1. Damaera

    Warning Logs

    Warned Micknel for creating an account just to troll an insult me. All future warnings by me and other people will be posted here.
  2. Damaera

    test for guyrider!

  3. Suh Dude

    ESF Forum Members of 2009!

    FORUM MEMBERS OF 2009 \o/ So we haven't done much like this one for a few years so I started to think some ideas. Hey we can actually put those XBox 360 avatars to use. I don't think there was one planned by anyone to be honest for this year so I started my own. You do not have to own a 360 to...
  4. T

    A big thank you to all ESF staff members

    You guys can't be told too much how awesome you are for what you've done. For all your hard work you at least deserve to have someone tell you how immensely appreciated your efforts are. What you have created is a Dragon Ball Z game as it was meant to be! In my opinion, it is the game that does...
  5. Deathshot

    Question to Older ESF Members.

    What started ESF? I mean what got you wanting to make it for HL and what all started it?
  6. Majin_You

    Happy Birthday, honored inactive members!

    Happy 26th, 24th, and nth birthdays to Evil_Trunks, xstortionist, and TCiccarelli, respectively. If you don't know who these people are, you're one or more of the following: a) Too young. b) Ungrateful. c) Absent-minded. d) Just not cool. So a very happy birthday to the three of you...
  7. Mr.Lukyas

    ESF Forum members of 2008 (competition?)

    Well, I watched those two threads from forum's members of 2005 and got idea that someone might do picture of members of this forum in this year. IMO, the number of active members decreased, so it'll be easier. I was thinking to make it by my own, and I'll still prbbly do it these days, but I...
  8. Jakut

    New members and no posts.

    It seems that there's a new member every day, yet none of them even post anything, what's up with that?
  9. Linda

    any DMZ forum members still around?

    Heyyyyyyyyyyy..... i know this is ESF and all but... the last i heard there were still some DMZ members posting around or lurking. not that i care about the DMZ mod, just the members that posted on the forums. from what i remembered there were always some kickass graphic/sig designers on there...
  10. dan_esf_fanatic

    Deleting long-inactive members' accounts.

    What I mean is delete the accounts of those that have like 4 or 5 posts and have registered in 2003, or even earlier. It's obvious they're not coming back, and even if they did they forgot their username and password. I don't mean banning them, just deleting their accounts so they can register...
  11. Spunky

    20,226 Members!?

    I haven't looked at how many members this forum has in quite a while. But damn, it looks like we have more members than any other Half-Life mod... ever... with the possible exception of CS... but it's members are mostly 12 year olds... but then again, so are ours... I guess this is a...
  12. D

    3d Naruto MMORPG - Need more team members

    Im looking for 3d modellers, animators, skinners, texture artists. Im making a naruto 3d mmorpg called "Naruto: The Ancient Beast". Its a mmorpg that is going to have a fps style 3rd person combat system. email/add me if ur interested or want more information: removed
  13. PiXel

    Esf News Discuss - 18 Jul 2006 - New members Advance melee

    Hmmm the advance melee sounds promising but in main it changes only in a few. i really odnt have any opinon about that, do you? although congratz you 2 , happy working in esf =) though i never though a concept artist would be able to join that team, but owell. Discuss: Should the...
  14. Andreyesf

    Circle of trust! (All Forum Members Please Read)

    Well first off all you remember me guys....the cheater :( who was blind in taking the force pit acces to have 1.3 earlier and give them to my friends who voted me...such thing is BAD for the esf 1.3 team who is working in the very best mod I ever seen :(...I like to apologize to the esf 1.3 team...
  15. Gama

    esf forum members of 2005

    Think i can add anymore? *Stickied by Phobius*
  16. J

    for when you hate your family members...

    no, normally i get along ok with my family, i keep out of their way, they keep out of mine. however, my sister emma is a complete *****, and loves to take every opertunity to wind me up. so, knowing i was halfway through watching a tv program, she turned the sky box over. i ask her to turn...
  17. frsrblch

    Lots of new members...

    Just a thought, but can you give out warnings or something for not reading the stickies? Warnings might be a bit too harsh but Ive been noticing a large number of question posts by new members who didnt bother to do so. Keep it up, mod type peoples!
  18. imkongkong

    i spy with my lil eye.... old esf team members =O

    woah vassago.. anybody else spot any old team members? Sorry, this is a form of advertising and isnt permitted on these boards. Closed.
  19. J

    Very important Vote (concerning all forum members)

    ok, for a while now i've been trying to get a :O smilie (a .gif picture that is) on the forums. however it still hasn't happened. so vote here if you want a :O smilie or not and also post the :O smilie you want. (I know there are thousands of different :O smilies around). so we can pic the...
  20. CaseClosed

    Admins and/or Experienced Computer Members i need help cant play Esf

    Hi my Esf wont work and itz really annoying i just downloaded it and now it wont work on my steam when i try to enter a game it said loading game like alwayas and then it shutoff esf and said Fatal Error Mod_LoadBrushModel:sprites/laserbeam.spr has wrong version number (0 should be 30) Help plz