1. L33T ha4or

    instant beams

    is there gunna be instant beams like in the series i mean like beams that arent charged just fired, and if there is gunna be like the standard yellow ones are there gunna be like blue ones like at the begining of the series the ones that for some unknown reason just stopped getting used
  2. S

    Tien Model?

    I was wondering if there is any Tien Models? If there isn't any good ones could one of u guys skin one?
  3. L

    AOL Instant Messenger Help

    Has anyone been able to get on in the past couple of days? i've been trying for almost 2 days now and everytime i connect i get a "Unable to connect to server " message. is it just me or is it happening to everyone as well. if not it looks like i might not be on aim for those who talk to me...