1. S

    Instant Transmission

    Ok this is the idea Beta 1.2 Goku's Instant Transmission. 1. When you execute this move. It turns your screen blue in a transparent way. Then you are able to look at someone who is in game and lock on to them and teleport to them Instantly. Drawbacks: When you get there u are .9...
  2. D

    Instant move...

    Alright I searched and didn't find anything on this so I am guessing that I am in the clear. Also, this suggestion has NOTHING to do with instant transmission. I was thinking about DBZ the other day and I was thinking about all the times people like Goku or a "hero" saved the earth by...
  3. K

    Can Any One Send Me???

    dman_snakeway ?????? e-mail - [email protected] AOL INSTANT MESSENGER IS LIVINGDEAD1986
  4. DogLord

    quick question....

    ok i have a triangle count of a triangle the same as a poly?...and whats the limit for half life...i've heard 3000 and i've heard can i check.....i'm using milkshape and i know how to show the models statistics.......can some one just tell me how to check the poly count and...
  5. W

    Instant Transmission

    hey all, i just came up with an idea for esf. maby its cool to make a instanttransmission for goku and maby you can even make it with a kamehameha just let me hear your opinion
  6. Amayirot Akago

    Instant Translocation

    How about giving Goku the Instant Translocation? You could bind a key to mark a spot on the map, and then, another key to instantly zap over there! Good idea or no? :rolleyes:
  7. Alex_b77

    Instant transmission

    I looked this topic up and it has been mentioned, but this is a better idea of how it could be used. Some people suggested that goku would be able to look around like in spectator mode and then teleport to that spot. THIS WOULD BE SPAMMED THOUGH!!! if vegeta was about to shoot final flash at...
  8. M

    Buu Saga Model Pack - Crew Wanted !

    Hey There, We're working on several new models for a Buu Saga Model Pack, which will feature the following new characters: Goten - ALMOST FINISHED Chibi Trunks - WORKING Gotenks (Fusion Mode / SSJ / SSJ3)- WORKING Piccolo (New Model) - HELP WANTED !!! Adult Mystic Gohan / Great Saiyan...
  9. I

    Instant transmesiion

    i think esf should add instant transmesiion like when goku does it in the game its hows a map ur in then u pic a spot then u go u picked is that a good i dea?
  10. SSj Goten

    Instant Transmission Plugin!!!

    THIS IS A MUST NEED!!! its a server plugin that lets u teleport and save a spot......IF U WANT PLEASE IM xXTHE SUMMONERXx on AIM!!! well C ya in a transmission! :tired: (WOW TIRED OF LEARNING TO MAKE THAT PLUGIN!)
  11. C

    Instant transmission

    Goku should have the ability to make INSTANT MOVEMENT... It should work like this... When you melee target, you just press a key and wolla, you are standing next to the targeted guy... hmmmm, it shuld take hell lot of KI though...
  12. A

    instant block+melee

    if you have low ping(makin your own server) you can instantly melee after a block...(kinda like sonic when he hits those bounce thingys) should change the code so that the block time restarts after contact with a melee hit.
  13. Farago

    Instant replay

    [Read everything carefully before you post and be honest] Hopefully this hasn't been suggested. If it has then I'm sorry. Anyways I think it would be cool after you got meleed or you meleed someone, a screen on the top left would appear. The screen wouldn't be that big. I'd say 1/16 of...
  14. S

    Goku's instant tranmission

    could you make it so you could press like Shift+F9-f12 to mark a place at that X,Y point, so when your fighting you can press F9 you can pop right in that Spot. Sounds Cool?
  15. DragonDude

    ESF Forum Instant Messenger?

    This suggestion is for the forum itself, not the game. There have been several occasions where my buddies and I are online on the forum at the same time. I know we could both go on AIM or MSN or something, but it would be cool to chat through the forum. When you're both on, chatting would be...
  16. A

    Instant Transmission for Goku

    Hey guys. Out of curiousity I was wondering if it would be possible to give Goku Instant Transmission. Seeing as it would only be best to use it in melee I think it would be a good addon for primary fire instead of all that flying around. Plus you also have someone targeted so that you have a...
  17. E

    instant transmision

    i think in the next release goku should have the instance transmision abilitly. All you would have to do is make it like the teleport now just much more power full. Make is so you can teleport arcross the map were ever your cursor is pointing in one big jump.......just a thought.....
  18. M

    About gohan

    If u are gohan and u have a full cf u can go ssj but if u are ssj or cf is lower and if u fight u can get it back up is this to go ssj2 or what?? i'm a little confused
  19. D

    Instant Transmition

    I was wondering if it were possible to code this (instant Transmition) move for goku (or anyone else who knows the technique, but from what ive seen its only goku who knows it) but i thought the way u could do this is when you press ur buton ,attack or whatnot, a "camera" which only you see...
  20. M

    instant transmission & aerial slamming

    perhaps goku only could have a special move, where you just point the crosshair somewhere in your field of vision and click and it automatically teleports you there, not like the short range teleport. And it takes up energy and time to charge and all that. random idea: Also, could there...