1. iMilk

    Back to normal hud.

    Are you using Steam? Yes Are you using version 1.2.3 of ESF? Yes Are you trying to run any ESF add-ons? No What game are you trying to install ESF into? Half-life Are you behind a router or firewall? Yes, but disabled for hl Are all your drivers updated? Yes What in-game video mode are you...
  2. Damaera

    New Developers - Music Sample & New HUD I'm honestly not sure what to think of the HUD. While it shows that Mutsu has the talent to make a capable HUD, I honestly think it looks too generic. I personally think you guys should go for a more unique design that...
  3. H

    Any recent HUD updates?

    Has the team been working on the HUD much lately?
  4. H

    ESF 1.3 Hud bug?

    It happens if i select on OpenGl mode. If i switches to Software Video mod, the hud displays normal, but if i press the power up button the game crashes
  5. EvolutionX


    Why on this throw tutorial video, the hud is not have the hud heads?
  6. Nemix

    Improve customizable HUD

    well its really nice that esf now uses xml to customize the hud with png images... its absolutely great but the scouter is also part of the hud can you guys make the scouter customziable through the xml code of the hud ... so new huds can have new scouters as well ;) just a little...
  7. Flink_Power

    Esf 1.3 Open Beta Final Hud

  8. Flink_Power

    [Question]Animation and Hud

    Hi! I would like to know how to put this hud in esf 1.2. It's possible? And how to animation of Goku 1.3 to Goku 1.2? Thank's^_^ PS:How to have this model of cell ...
  9. T


    Hey guys i made a HUD for my lil private test mod. I got a Problem now: when i want to create the sprite with sprite explorer i get an Exception error. I tried it with Photoshop cs3 at home and cs2 at work and didn´t get it to work. Would anyone be so kind and take a look why this Sprite...
  10. Damaera

    HUD Heads

    <hr><object width="432" height="340"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true"><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="true"></param><embed...
  11. lowrider123

    Heads Up Display (HUD) help

    when i go in the game the Heads Up Display (HUD) is all meesed up i mean i cant see the attack power cf for anything thats the last help question i will be asking !
  12. unamito

    Hud problem :S

    Hy. Sorry but i have a problem. I play esf 1.3 and its very nice but... If i use the new hud i cant see my crosshair and my charge bar is wierd. pls help me!!! (i use open gl and 1152*864 scrren). Here a picture:
  13. Z

    Hud problem :S

    Hy. Sorry but i have a problem. I play esf 1.3 and its very nice but... If i use the new hud i cant see my crosshair and my charge bar is wierd. pls help me!!! (i use open gl and 1152*864 scrren). Here a picture:
  14. E

    I'm Having HUD Problems

    Hello All, I’m having HUD problems. When my Character spawns everything looks fine; however, has soon has my halo disappears my HUD goes all grey and blocky like a television without reception. I also noticed that when I turn off my scouter I get a small grey block in the area that the...
  15. FJS

    HUD Problem

    I downloaded and installed the mod and it works properly, the only problem is that uses the old HUD... I installed the same game in my other PC and the new HUD works fine... I had the old ESF on this PC, maybe thats the problem, is there anything I should delete?
  16. -=Majin-Nemix=-

    Burst Limit Hud

    progress until now: new things coming ;) like background, background music and a new radar :P and maybe ill do new huds too or hud request :P CREDITS: CODING: MEH?!!? PNG'S: KAKASHIKEWL
  17. Y

    HUD Sprites

    Hi there. I want to know what sprites are the ones that shows the KI, Senzu beans etc (that at southwest corner) and the ones that appears when we charge a beam. Thanks =)
  18. Skyrider

    PoTW: New Hud! - Updated

    For those who are interested to see a small preview of the new ESF HUD, go check out the image below. It comes out pretty nicely I must say. And for those who have no idea what the green bar is with ST on it, it is the Stamina bar. And thank David for this great HUD! W.I.P (Work In Progress)...
  19. D

    No Hud

    Hey, just installed the latest full version of esf and i have no hud when i load up a game, cant track down any kind of console command. Is there a easy resolution to this>? Cheers
  20. john_volkov

    hud sugestion

    when you have hud_draw 0 only the hud shoul disapire and the rest sould be the same like it was with the hud on, this might help a lot in making movies.