1. B

    No HUD?

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before but when i go into a game i can't see my HUD or cross hair? is there a fix for this? Thanks
  2. P

    hud color

    i dont no y but the color of my hud is very light as in the red (hp bar) blue (ki) n green (cf) bars are light and hard to see is there anyway to make them more distinct or is it just more monitor or graphics settings?
  3. A

    Is the hud supposed to be like this?

    My hud color is really really dim and hard to see.. it's not at all like the 1.1 hud. The color's of the bars almost match the background, and I need to squint to see it properly.. Is it just me? Or is it meant to be like that?
  4. M

    My HUD ****ed !!!

    I dunno if its just me but my hud seem to be differend then the other version and i don't mean the looks i mean the brigthness i tried to change my brightness but i didnt work but in all videos and screenshots from the team it has it like the old version here a screenie to show what im talking...
  5. J

    Faint Hud in Steam

    Well, i played on steam and on won, and i noticed that on steam, the hud bars, such as your life and ki, are really faint. you can barely see it. but on won, you can see the bars clearly. why is this? is there anyway to make the bars darker?
  6. M

    HUD!! in 1.3!

    Ok guys this is my sugsesstion would u guys like a new HUD!! in 1.3 Well i would i dont say that the old one sucks but it isnt cool to :S i hope there is a new hud in 1.2 to?
  7. SuperDragonFist

    Steam Hud colour

    this isnt a very important issue but how do you change the hud back to the way it was.... when it was coloured not grayish.... thx for your help :laff:
  8. vanji

    [ESF on Steam] HUD Colors

    Hi there! So thats my prob: If I play ESF on Steam, my HUD color is palely. I know some other player with the same prob, so it isn't a unique one. Please, to all that don't know an answer, don't post such things like "reinstall". I'd reinstalled it often, I'd installed the ESF Steam...
  9. CyroTek

    hud version 1

    well...i made a hud.... screen dunno if its any good...but i like it :) -Bio][Azrael btw...about the "where to find files" sticky...gues u should update it....cause the link to rs is pretty senseless.... ;)
  10. M

    hud diplay help

    ok a while back i replaced the default hud diplay (the thing with the ki bar and health on it) and i dont know how to get the old display back if someone can help me i qould appreceate it...btw sorry if this post doesnt belong here, i wasnt sure where to put it
  11. E

    Right Side of HUD is gone

    The part with the attack scrollers..its gone.I cant see what attacks i have selected....any help? I tried reinstalling but it ddint work and DLing from new locations but still gone.
  12. I

    Unwanted stuff on my HUD

    what is the command to remove this from my HUD? <img src="" border="0" alt=""></font></p></p>
  13. C

    New hud with cool icons?

    now im know im gonna sound newb but where do i get that new red yellow and green hub that has the cool icons in it like for the spirit bomb it shows instead of a little blue ball it shows goku??
  14. Wizard's Curse

    New Hud sprites!

    Yo ppl just finished a sprite pack that makes the ESF hud preety cool imo :D Gotta love the chipped paint effect ;) BTW the PS bar is changed to ... its red/green now :D D/L HERE! enjoy :D Thx to Goten-son for hosting these :laff: :yes:
  15. DragonDude

    Half-Life HUD Slot Sprites?

    Well, I was just wondering, as I need to edit them, does anyone know where the sprite files which contain the Half-Life HUD Slots are? (I.E. When you select a gun, the pictures of all your weapons on the top left corner of the screen) I've searched the valve folder and the SDK extensively, and...
  16. J

    A new Mod :)

    Well. I am leading a new mod. It is under private developing right now and not released to public. But I was getting bored so I desided to share with u guys the MODs HUD copy link to ur address bar to see :) well post what you think. its for...
  17. M

    Help in finding a patch for your HUD bug

    HUD or whatever you call it Anyone please can send me a link with a patch to fix Trunks' HUD problem = the problem about the HUD is that when Im choosing Meelee there is none!!! none HUD so I cant AIM and Im being kicked because of that so when you guy`ll upload this fix please reply...
  18. R

    Zerg HUD pack release!

    *sigh* it's 5:00 in the morning anyways I've done the Zerg HUD,it now version Alpha 1.0,as I''m still missing some sprites for the attacks and such <img src=""> <img src=""> And <a...
  19. M

    sum questions about the hud and...

    in the hud what is "CF"? how can I turn SSJ2 for gohan? and which attack is which for gohan?
  20. TehMuffinMan

    Funky Pointy Thingy!!!

    righty then... you know the thing thats above your firends/enemys heads... i accidently turned them into a sphere in a accident... i thought i should redo it so i did... and i ended up with a funky arrow pointing to all your opponents! piccy below! nothing too fancy.. but its the first...