running my own server. i tried using hlds.exe thing and i can't get it to work. im using tunngle for this and what i can get to work, is...
  5. E

    problem ESF open beta final

    hi all i got a problem today i just bhought half life 1 and installed esf open beta final into the folder when i start esf it shut down after i click on create server and than if i click start it close and say to me half life 1 got a problem and need to be closed.
  6. J

    I ask what esf 1.3 problem

    Embarrassed to ask you to be able to release the movie version now posted in the official website esf1.3 open test? Thank you!
  7. Doku

    ESF: ECX RC3 AF creating server problem. PLZ HELP

    Ive just installed ecx rc3 w/ the af mod. I want to create a server to fight against bots but when i create a server it starts to load 'starting local game server' & then stops & puts me back at the title screen. Putting LAN on or off doesn't make a difference. Any Ideas???
  8. Mkilbride

    Scientists have fixed that "breathing" problem
  9. googletorrent

    Problem installing ESF

    hello :D i am new to this forum and i have bought Half-Life for the very purpose of playing this game :D OK let's get down to the problem every time i click the installer it says: would you like to Uninstall ESF first? and clearly i haven't installed ESF before.. if i click yes nothing...
  10. FalconFury

    Swoopdust file problem

    Hi. I have a problem with the swoopdust file. Since i download it and tried testing it to see if it works on ESF ECX it doesn't work, no dust no water effect is showing. Just only nothing I see. Where do I put that plugin file?
  11. Parlmnta


    Hello My friend have problem with the game,he download the 1.2.3 version and when he connect to any server on create server the game getting stuck at "verfyfing resources" something like that. he try to remove the game and download again and its still wont work. what should he do to fix this...
  12. Fusion

    Batch Compiler problem

    Hey guys. I start to use Hammer Editor again for making maps but the problem is, i forgot the settings from batch compiler. Can anyone help me with those settings?
  13. M

    big problem!!

    why my esf explosion not to big even i've already change to my last transformation
  14. sLaYeR

    ESF problem

    Guys help me!I installed the ECX RC3 AF PACK but when i open the esf and start a map it shows me a fatal error :
  15. CankerousJak12

    Loading Problem

    Whenever I try to play ESF:ECX RC2 I create a server (LAN) and It WAS working but now it loads and then goes back to the menu. It used to do this every once in a while but I just restarted my computer or waited a while then it will work, BUT NOW IT'S BEEN DOING THIS EVER SINCE YESTERDAY, NO...
  16. RB-Phenomenal

    Creating a Server Problem

    I turned off my firewall and it allows me to play on other people's server. But whenever I try to create my own server it stops at 'starting local game' and sends me back to the main menu. Any idea what's going on?
  17. Hawkman

    A weird computer problem.

    Hi, the last 4 days a problem with my computer came up but before we begin , english is not my native language so I will try my best to make sense. A little background: When I turn off my computer I will always turn off the button behind the computer you know the 0/1 button. So when I...
  18. M

    ESF 1.3 sv_cheats problem

    Hey there :), i'm trying to use the sv_cheats 1 command and when i restart it says STEAM Validation rejected, now i bought Half Life on Steam so i could try out ESF So i'm a bit confused. :)
  19. Nemix

    WARNING: Connection Problem Why am I getting this error? On every GoldSource Game... HL1, ESF, NNK all. If I play a Source Game, TF2 it's ok I don't get this error. How can I fix it?
  20. M


    Guys,i have a problem with ESF game...It opens fine but when i press to Console it tells me No soun and it doenst open....when i press on multiplayer it opens fine....when i press update the list it tells it cant search...i cant log in into a game and i got the IP of a server...when i did it...