1. Dzamija

    Gay Pride parade cancelled.

    Alright. I am posting this because I wanna talk about the "gay pride" parade that was supposed to go on today in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia. It was called off because the authorities considered it to be a tad too dangerous and risky for the participants of said parade, dangerous...
  2. M

    Mike Tyson to Fight in PRIDE Fighting Championship

    Further Reading: Looks like it's official. It sounds nothing more than a boxing match though, but who knows.
  3. SaiyanPrideXIX

    After many months, Pride's Framerate troubles finally end

    Other beta testers or friends of mine will know that I often complain about the performance of my video card, versus the level of the game I am trying to play. Things that my card should be able to do with ease (ESF, namely) have erratic struggling framerates, drops as massive as from solid...
  4. -=SSJ 4 Goku=-

    Super Saiyan Pride Revolution?!

    Recruiting is not permitted on the ESF Forums. Please refrain from doing so in the future. Best of luck on your project. ~Majin_You
  5. The_Forgotten


    Happy birthday man.Lets bust out the booze and hoookers and get this party started!
  6. Rayna

    Android Pride

    Here's my new sigger: And matching avatar: Coments welcome
  7. K


    Is it just me, or is everyone playing esf really damn proud. Everytime someone asks the server how to do something, I politely say, "check the manual", or "its very hard to explain, read the manual" they respond with "**** you" and " stfu ***"and it is like I am insulting them. Why do they...
  8. Rayna

    Saiyan Pride

    Meh! siggieh with pride ^^ This is the second one i made. And the first one I did, I don't like it as much as the second (yellow) one. C&C!
  9. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Pride's Music Pack: Beta Version, Yes or No??

    Some of you might know, I've been messing around with a music pack for ESF. The idea occured to me after posting in another thread that I might be able to put out a relatively unmixed version of my music, without the guitar stuff in it, as a "Beta Pack." it would just be the synth parts...
  10. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Pride's Config.cfg Fix: Adv. Menu Bugs (missing fx, mp3player, 24bit textures, etc.)

    Alright, it appears that it's not very widely known, but apparently Masta and the gang neglected the capability of making 1.2 able to write Cvar edits to it's config from in game. As a result, your config.cfg file removes all foreign lines every time you play or set any settings using the ingame...
  11. CS-LAND

    Saiyan Pride Artwork

    Well photoshop, 10 mins:
  12. B

    belgian pride just something i did tonight (was bored :O) k, i always wanted to give some info about the PSD file :p N° of layers: 19 layers Size of the PSD: 27 mb Time: 1hour 19 mins (including taking pictures and searching pictures) yes the...
  13. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Pride's Open Challenge -- My Fight Club Debut. Who wants some?

    Alright...personally, I want to face Cuc eventually, but this would be my first fight and I'll probably screw up something or other. So I'm extending an open challenge to anyone and everyone else. I don't care about the setting. A wrestling arena. A helicopter. The Mesozoic. The Middle East...
  14. P

    Italian Pride :-D

    Got bored so I made a sig, Crits/Comments? I am Italian mind you ;/
  15. The Noodler

    Vegeta Pride wallpaper

    Just a wallpaper i was workin on and i thought it would be good nuff to show here. well here it is Critz on how to make it better?
  16. ultrassj_vegeta

    Tribute to vegeta

    tribute to vegeta he's the best
  17. T

    question on sound packs

    hey i was wondering if any 1 can give me a site with sound packs. i forgot where but somewhere in the forum there was a guy who said he once had a vegeta trans that said, "U can take my body and soul, but there is one thing u cant take from a saiyan his PRIDE" j/w if some 1 can tell me where to...
  18. AscendantSaiyan

    Saiyan Pride (last time)

    i want to stop using the forums for clan matters so this is the final thread. i need the members to post their forum names so we can use PM's and if u have one your hotmail address so we can use messenger cause i dont know any of your names. and i want to stop the thread postings.
  19. AscendantSaiyan

    To Pride members

    The "clan" is now know as "Saiyan Pride" i have confirmed this with Priden for your prefix i suggest: -<|SP|>- "your name" If u have a better idea please post it here :) I might host a practice session 2 morrow night for pride members i see what i can do with my 600k coenction :p...
  20. Priden


    Got my new web site out to day tae a look-see: Its like my old site basicly it contains the members of my ESF Crew and how you can become part of it and join the up coming TOURNAMENT : CHRIST-MAS BlAST ---12/25/02 Already have (4) Members comin...