1. Jimdapredator

    Gerard Way you just made my day

    FINALLY its over !!! please let it be true
  2. Rayos

    The Giant Saru Penguin has made a cult

    I-CON - The International Convention of Nerds Held every year at Stony Brook NY has had a penguin invasion and has officially wanted me to hold a PENGUIN PARTY ^_^ Videos of the penguin Penguin kickline...
  3. Zeonix

    What made 1.0/1.1 great?

    This thread is in response to something Mountain Dewd said. Many of us have been around for quite some time, and frequently talk about "the good 'ol days." What was it, exactly, that made the good old days so good? I know for some (myself included), it is simply nostalgia. Memory, the passage...
  4. M

    A predictable signature made with this render

    For a SOTW again, pretty basic if you ask me. :scared:
  5. light-seeker

    OMG a video I made

    Thought I would post one of my older music videos, feel free to view my otherones. there is a DBZ one made by me in my profile on you tube, this one is my FAV.
  6. Mobius ^^

    Amv made by shisho This is a AMV made by a friend of mine I hope you like it! :D
  7. Kaination

    Finally got off my lazy ass and made a sig

    Had this render for a while, finally put it to use. I had to look up some tutorials for new effects and styles, etc. so you might see it's different then other sigs :) My adam sandler sig was gettin old anyways. crits?
  8. D

    Made a rock lee wallpaper..

    Basically... I'm a huge rock lee fan and every wallpaper I see is pretty dumb of him... since he doesn't really have any good shots like most of the other characters do... so I drew rock lee one night when I was bored and made a wallpaper out of it.. Its simple.. but yeah. criticisms maybe?
  9. Kasey

    Haven't made one in a while so...

    I just finished making this. I've been vectoring lee for the past week or so (very little free time to do it). I just now made the BG and it took like 3 minutes so it's pretty sucky. C&C And yeah I'll put a 1 px border on it in a minute.
  10. webber

    The first model ever made by me

    I recently got 3dsmax and started learning how to work on it. After some tryies to make dbz characters, a friend suggested that i make a Digimon Character, this is how this Agumon Head was born. This if the ref i used and will be using: I also have a few questions: How can i make the...
  11. R

    Made an attack

    How do I made my own attack?
  12. donnierisk

    esf_riverside, made by me!

    Well i'm tired of having problems with all my maps and I have no energy to try and fix my other map, so I decded to make another map this afternoon, well my map is called esf_river and it's just a hill with a river and some stuff. Oh, don't get me wrong, I will release my other...
  13. E

    ET made a wallpaper? :o

    Hey guys, Havent posted in this section for a long-ass time, so I thought I might show you something I did recently. Some of you may be aware of a webcomic I do along with a friend, Caveat Lector Well, I made this wallpaper from the first panel in comic 84. I'm pretty pleased how it came...
  14. Enix

    Omg I made a DBZ model...

    the world has come to an end: It's goten, and I plan to keep it pretty low poly, atm its just under 600 polys.
  15. Growler

    Entry I made for BTL

    C+C. The Dragon was extremely hard to do considering I wanted the letters inside the spiral Banner- Button- (I don't know how to animate) Icon-
  16. G

    a few animations made by myself - is always fun to find about new stuff

    CREDITS to D2 for the model just playing around in 3DSM again, crits will be nice what Goku makes when he is tired of waiting and he has nothing to do...
  17. ReCkOninG of FirE

    zOMG Reck made another gohan!!!!

    Ignore the pants really, i just can't be stuffed making another render
  18. R

    does my torso look good i made alot of changes. look

    update thread: whats yur guys fav bands or any music? what stuff u guys listen to?
  19. True-Warrior15

    Pics I made myself

    I was bored so i made these pics
  20. Cold Steel

    boredom made me do it.

    Pc was messed, so I made a little drawing. If anyone wants to colour it, be my guest. It's a Warcraft(ish) Paladin.