1. B

    Instant Transmission Kamehameha?

    What about a Instant Transmission Kamehameha attack for goku? It's never been done before :D
  2. M

    instant transformation

    so i really hate to have to post this, but iv been searching forever for this, i only recently installed esf and ecx again and i can remember there was a way to turn off instant transformations, but i DONT remember the command or if it is actually in ecx, i really hate the instant transformation...
  3. V

    instant transmission

    so i was wondering about a little melee tweak with the system here. it isnt really a balancing thing but just a change which would make the game feel more like the fighting in the show itself. usually when someone comes to melee you and you BLOCK it you can melee them afterward if they are...
  4. Darth Revan

    Instant Transsmission / server jump

    Its an idea that's been in my head for some time now what if you made an instant transmission to another server my idea came from a from a friend who is making a stargate mod what it is that on his SGmod the 9th chevron will trigger a server change. My idea is incorparate that in to...
  5. MinioN

    GTA San Andreas.PLZ instant help

    I was trying GameCam.And i add GTA:SA into GAmeCam with ProfileManager.After that i was unable to play GTA.When i lounch it nothing pops up.Here what i try to fix it and nothing work: 1.I reinstall GameCam and i remove GTA SA from profiles. 2.I reinstall the game. 3.I crack it 4.I crack it...
  6. john_volkov

    Instant transimison stupid

    to be onest instant transmision was a stupid ideea for DBZ they could fight faster then the speed of light since Raditz after the fight with Frieza all of the z fights slud be faster then the speed of light how come instant transmition was faster then that ?
  7. {Hydra}

    Instant Transmition

    Read this and if you find it good maybe put it in game... This is my thought: Putting instant transmition under some button ( like teleport is default G ); Instant transmition- When you press button for Instant transmition (e.g. --> R) your map becomes darker ( something like all black but...
  8. john_volkov

    Instant Transmit Sugetions Problams

    Well as u all Know goku has instat transmit well there a problam here goku can teleport whit a beam well this is thje problem : Perfect Cell suld have instant Trasmit like in DBZ and PCell suld telepor whit the beam ?? Kid Buu had instat Trasmit to he can Teleport whit the beams ?? I sugest...
  9. Dokutayuu

    Instant Translocation

    Well here it is. But if you think it over powers Goku I might have some ideas for the others. I.T Goku stops moving and you point your crosshair at an enemy or Dragonball you teleport to it Basic melee or pick it up then go back. It costs a little over half the Ki Bar. You use up the ki...
  10. Son Goku

    Instant Transmission?

    hey is there going to be Instant Transmission for goku? that would be cool to let goku teleport fat away for a high amount of KI.
  11. True-Warrior15

    Instant Transmission

    Well for quite some time people are giving themselves an advantage in there servers by making there pl really high (ex.20million to my 750,000) and they like to kill people with ease with yellow attacks and kame torpedos and scatter beams and especially spirit bomb and special beam cannon etc...
  12. E

    instant transmission

    ok heres the idea for goku(ssj1) and maybe for balance later transformations of other characters... instant transmission is much more specific in the show so heres the idea. either as a sepreate butten or a selectable ability, hold down the butten and your character will dissapear untell you...
  13. I

    Instant Transmission

    Hi there. I know you guys are going to criticize so go ahead. I think that like you can teleport as well as Instant Transmission. Like a sprit bomb was comming your way and you dont have enough space to block it. The solution is that you can Instant Transmission into a map besides your own and...
  14. I

    Instant Transmison

    I am not asking much just zip to the other side of the map or something. Thanks
  15. C


    "REALY GOOD IDEA* I know that this idea had posted many times but i changed it a little(THATS WHY THE V2 IS FOR:) ). Okay my idea is like many said it will take you as a teleport but more further,So i was thinking of making it to take about 50% of your ki and a longer charge time. Like...
  16. jp

    Instant transmission

    Do you guys know the game Kain's legacy, blood omen 2? Well for the guys that do, remeber the super jump? With the arrows you coud place a mark on the ground and move it, then if you pressed the mouse button, you could jump to the marker. What if you could do this in esf, instant...
  17. imkongkong

    Instant transmission, submission, disc immunity, special attributes

    Random suggestions, thought would add more flavor to the game. Post thoughts. Goku Instant Transmission I think in order to make ESF more close to the series, instant transmission should be in for Goku. In order to keep instant transmission (IT) from being spammed, it would take up about...
  18. |Overlord|

    instant transmission idea

    i thi9nk it wouldf be cool to have instant movement in esf (otherwise known as instant transmission). it could have once per life use or something , and there should be a thing that u go at super fast speed and get to the other part of the map in the game (for people who have seen cooler's...
  19. F

    Instant transmition?

    This is for the ESF team: do you/have you ever thought about giving goku or buu or some other characters instant transmition. like you charge it up and the longer you charge it the more ki it takes. and the farther you go? i just find it annoying getting from one part of the map to another...
  20. sexyasian86

    instant teleport

    first time suggesting something so... i've been using mousewheel to teleport 5 times at once, which is basically instant teleport, but it's sorta lame. my suggestion is to add in instant teleport. slows down time for everyone (idea from the specialists and the opera) and the person that's...
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