1. nikolassj

    The patience is weak within you people

    Am more or less new on this forum and am already tired of people attacking the devs and stuff. Remember this is an free modification in which they spend their free time,go read the history of ESF its 10 old years or so. Why not have hope? They already released an stable ESF 1.2.3 which is...
  2. ESForever

    The People are Losing the Interest for ESF
  3. Champion

    Hi people, sorry for my lask of education

    Right. Sorry for my lack of education, because fuzzy replied inappropriately when I was asking for help with the validation system because I don't have a Steam ID. But just think you could answer my question involved the chat bots, you came to speak when I had to have validation to help me, and...
  4. Mkilbride

    Gizmodo gave people the "new iPad" to see their reactions. This is many people in the video talk about how much better it is compared to the iPad 2, feel better, and looks better. One guy says it feels heavier. Ugh.
  5. Chronickz

    How many people play Minecraft?, and what is your story.

    Out of shear curiosity how many members of this community play minecraft? And if you do play, give us one of your adventure tales, or perhaps even one of your worst moments. I may post mine when i get home as i am just about to leave work for the day :tired:
  6. B

    People Automatically drop from my server

    People Automatically drop from my server, when i look at the console it says "ESFnoob" dropped or "IRONMAN" dropped, im wanting them to be able to join and download my custom model and just join me in general, what causes a drop? my ports are forwarded.
  7. L

    Do people still play?

    Just wondering last time i played was a while ago and i kind of want to play again but. If i dl esf +ECX and big pack will i actually find servers or is the game dead?
  8. Mkilbride

    Doctors are funny people. Bastards.

    So anyways, getting the results of my fathers P.E.T Scan back today, shows no new signs of cancer, total remission they've said, great news indeed. Thing is, the doctor comes in: Doctor: How are you doing? Father: I'm doing good, getting better every day, feeling fine. Doctor: You're...
  9. Mkilbride

    Wikileaks founder threatens to release names that could put people in harms way

    If he is arrested. Does this terrorist know no bounds? If he's arrested, he plans to give away undercover agents, informants, ect, a ton of people will likely die for this guys vanity project. Listen dude, you raped a woman, and this case was in courts before this Wikileaks bull**** even...
  10. A

    Why do people need to be biased?

    I'm getting tired of this, why are people brainwashed towards being biased? I have all three 7th generation game systems, all three have their ups and downs, but I don't go around the streets telling people that they fail at life because they have only a 360, PS3, or Wii.
  11. omnomnom

    I think new people would like this:

    A tutorial on how to download and install ECX and Big Pack...I'm still trying it out.. Oh!, and better help and support......seriously? theres no places to tell me how to get those addons in the correct places?! its really annoying, and making me wanna slam someones head into a concrete...
  12. A

    Searching for EU people to START playing on Russian L2 servers

    Hi there, So as the tittle states, I am looking for Europians to play with me on OFFICIAL Russian L2 servers. It FREE, botting there is absolutely impossible and if you manage somehow to get something working, patches are weekly and its bye bye, also GM's are very active and they will...
  13. Damaera

    Health care bill passes.. and people are not happy. Yiiiiiikessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  14. Zero12

    Hello people

    Hi the names Zero12 and i love me some esf and half life you will remember me as vegetafan or something forgot that account well i got half life by steam ;) and now i will use it with the right way i will now play some esf now lol and i will respect the rules nicely and the right way yes i like...
  15. Optional

    Hi Def ESF Videos

    So I'm going to try to upload at least 1 video a week of ESF videos. I feel that the lack of high quality ESF videos by people with experience on Youtube is an issue. Here is my first submission (720p available via non-embedded video): Subscribe or...
  16. Full_Power_Explodes

    Dragonball Z Sagas style Transformations

    In the Dragonball Z Sagas game transformations are easy to earn but difficult to maintain. I think that'd fit well with esf. Transformations are dependent upon a transformation bar. While in normal form this bar is filled by using melee attacks. The more damage that the melee attack does the...
  17. Damaera

    Warning Logs

    Warned Micknel for creating an account just to troll an insult me. All future warnings by me and other people will be posted here.
  18. Suh Dude

    Need recommendations for a book

    I need something thats between 250-500 pages and something that I can do for a silent film with a low budget or less people. If you can give me some information of what the book is about. I was thinking of reading "I Am Legend" since the book is a little different from the movie.
  19. Jarek Bachanek

    Anyone listen Trance/Electronic Dance Music ? I'm big fan of electronic music especially this sub genre: Few my fave artists: Daniel Kandi - Denmark Aly & Fila - Egypt Andy Blueman - Slovenia - My Personal god Ferry Tayle - France Manuel...
  20. D

    Help skill

    Hi all.sorry when i combat online...a lot of people do a combo...and after.. catch me and put me i can do this?