1. Damaera

    Your opinion on the Death Sentence?

    Do you think that if someone commits murder they deserve to be killed themselves? Do you think that they'd rather spend their life in jail or get another punishment? I want to hear what you think!
  2. The Deco

    New, better (My opinion) sound for final flash move

    I think this is a much better line and sound for final flash attack. it can be found here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muSWSSKcKVA its on about the 2:53 minute. He says something like "If you really want to test your strength..." tell me what you think :) Isn't that a better sound?
  3. O

    Need an opinion or two....

    Well I haven't played this game in a couple years, since the melee system first came out. I've since then lost my HL disc. I was wondering if it was still the great game it was back in the day? I can just buy a new HL for $10 O_O that's some heavy spending there. But anyway I was just wondering...
  4. C

    Your Opinion

    OK, so me and my friend are having this argument about which is better. The Navy Seals Or The Marines Personally I think the Navy Seals are better because they're used for more covert Op's type missions, while the marines are used for taking territory and such. I know thats not all they...
  5. J-Dude

    Opinion Poll (not question): When Do U think 1.3 will release?

    All the noobs ask and pester the mods. Everyone wonders silently to themselves: when will ESF version 1.3 be officially released? Well, you can make your guesses here! Poll anonymously or state your opinions in a post! Me? I hazard a guess at mid Summer this year.
  6. Rayos

    Opinion on which car i should buy

    Right now i am working on a few projects with getting myself a new car and updating my friends. On my friends scion we have put together 7- 7inch screens on the 4 head rests, 2 visors and a deck in the middle 1- 14 inch drop down in the middle where the light would be. 1- 20 inch tv...
  7. ~*Logan*~

    I need your opinion

    Simple question: Whats a good BGM to rant to? I'm making a series of rant flashes, kinda like Foamy or YAAFM. However, I want a good BGM to accompany it. I'm thinking of the one used in the popular "Nabiki on Dubbed anime" AMV, but I dunno where that came from. So...any ideas? Just...
  8. L

    Need your Opinion ;)

    Yo guyz. since the servers in Israel are just had just now returned. im recovering my skills abit^ (no ping skill) Anyway i want to know what you guyz think of my fight with [InstaSaiyan]Cutdown. (We decided to forbid the use of cell from now on, only Goku <> vegeta in 1v1s)...
  9. B

    ESF Melee: Your Opinion

    esf 1.2 has been out a while now, so I expect some expert opinions on the melee :) ADVANCED MELEE:advanced melee had a good idea behind it, but it should be spiced up a bit, and make it require more skill to use, not luck. I hate when a guy goes red arrows, then the other guy puts in red...
  10. Kaination

    Gods of War (your opinion)

    Yeah, I'm thinking of getting Gods of War. What's your opinion of it from 1-10, and if you know a better (PS2) game please list.
  11. Suh Dude

    Your Opinion on AIM

    Well, I only used AIM once before, but I've got spammed. and ect. I was wondering if the newer AIM installs hidden spyware or registerys? My dad once used it, and damn he got like 300 objects after he installed it.
  12. I

    Thinking of buying a labtop -- Need opinion.

    I went to Circuit City today and saw this labtop. I shook in its sheer awsomeness... http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/Toshiba-Qosmio-Notebook-PC-G15-AV501-/sem/rpsm/oid/109213/rpem/ccd/productDetail.do I'm thinking about buying it, but debating on my budget. I have to maintain a $1,000...
  13. OubliezJe

    Sims 2 opinion

    I know the game was released a while ago, but i just got it in stores. What do you gusy think of the new one? is it better, worse, needs a few things or is just plain tight? Me, i think alls they did was add the new feature of more control over your sims and a few other things. The graphics...
  14. Tassadar

    My OPINION... wrong?

    I want to ask, no- I want to demand, what the point in the reputation system is. During the past week, I've gotten a few bad reps for stating my opinion (Here and here). It really gets on my nerves, and I'm sure a lot of other people, when they get a Red Blob on their reputation, with no...
  15. @lv/n

    2 different, but great ideas (in my opinion)

    i have 2 ideas... 1. is a failure of transforming anumaion... for example i'm goku adn i'm 1,000,000... this isn't enough to trans so if i pressed the trans button, it would appear an animation, but he would fail to transform... 2. a deathball and spirit bomb battle... for example, i'm goku...
  16. OubliezJe

    You opinion

    I know this is rather pointless, but, im excited. over the summer break, i am being trained and through out the next 3 years to be a samurai. I found a afriend who's dad's friend was a samurai! it was awesome and then he decided to taeke me on as a student :). Ha! what you think?
  17. T

    just a ? would like to know everyone elses opinion

    i want to know why everyone thinks hl is old. IT still is probably one of the top 10 best games still ever made to date. It still keeps up with the new games as far as im concernd. I would like to know everyone elses opinions.
  18. N

    Bubbles, and my opinion to improve the game

    If you dont like this post, please delete it, and dont ban me please. I didnt find another place to put it, and its in the same place where the other bubbles thread was. I couldnt post to that though, i dunno why. Or just move it :laff: No bubbles! Stupid idea. TO fix the game, 1) Must...
  19. SierraSonic

    ESFSTUFF needs your opinion...

    Ok, heres how it goes, what should we do with our esf beta 1.1 files when esf beta 1.2 comes out? I say we should delete all the fan made files, and only keep the offical files for playtesting the beta, if anyone gets that bored, or wants to check out 1.1. Mark says he wants the files to...
  20. Synth

    Your opinion on Iraq

    I think what there doing in Iraq is very good. They got rid of one of the biggest terrorist funders (saddam hussein) and its slowly becoming a prosperous country. Its going to be a slow process but one day the average person in Iraq will be able to go to school without hesitation and they can...