1. The Deco

    Need TSRP maps mapper

    I need a TSRP maps mapper, if you are interested reply here or you can add me to steam friends: [email protected] I really need someone who can make TSRP maps For any of you who know TSRP I wanna start a new kind of TSRP, a Wild West theme RP. I got a design sketch of the town part of the...
  2. T

    Looking for a mapper

    i am looking for a freelance mapper who wants to make 1 or more funmaps for cnx servers
  3. |Overlord|

    Uber Mapper Help

    I was just wondering , how exactly create a point entity , sorry it it's sounds n00bish , but we were all once n00bs at something
  4. L

    to Zero, Dj Ready, or any good mapper

    hey i was wondering if someone can edit or make the map esf_BattleArena to have a invisiable wall in the middle say u cant cross side because im gonna make a beam wars only no crossing sides and no melee i was just wondering if someone could help.
  5. Volrath

    Please, a Mapper of ESF team or a Good Mapper

    Hail my friends, i'm Volrath, the representant of the MOD of Half-Life "(Earth's Special Forces)". Of Brazil. I have a brazilian team who have a clan, and get ideas and write possibles types of Clan Fight Modes. For my new creation i'll need the help of a real mapper of ESF... I've...
  6. O

    the best mapper ever!!

    yea so this is a poll where u vote ur favourite famous mappers my favourite is swiss_cheese he is DA BEST!!!!!!!!
  7. S

    New Mapper You Say? *Points to DJ*

    There, that's the man Officer! Everybody, Congrats to DJ-Ready on becoming the new ESF Mapper! He deserves it! Yay!
  8. Amayirot Akago

    I wanna be a mapper!

    I've decided to try and start making maps for ESF. First of all, I'll need some help, though. What tools do I need to start mapping? And where can I find some good tuts?
  9. Gears

    Hiring Mapper

    We need a mapper who can make and/or compile maps for my clan. If anyone intrested please pm me or contact me at: *contact removed*
  10. D


    hi everyone if u want to be a mapper for a clan and u dont got one yet plz join this clan we are currently looking for a mapper and on the site it sez assassin "mapper" hes not good he a nub at it and we need a real one he just volunteerin but he is in the clan ok so go here if u want to join or...
  11. S

    Plz help... I am a new mapper

    When i got to play my map... it sais " map not found on server " and i put the map files in the correct directory i think... in my esf maps folder, is that where it goes? plz help me.
  12. blackplague

    Mapping help, and some questions

    I need a mountain turrain for my map, its called esf_rivals, and its coming out good, and i also need a big lake, if anyone can help, please post... and whats the model name for the trees? my question, how do u make the map so lighty? i've tried everything and it still wont light up...
  13. L

    only if u mapper or can help

    hello......well i was wondering if u could make a budokai map for version 1.1 there might be one but everywere i download it it says wrong version so sry for the request post but ive looked everywer but no one has it so or if u just have a hyper link that would be cool
  14. DragonDude

    Your Mapping... HL1 or HL2?

    I was just curious, how many mappers here are planning on switching and mapping only for HL2 when it comes out? Myself, I'm going to try it, because it adds tons of new and useful features with AI and scripts, but I don't know if I'm going to completely switch over. What are you guys planning?
  15. M

    TGW Clan Map

    TGW Clan Maps Heeyzz Guys Well i have a good set of Clan mapper namely SJ Prince Cold Steel Sanosuke gTn There getting very good and u can see there stuff at our clan page check it out you will ike em The Golden Warriors Clan Map Page leave critz about the maps *Can...
  16. Cold Steel


    I'm a clanmapper now, but i still want to show off here. Anywayz here's my newest map, it has the rosat and the lookout in one level, i know it's been done twice, but i wanted to give a shot at it, and see if i could pull it off. Couldn't make some large jpegs, my pc is having odd...
  17. PiXel

    new maps from the clan and we havn`t got a picture about mj_namektournament here is our side :rolleyes: at there u can downloaded...
  18. S

    I made a nice new map, was wondering something

    I made a nice map that is sortof similar to the arena in the martial arts series of DBZ, and i want to know how to send it to the leader of the ESF team, mabye if he likes i could get it added in the next version, or mabye even get on there team as a mapper? :) Any info on how to send is...
  19. S

    ok new mapper needs some help with stuff!

    ok i have been working o na map all day and was wondering how to cut stuff out because i have made some thing that needs hole or openings so people can goinside any help? ps am using valve hammer editor! ok heres the problem (got some pics to help) i need the hole bit curcledinand...
  20. I

    Clan Mapper needed

    Ok we just started a clan (its the $$|NL G||$$ clan) and we need a clan mapper: We are searching for a mapper that is dutch and want to join the clan and make maps that are only for this clan ($$|NL G||$$). Plz no spam Peace, Mystic
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