1. Zeonix

    Martial Soil Could Support Life

  2. D

    suggest a Martial Art

    I've been wanting to take a martial arts course, and the training thread got my determination back up, but i cant really decide which one would be useful and usually devoid of the "McDojo", as Cuc put it. the options i have are: Kung Fu - a number of styles Kick Boxing Muay Thai TKW...
  3. M

    If you could learn any Martial Art...

    Fictional or otherwise, which one would it be?
  4. majin uub

    Martial Arts Games...

    Just at the name implies, im looking for some Martial Arts games. Wheather they be MMOS, fighters, i want to know if you guys have an good ones. PC preferably, ill list the 2 that i know of atm: 9Dragons-Free MA MMO Kwonho- Free Tekkan like game on (not released yet) thx m8s
  5. M

    Favorite Martial Arts Films

    What are your favorite Martial Arts films?
  6. Mccdbz5

    What are some great martial movies, starring Jackie Chan?

    What are some great martial arts movies, starring Jackie Chan? Does anyone know of any martial arts movies, that were really good, and starred Jackie Chan? He is my favorite martial artist, but I haven't seen that many of his movies, except for his American movies, like Rush Hour 1 and 2...
  7. majin uub

    What type of Martial Art?

    Well i have been thinking about it, and when i finish highschool a friend and i are going to be searching for Martial Art Camps here in the US. But idk what i wanna take, Either ShaolinDo where i can learn Drunken Fist, or TaiKwanDo so i can get amazing kicks and sweeps in. My friend already...
  8. M

    Mixed Martial Artist vs. Traditional Martial Artist

    I thought this would be an interesting debate. I apologize for all of these versus threads, but I like reading what people have to say on certain matters. You have two Martial Artists, one a Mixed Martial Artist, and the other is a tradition Martial Artist. What's Mixed Martial Arts...
  9. M

    Martial Arts

    Which Martial Arts have you attended classes for? Learning a Martial Art from the internet doesn't count. If you attended boxing classes, then that works, post about it. I used to attend Taekwondo classes a number of years ago for about 4-5 years prior to leaving. I was able to reach the rank...
  10. Ravendust

    Martial Arts

    Which, if any, do you study*? I'm aware there are multiple styles (Shotokan Karate, Kobukai Jiu-Jitsu etc...) so the options are just generalizations. If you want to specify then feel free to. Ditto for grades/tags/belts. *by study I mean 'go to lessons', not 'read websites about'...
  11. Half-Unit

    World Martial Arts map

    Made a map. Still need to fix/add little things (head behind the WMA sign, need to make a texture on for the umbrella, fix transparencies on the roof, various textures need to be replaced), but I thought I'd post to get some kinda feedback. I wanted to make the whole place, but Half-Life...
  12. M

    Requesting a World Martial Arts Tournement Map.. Anyone ..??

    Anyone wanna make or already have made a world martial arts tournement please reply.. So you can send me it.. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  13. G

    Martial Arts Tournament

    Coz is my 21 birthday today I’m going to make you a surprise (5% done) The black door is only a simple texture to hide what is beyond it coz didn’t started to work inside it yet P.S. If I missed only 1 detail from that building please tell me to make it! still looking...
  14. Fenumeher

    Martial arts thread

    I have some questions for the advanced martial artists. I would like to know what the best exercise is for jumping high. not a normal jump but,.... I saw some little videos that i downd and those guys just jump over my head (i am a 1m88). I hope someone on the forum is good in wushu ( :yes: )...
  15. Phatslugga

    Xtreme martial arts My friend told me about this show.. i never cuaght it on tv yet.. but he sent me this link that shows a few little excerpts from the actual show. Check it out.. very cool stuff.
  16. S

    New game mode: martial arts championship?

    i'd like to have some 1x1 action all the time against different players. i don't know if it was mentioned anywhere (i didn't find that) just let me know if anybody thinks this is a good idea, i think it's easily developable and it shouldn't be very much coding too
  17. U

    Where is World Martial Arts tourney post?

    Ummm, where did this thread go?? SSJChris, PM me if u decided to have the tourney nixed. Wasted_Man wants to know whats going on...
  18. CM

    World Martial Arts Tournament!

    I will hold a tournament soon. The World Martial Arts Tournament (very original huh?). Here are the rules: In a battle, the first to reach 5 (five) kills, wins. You cannot remain on the ground outside the ring for more than 7 seconds. Flying without touching the ground is OK. All...
  19. S

    I made a nice new map, was wondering something

    I made a nice map that is sortof similar to the arena in the martial arts series of DBZ, and i want to know how to send it to the leader of the ESF team, mabye if he likes i could get it added in the next version, or mabye even get on there team as a mapper? :) Any info on how to send is...
  20. S

    Martial Arts!

    Anyone here on the forums go/went to martial arts lessons? and what belt did/do you have? I have a green belt in TaekWon-Do:)