1. Barney's_Soul

    Question about jumping to the competition

    Okay, I currently work at a small Family-owned store which was the largest store in the area and thus got a large market share, but now a huge store has just opened beside it(a Fairways) and obviesly buisness has suffered in the smaller store, and because of less buisness, merchindice dosen't...
  2. Herms

    Beam jumping

    Ok, we have all had some one run up with a full kamehameha wave then beam jump away kill you and anyone else in the area why not make beam jump generic beam only? Thats all the Z fighters use in the show to beam jump with.
  3. O

    ping jumping problem

    Well a friend of my tweaked my settings of all my steam games but now my ping jumps from 30-150 or even 200 sometimes. When there are many things happening on my screen in ESF or CSS my ping begins to jump up and down. Look at a wall and ping remains stable. ;/ Before the tweaking I never...
  4. Shao

    Energy Jumping

    I'm not sure about the correct term but, seeing how deadly the ki attacks are, I wanted to point this out. ESF is obviously a game, not an animé, so I'm not expecting it to be to the tac realistic in terms of the show. However, I think beam jumping (that's the word!) is highly unrealistic. I...
  5. Nyquist

    beam spamming / Beam jumping

    Well my question is simple... supposedely beam jump is a form of movement... However some people tend to take too much advantage of beam jumping, mostly when they're beam spammers! ;/ Thereby I think beam jumping could only be done with generic beams! After all I think it was not intended...
  6. B

    Beam Jumping

    I remember watching the 1.1 trailer with my good friend Genesys and saying "cool, cool, cool...what the hell is that?" That was our first glimpse of beam jumping. It looked ridiculous. We could barely remember ever seeing anything like it in the show. It didn't seem to fill any gaps in the...
  7. K

    wall jumping

    i haet how u cant wall jump on most places, u can only jump in certin places, i want to be able to jump anywhere!!!
  8. E

    jumping needs more directional thrust/motion

    the title preaty much says it all, atm i think the current jump is too much of a little choir boy hop instead of a real leap which is one of the reasons why being on the ground in esf makes u so vulnerable, its almost imposible to dodge anything because u have so little horizontal motion when...
  9. T

    Beam jumping...

    hey why was this removed from 1.2? Whats wrong with it?
  10. F

    about wall jumping and stuff

    ok ok ok i watched the wall jumping so carefully so intimately, every detail caught my eye. down to the last pixel, and do you know what i noticed.... (insert funny joke here so you laugh) jk i noticed that when the character wall jumped no ki was drained from him.... and funny story when i jump...
  11. S

    Charging up attacks while wall jumping?

    Ive seen the wall jumping WIP movies, will you be able to charge up attacks or anything like that while walljumping? I doubt it, but Im just wondering :)
  12. N


    i've maybe an idea about jumping. if you jump normal then you jump jump just like you always do but when you use your turbo, you wil jump higher. O_O it's an idea maybe for 1.3 :\
  13. R

    Beam jumping

    I see this mentioned in multiple places on the forums, but haven't found anything that actually says what it is. So, what is it, exactly?
  14. D

    Beam jumping

    Well, I feel that this is an obvious suggestion, but, since you only use one hadn to beamjump, I figure, with the other hand you should be able to hold a dragonball or fine another generic beam, or in 1.2's case, also be able to fire a generic ball. 1. It's obvious, you have an open hand, and...
  15. R

    Jumping backwards

    Well, maybe I am an idiot, maybe I'm wrong, but when I try to jump right-back it doesn't work, while other directions (back, left-back) work! The character just doesnt jump.
  16. §lipKnot

    wall jumping bar

    i dont know if there is or is not i saw the movie and there wasnt i think they should have a bar to show how far u will jump like charging beams so people will know when to jump.......
  17. Optional

    Beam Jumping like a Pro'

    I was curious if any could really beam jump "like a pro'". It is basicly beam jumping with a smooth flow and precise sense. I messed up in this video I made partially because I was loaded on painkillers but whatever. :P http://kingboards.trulyadvanced.com/upc/Opty-Stuff/beamjumppro.rar...
  18. Jonesdaniel

    Beam Jumping

    Ok, well when your falling out of the sky and you shoot a beam straight down the beam shoots from where the players hand is at the current time, and the player keeps going down, so they fall ahead of the beam, and sometimes hit the floor before the beam does. It looks kinda like this :- =...
  19. S

    the namek realease

    credits to azn, Xstortionist, Mastasurf heres the link to the namek. http://www.freewebs.com/ssj4gogetenks/thenamek.rar heres another link http://www.angelfire.com/dragon/neon/thenamek.rar
  20. U

    Fusion bebi

    well this the evil fusion of all time :devgrin: [IMG] *Pic Removed* -grOOvy * Link pwned by Magus for not getting permission*