1. P

    Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x10 Trio

    Ever wondered what would it look like if 3 Goku characters went Kaioken x10 in Super Saiyan Blue form at the same time ? Here is how :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xh-NqeNioK0
  2. J

    Super KaioKen and False Saiyan

    Hi guys , i would like to suggest impleting in future Super KaioKen and False Super Saiyan. You can see them here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7HvJMFZo7Y http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQ4nCSMPFLI Also i would like to suggest removing kiblob , since a lot of people abuse it(they trow you...
  3. LeeZarock

    Turbo Kaioken

    All of us know the Kaioken isn't a transformation, but a Power-Up. And Grega said each character has a different bonus (and maybe malus too?) for Turbo mode, so I'm thinking... How about Goku's Turbo-mode is the Kaioken? In my opinion it fills up perfectly with the moves, the Ki and for...
  4. krzyhox

    Esf final kaioken

    Hi Why in esf final it won't be kaioken?.
  5. Zzaraky


    How will be Goku`s Kaioken ? Can we increase kaioken power like 2x ,3x ,10x, 20x depending on power level and if the kaioken is too strong lose hp ? In esf 1.2.3 kaioken is useless.
  6. ssnake

    Optional idea for the kaioken attack

    My idea for the Esf final Devs to maybe include the kaioken attack without unbalance the power between the other characters. I think the kaioken attack is a important ability for goku in the Story of DBZ and maybe you guys think about to include the kaioken anyway. =) When you overpower with...
  7. $

    kaioken effect plugin????

    Does anyone know if it is compatible with ecx and if so how do you install it to work properly..........can't get it to work:(
  8. Sting

    Funny stuff with project wod... Kaioken FX

    Well been busy abit with a new kaioken system for project wod. And made a small and funny misstake. Well look for ya self:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkitw_avBaA
  9. VR5

    about kaioken

    will there be in esf:final kaioken, kaiokenx2, kaiokenx3 and so on ? and could we use for example kamehameha wave with kaioken?
  10. L

    Two small questoins regarding Kaioken and cf

    Just a little background, I have new to ESF Im running 1.2.3 with that big addon on the "Addons" tab I used to play this like 5 years ago and finaly got my own copy of HL 1 and thaught why not get it. With kaioken what does it do, when I try using a blast with it, it just goes away, when I...
  11. majin uub

    kaioken for goku?

    idk if this has been posted before..but are you guys adding in kaioken for goku? cause that would be awsome for him to be able to do......say like you select it from the attack menu and left click to get 1-3x kaioken, and when you right click you get 10x-giji ssj (giji only if your close to ssj...
  12. Raven

    PLUGINS: Kaioken Effect, Explosions, Bounce, Jump Dust

    Plugins! 1. Kaioken Effect 2. Explosions 3. Bounce 4. Jump Dust 5. Impact Dust 6. Coming Soon ( Water Impact Splash ) - 1. Kaioken Effect This provides you with a cool Kaioken Attack Effect for the Character Goku. To use the Kaioken Effect make you you are Goku and non...
  13. Mccdbz5

    About Kaioken, i'm not saying it should be an attack

    Today I was thinking that maybe Kaioken could be in as an attack but, then I realized it would way to cheap, but then I thought, what if Goku's turbo could be Kaioken, put it like this, instead of Goku's turbo being white as it is now, they could make it red, that way all the people who like...
  14. T

    Kaioken Any Time?

    Just wanting to no if there will ever be kaioken attack in esf i mean its a awsome move,every video game has it .Plus its the second move he got pluse sb but he even went super kaioken in the fight with pikkon as ssj .It would be great EVm did it very nicely even gave him super kaioken its...
  15. C

    Kaioken and Spirit Bomb

    Hello , I am a super Fans of ESF in Hong Kong In ESF , I saw that on Goku's clother , there was a symbol ,than I felt very unhappy , because he cannot use Kaioken , in TV , he can use Kaioken when there was a symbol on his clother .In Cell Stage , there have no symbol on his...
  16. M


    I heve EVM (evolution mod) (I can't go to 2nd, 3rd... transformations) When I playen with Goku, I havenť got there Kaioken attack. Do you know why??? O_o
  17. S

    Kaio-Ken Attack

    How about adding a cool Kaio-Ken attack like EVM has?
  18. M


    Will have Son Goku 3rd transformation SSJ2 or Kaiken? And Krellen?, Picollo?
  19. Dokutayuu

    Kaioken suggestion

    Kaoiken would work like turbo. Using ki to raise PL. It would be Red. There would be only 3 buttons needed J=Lower Kaioken K=On/Off L=Raise Kaoiken Eg. I'm Goku 1,000,000PL I use kaioken (starts at KKx1) My PL is 1,000,000 x 1 1/4 =1,250,000 If I press L I do Kaoiken x2...
  20. Demiguise


    Erm, i have seen the model for it in the ESF folder, but i have never figured out what it is for.... can you please tell me? Also is there a command to give you pl on a LAN server? you know so i can just much about on a LAN server and train a bit....