1. S

    please someone help

    i need help with milkshape3d how i open esf mdls? please help me.. when i open hl mdls (esf) anyways i open ssjvegeta and nothing showes on the 4 screens
  2. B

    i'm looking for animator for a pokmon mod

    i know the most of you people dobnt like pokemon so if you dont like it dont read this post. The best pokemon mod named "pokemod" is looking for an animator, you dont have to be good but you have to be able to make some basic movements like idle animations and some attacks. The mod is...
  3. S

    My new fan Series Dragonball NG

    Hey im in the middle of creating a fan manga called Dragonball NG NG stands for New Generation, scince it is based on the son of Goten and Bra, and Trunks and Pan, here's a few pics; Guess what he's called.... i kno i messed up his left leg This is goku with his grandson (im crap at...
  4. M


    ive tried search button, no luck.. but is there a gt goku model out... not chibi goku, but after he is his same size ?
  5. N

    Why cant i get a modlel into Gmax

    When i go into Gmax i go open go to the models but none come up and if i go all files i cant open anything it comes up with errors why?
  6. S

    can any one tell me were to dl gmax plzz

    can any one tell me were to down load gmax plzzzzzzz can someone give me a direact dl link ???
  7. TimTheEnchantor

    Indy Art: In response to recent events..

    In response to recent events in war...etc.. I have created a indy art image. I may make a series of images called War Series, dealing with war and how it can be started.. I've been thinking alot on this subject of war, and it is quite scary. So protest it all you want if you have to, but face...
  8. I

    Lets all wish awol good luck

    Awol.. a good friend to all of us. He is friend on IRC and a reliable ftp host. Awol has to go to the army now.. and i made this thread for those who know Awol.. to give this brave curagious man a farewell for now good bye. ILL MISS U AWOL! I HOPE U COME BACK SAFE AND SOUND!:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  9. D

    My SSJ5 GOKU MODEL!!!!!!!!!!

    this is the model let me know wut u think im trying to take the extra 300 vertices off the model so i can finish it but here is a a preveiw and let me know wut u think
  10. AscensionX

    I have created a SSj (2) lightning aura

    Okay, i have opened and used the original aura file, and then created some new faces with lightning skinned onto them. I have then animated them to move around the model each frame. I need help 1) compiling the model 2) possible coding problems. (ie, each char determines whether or not it uses...
  11. F

    can anyone make a map that.....

    can anyone make a map compared to hell that will have like lava tunels and a battle arena under the lave and if u break the walls lava will flow in the battle arena and it will raw as hell people will be fighting in it all the time cuz it will be raw as hell just do it (don`t ask me):idea...
  12. K

    Hey Naz....

    I tried my luck at a Pro with PSP turned out no where NEAR as good as yours. Here it is... Any tips?? Is thyere anyway to make them better in PSP 7 if ur on a tight budget and can't afford photoshop OR 3dSmAX
  13. M

    read this "Kid Buu" model on the way

    Hey i am currently making a Kid Buu model, and am a fairly good modeller, I just cant get the shape of my buu right, i only need a picture of him sidways and i can get it right, just having a little trouble thats all, but if someone posts a good pic i will be done with the model (2-3 days), skin...
  14. A

    Help , plz

    hey ppl , i decided i wanna try my luck in modelling , got ms3d 1.6.4 i just wanted u guys to help me find tutorials , basic things , i have read the stickey but i didnt understand anything from the turotial i saw, some zombie dude , something strage, i want something more simple like...
  15. mysticssjgoku4

    Mao Problems

    ok Heres One Thing Ive Found Out Wrong About Map Creating For ESF. I tried making four cameras in my map and they did not work. i followed the totourials for it over and over but they still didnt work. plz help
  16. Bryggz

    Announcement of some sorts

    Ok lettin y'all know what im up 2, due to popular demand (lol always wanted to say that-yes im weird) ive decided to make gotenks (for esf, duh, i know someone else is making one non-esf) in all 3 forms(normal/ssj/ssj3, even though normal and ssj kinda look same), ill be editing s-bolts ssj2...
  17. G

    aura change

    how do i have to chance the color of gohans aura
  18. DaKD

    Site update

    Well i updated my site after being told like 40 times to do so well go see it if u want oyea the ssj3 goku on there is my latest one
  19. DaKD

    Vegerunks Model

    In light of my newfound passion for Vegerunks im going to make a model of him modtly for my use but ill post it here for anyone interested
  20. M

    Goku ssj3!!!

    I have notices that Goku ssj3 is a model thats difficult to make now i'm goin to try make this model these pictures are goin to help me hope fully plz let me know what all of u think of this idea and maybe i will ask for help so if u want to help me plz do