1. LionHeart

    esf hud

    could someone post a link to an awesome hud, that witch they think is the best?
  2. H

    hud thing

    thats what mine looks like how do i make it look like this?
  3. .Maze

    The HUD in ESF

    Hi. Aint it possible in ESF to make the HUD clear ? so you can see thru the HUD ? cause i tried it and had always White Field under my edited HUD.
  4. .Maze

    Hud Info plugin

    Download Link This Plugin basicly shows you some HUD messages on the right upper part of the screen. Your Powerlevel ,then the Powerlevel with Turbo, your current KI second row is your Base Speed, your Speed with turbo+Swoop Speed third row is Playerclass Nr. and Animation Sequence where is...
  5. }v{ajin

    HUD problem.

    How came dat everytime im turning off my hud, everything starts to work crappy ? i cant see auras, attacks or anything.. is that how it suppose to be or is something wrong with meh ESF ?
  6. R

    Problem with HUD (KiBar...)

    I have the following problem: I can't see how much the Ki/Life bar or CF bar is filled. The Ki bar is not blue anymore but has the color of the background. It is possible to see how much it is filled but I have to look very closely, which is not a good idea during a fight, when i want to...
  7. JasonX


    i have seen many pic's and saw the hud but the hud likes normal from 1.2 are you guys going to change that too?
  8. ssj2goku

    the hud

    hello, i'm wondering if its possible to change the box down on your left side of your screen i know people modify them by changing the colors, but how to really change the whole box like giving it another form is it possible with code ? greetz ssj2goku
  9. S

    Steam Transparent HUD

    Ok esf works fine exept the huds transparent and I renember seeing a console command to fix it so dont tell me to change my gamma. Plz help
  10. O

    ESF Hud Question

    this question is most likely only able to be answered by the mod developers is the shape of teh hud hard coded into the game? im planning on designing a different shaped hud but i need to know if i can change the shape of the hud. i mean everything, from the change form bar, the pl bar, the...
  11. Y

    Where do you get this HUD?

    Can someone tell me the link to download for that HUD? it looks tight!
  12. Munch

    Hud Washed up

    I go into the ESF console and type in "gl_spriteblend 0" but it goes washed up again every time I restart the game and when I type it in the config.cfg it stays but it becomes dark can't my hud find a happy medium
  13. sub

    New hud for 1.3?

    ESF needs a new hud. We've had this one for some time now (1.0, 1.1, 1.2.x). Its nothing major, but it would be nice to have a new one.
  14. K

    I dont have a HUD

    I've jsut read the guide and ive realised one thing is wrong, i dont have a HUD is this correct or do i have to DL somehting to get it? im really confused here
  15. B

    Help with HUD

    Hi, I have been learning how to play and keep fnding out that i'm just bad at it. What I found out while looking at a screenshot is that ESF has a HUD! (heads up display which is for showing health, armor etc.) Could someone tell me how to show my HUD? Thanks, Ben :cool:
  16. Munch

    HUD is washed up

    When I go in to the console and type "gl_spriteblend 0" like u guys said it work but then when I restart the game the spriteblend is back to 1
  17. wheres_

    HUD sprite transperantcey

    Id just like to know what the transperantcey color is for the hud sprites ive tryed both black and that ****ty pink the spr viewer gives you... and they dont work.
  18. T

    can't Hud menus and messages

    Title says it all.
  19. M

    New Hud Idea

    Is it possible to make an aqua (mac os x style) hud ? something like this style ? I don't have the skills to do it, so what about you guys ? do you think it's possible ? i think it would look great...
  20. N

    HUD Color

    Ok, this isn't the common gl_spriteblend 0 fix, I recently copied and pasted Mr Satan's FPS tweaks posted in the FPS/Ping/ thread and then my hud color became extremely dark Is there any fix without reinstalling?