1. Wuying Ren

    Best Model Programm

    Hmm I try too make models but I have no luck with milkshape. Which is the best porgramm ? 3d max ? :warning: I don't ask for warez or something like that ! :warning:
  2. B

    map creat0r

    well modelling is toooooo difficult for me so im going to try map making but ehhmmm where can i download the map creat0r??
  3. E

    New Model For Elemental-Fusion...

    i forgot polycount, ill get it in a sec freeza saga goku if u didnt guess lol i have alot more to show if ur interested
  4. M

    Dabura WIP

    Here is a dabura model, im making it to test out 3ds max. The first full model i have made in it. in this shot ull notice arms and legs are wierd lengths but i fixed that in this one.
  5. T

    a request from everyone

    well im modeling a form 3 freeza and i need pics plz post them on here.... and bruno make this a stick since i lost my powers
  6. NightShade

    Vegetto wishing you luck

    i saw your what you said with the esf bots. i wish you luck with it. the bot idea is a very good one and will get more fans for the non broadband people. So i hope you make them very well cause i sure as heck will be training with them :p if your not making bots then sorry i am stupid and please...
  7. I

    Battle, fighting scene there download it and tell em what ya think *edit* here si the sound u can add on
  8. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Image hosted by angelfire

    Y does sigs hosted by angelfire dont work? look at mine , i get a pic img hosted by angelfire , but i want my sig!!!!!!!!
  9. A

    The Models are very awful!!!!

    Can someone make other skins? Ok,the models of Son-Goku and Vegeta are good but when i see trunks,i think this are a old man But the effects and maps are really good
  10. J

    Fury of Cell needs ANIMATORS

    Hello, we are currently in need of talented aniamtors who can compile .QC and assign bones to models in Milkshape 3D. If you can animate models, FURY OF CELL needs a talented animator, I cannot handle animating and my coding all at once, im getting dumped on every day. If you are interested...
  11. MrMasj

    Trying to make a map

    I´m trying to make a Martchal Arts Arena if any one has some pics of tournamnet there i can se how it looks. Please send this pics to me iwant to buld it perfect.
  12. R

    I just have to say this

    it started about 1 a 2 months ago..i ripped the vegeta ned made very very stupid......(i can post pics later if u want) before that day al of my models sucked so bad:)........and me being foolish and ripped a model(tha vegeta from ned) the next day i was banned on 2 forums dbq and
  13. Antoine3323

    SSJ3 Goku

    Anyone wanna make one?? That'd be tight!!! Cuz, Ive already attempted and it turned out horribly!! LOL
  14. D

    need the esf_lagoon.bsp!

    link to the thread please can somone PLEASE host it etc, please!
  15. imported_Mirai_Trunks

    Makin a model

    Just letting you know i'm doing a model for gohan ( or anyone when i change the heads). When i'm done i will post some pics. Its not to good but i'm gettin better!!
  16. T

    im new....

    um i was wonderin wot program u guys would suggest i use to edit/make a new map for esf , i havent done it b4 , du need to know programmin? and also wot du use to edit character models?