1. G

    Kami Map

    Where can I get this KAMI I dont like the one I have is on NIGHT I want this one on DAY not NIGHT.
  2. A

    Auron's Place

    before i receive any harsh comments, i only started making sprites yesterday so im still new to this stuff. anywhoi made a new sprite, it kinda has depth, but i used a gradient wave to achieve it. had to make two versions cos the first was out of the sprite area and part of it was cut off :(...
  3. V


    how can i change the esf's HUD i seen a picture in and i want to now HOW to CHANGE???
  4. I


    dont no if this has been sugested before but could there be a hud for all the chars eg goku with his hands and swet bands etc same gos for all chars
  5. MaX

    1st animations on my 1st model :) those are my 1st animations on my 1st model. critz and stuff. :)
  6. Y

    Hud problem

    Ok whenever i play esf in openGl my ping goes down to like 91 and stuff but everything is gray in my hud. so i cant see how much ki i have left or anything and when i charge i cant see how much i have either. when i play D3D my ping is 300 and stuff and its hard to play but i have all the color...
  7. V

    Is hud removable?

    I know this probably isnt the place for this post but i figured this area would be best way to find out Is there a way in the beta release to remove the cross hair, and the entird hud so that clean screen shots can be taken or would it be best to just go to spec mode and if so how do i...
  8. Z

    hud problem

    when i start a game i dont have this hud: but i have this hud: how do i get the other hud?
  9. KuBaN


    I saw in pictures and the Trailer that there was no hud and was wondering how you did that?
  10. T

    The Hud

    Hey all Esf fans. I've recently been absent from the relm of computer gaming and came back from my trip to reality to chek out how one of my fav mods was going. To my supprise it is shooting along, with great maps animations and moddels. However there is one thing that buggs me. The Hud. I dont...
  11. B

    Hud ?????

    well im a compleate n00b when it comes to ESF but not HL i was looking at some screenes and found all cool HUD but when i played ESF it had a crap HUD (no afence to the guy that made it) were can im get this HUD from that was in the screeny???? i looked in the files but a there was...
  12. S

    the new hud looks nice but.

    i hink its gonna leave some major blindspots. i mean think about it, both the current one AND the one on the news page.
  13. F

    The Hud

    That hud is so big. I think it should be aligned on the bottom because then you can see to your bottom-left better. It would also make the playing screen bigger if you aligned all the bars in a single row on the bottom. Either that or just make it smaller. Because it's really too big. Other...
  14. Hiro

    hud leaK?

    the hud was suppost to be secret right? how come theres a vid in mastersurfs dev journal with the new hud in it? BTW whats all the stuff at the top of the new hud?
  15. S

    What's with the top-secret hud?

    So is the new heads-up-display (shows health/ki/PL) just a grpahical update? It'd be a shame if it was - it'd be pretty lame of u guys to create some suspense if the nubers are just shown in a new font... ;) oh and whats with the guys with the 3-figure posts? - all they seem to do is...
  16. MrMasj

    Gray Scale

    The model gray scale Picolo can some one resise him to 1/4 size ? I´m in need of it in a map im making for the beta ! sorry for my spelling :)
  17. [SSj]~Piccolo


    I wonder why nobody suggested this before (maybe someone did but I don't know :p), but I think if somebody dies, it's not enough just to write his name in the top-right corner, just like HL does. I think it should rather be like in CS, so that you can read there who killed whom (I don't think...
  18. M


    ummm.... I just think that the hud looks like crap right now and is sorta confusing.
  19. A

    HUD... HP, PL etc...

    idunno if u already changed it in the BETA or not... but when u charge a FF or other beam like that... u cant really see the PL and HP and Ki Pool, cuz the FF charge is bright and covers it.... also when ur in the sky in Kame's lookout, the brightness of the sky makes it so u cant see the...
  20. S

    Esf Hud

    i think you need a new one, the new version looks very different because of maps and attacks and all, but the hud ruins it i think... it looks very plain and doesn't match with the scouter... :(