1. krzyhox

    Other bonus melee

    hI Other combo for every figure?. Whether in esf final this way is he will be whether everyone has the same tier?. Bonus melle
  2. #16

    Cell's bonus melee

    Dunno, but maybe esf team can add this Cell's move to bonus system? Look at 2.44 min.
  3. 1

    About esf 1.3 melee

    I have seen the melee tutorial for 1.3. looks like a lotta mouse button hold downs. Suggestion: Just change it to a button that will set the melee configuration. It is annoying to hold the mouse button down. This way people can just blast off and have intense battles freely. Right...
  4. M

    ESF Open Beta Melee

    Hello, I recently installed the open beta and wanted to play LAN with some friends and we noticed that the melee seemed buggy and only offered the basic melee. Is this a glitch or was it just not finished when the open beta was released?
  5. gerald324

    Is Trunks Bonus Melee finished?

    Trunks Tier Special.. (^_^) That Badass Combo? ;(
  6. EliteMarine

    Melee Hello, I have a question about the Melee Tutorial video. I saw Simple Melee vs Simple Melee, Combo Melee vs Combo Melee... But what about Simple vs Combo or Bonus vs Bonus Melee? Will they blow eachother away instantly or what?
  7. H

    Combo Melee - Hold down times/countering

    Hi all, I just had a thought after watching the melee guide video for the 48374th time. For combo melee, is there any chance of stopping the combo once it's been started? Or is it so fast that it's not really needed?
  8. Melee Ideas

    So I was thinking about the melee. you fly into them and you start doing punches. What about the other person? There should be where both players are hitting directional keys at the same time trying to hit each other while the ultimate fast punching is going on. Just an Idea, I do...
  9. J

    Fatality with Melee (Wall Hits)

    Fatality with Melee (Wall Hits) Hello, I'm starting to play ESF are the basics but always when I play I removed very quickly. I want to learn or know how to bounce on the floor for my enemy, with the right clip (FFS - Fast Fast Step). I can barely do 2 hits in a row on the floor, the...
  10. D

    ESF Melee Help

    I have been getting back into playing ESF and I noticed that allot of players are extremely fast with charging and they seem to be really good with melee as well. I was wondering if anyone in the ESF community would be willing to help aid me in bettering my melee skills since I'm pretty bad.
  11. Reading Rainbow

    Bonus Melee System.....

    I've become extremely anxious as of late about this game, I know it'll be a while before a release hits but I HAVE to ask........ Will you guys reveal more footage of the new bonus system any time soon? (footage other than whats in the ESF: Final Melee System video) Is there alot of work...
  12. C


    I just installed ESF this morning, and I like it for the most part but I cannot figure out how to melee so I'm terrible at it because everyone else can melee, can someone help me? sidequestion: Whenever i demoed the game awhile back I thought there was Brolly on there but on the one I have...
  13. W

    Melee issue

    I don't know why but when I get into a melee fight my guy is either not their or the camera flies all over the place randomly. When I got esf yesterday it was working fine until I got the big pack, but there were some problems so I uninstalled it but now its doing this. Any ideas on what I...
  14. Nige

    The New Melee Combat Guide Video ( Will The Graphics Be That Good )???

    Because that looks pretty impressive.
  15. H

    Melee changes, is this correct?

    Hey all, I heard that the new melee system is not going to make the character practically invincible for 10 seconds after you hit them, is this correct? Also, are the melee bubble thingies going to open? or.. are they still gonna be invincible?
  16. Skyrider

    Melee Combat Guide (Video)

    Source: It has Broly smash people. Yes, it has Broly smash.
  17. Painkiller

    ECX RC2 Basic melee question

    Not sure if it's basic, but the melee you do with the right mouse button. My friend and I have been playing some ECX and use that melee quite a lot.So is there a way to make that more than 2 times? A command or something. 'cause when I hit him twice and go to him I just won't hit him :(
  18. EvolutionX


    Hi. I like to ask something about esf melee. In the melee, i just don't know only one thing. When i fight with Bot (or internet player) in the dodging, sometimes it's showing not arrow, than a four star. How to dodge that. :D
  19. BlueSaiyan

    Suggestion swoop melee vs swoop melee = GO FLYING FOREVER be changed! make it cooler.

    Make it cooler looking, and cooler in general by make it how it would be in DBZ.... Both player may hit eachother with it at the same time, and not "fly like i got hit" back, but simply make the player fly backwards facing upright and ready to fight some more. Looks cooler, and is "more...
  20. S

    Melee suggestion

    For two people hitting each other head on with both using melee, say they are both using combo melee. It would look like one hits the other blocks, sometimes getting a hit in etc. It would come out to a outcome of both hitting each other atleast 3 times, hitting head on with simple melee would...