1. M

    goku (made in paint)

    havent posted anything here in ages.I was bored and made this in paintany crits ? I'll post a colored version later (also in paint :laff: )
  2. Kaination

    Comic i made (LOLOL)

    supposed to be funny For you idiots who dont know, its supposed to be fairly odd parents. Dont judge the drawings, just tell me if its funny or not. (i did it in 5 minutes on flash)
  3. JDeezNutz

    just a flash animation i made :)

    it does contain the F word once near the end of the clip Url: this only took about 1 hour, i know it isnt perfect, i can list may mistakes, but i made this for fun and for only fun, this version will not be updated, but anyway...
  4. Soulicro

    Man Made (WIP)

    WIP photo manip. Critz please. Thankeroos.
  5. Damaera

    Something I made

    It suck's I know credit's to ran-d for making the tut.
  6. Valeska

    little drawing i made,

    really not that good, i didnt even know what i was going to make wenn i started.. well this came out, some fantasy figure..with a big flower/rose.. here is the drawed version, and here for those who like to color it, wich i like to ask you guys, please color it, doesnt matter how or...
  7. M

    Layout i made on school when i was bored

    Hey all.. i was wondering what you guys think of the layout i made in about 7 hours. I made the layout on my school when i was bored and it took me 1 full school day (6 hours) and 1 hour the next day. and the result is verry good if you ask me. But well.. here is the layout.. give critics...
  8. M

    something i made! w00t

    hehe. lo all :D and good evening.. just wanted to post 2 things i made.. C&C if u think something could be better :) cya
  9. crazykorean10

    i made SS Gogeta

    well i started this prject today on paint :] make critz or commets and this is not done <img src="" alt="Image Hosted by" />
  10. S

    hi, i was bored and made you guys this

    actually i just resiezed and placed them in the right spots with adobe. not really my work at all but w/e might help one of you guys make a model. ;D
  11. G

    3 renders i made

    hehe... these 3 renders costed me about 6 hours total. average of 2 hours each render. so... i would like some C&C .. btw i made them with bryce 5 half an hour render 1 and a half hour render 3 hour render
  12. S


    i made this um .. dont what its called but anyway i made it. c&c welcome but i wont update it but it will be usefull when i go to do another one. anyways here you go
  13. Lethal_Vegetto

    Who Made This Goku?

    I know its for ZEQ2, but, who made it? And, do u think u could animate it for ESF? Or does it have too many pollies?
  14. G

    Here are two wallpapers that i made

    Heya again ppl I left the mapping for a second (sorry) and I made this wallpapers for personal use, do you folks like them? or links here: ok back to mapping now ^^
  15. K

    Cool Wp I made

    im trying to become a 2d artist used some abstract pictures i got from my frend, and i did some other filter, what should i add to it?
  16. sayan master

    Hi u all i brought some stuff i made :)) C&C...

    he u all i made some more paintings i think they are very nice and i hope to see what u have to say about them...:] hope to see C&C for them :no::talk::yes: 10q
  17. Soulicro

    Two pieces I made.

    Arrighty. So, I made two pieces last night. One is a wallpaper, the other... well, wallpaper if you dont have any icons... but I consider it just a piece. Sorry for the big size, my res. is 1280x1024. Piece: Wallpaper: v1...
  18. Soulicro

    A piece I made. C&C

    Hey... Its 12:55 AM Eastern time, and I just finished something. 3d model made by friend, overlays made by me. First time trying to really use brushes. Please C&C... I need em.
  19. S

    Something i made

    Yeh well a super buu i started on, about.. 2 hours of work or something. 751 polies, Sorry for the quality on the pics, but i thought it'd be best to make it jpg's. Would apreciate sum critisism.
  20. D

    New Wallpaper I made

    Hmm, not much, but I'm pretty proud of it >.< Click meh