1. Nick_Da_Wizard

    WHAT WOULD HAPPEN. if the devs lost the mod files :O

    would we never see the mod? or is it stored away underground 600 metres inside 60cm thick titanium steel and inside that is a small man called rubin who screams relentlessly at anyone who somehow enters. then the portable hard drive is stashed away in a safe inside of a safe inside of a safe and...
  2. st34lth

    What's will happen to the ESF team after you guys finish 1.3?

    After you guys finish 1.3 are you guys going to disband and move on to bigger projects? Or will some of you stick together and make something else. I'am just wondering what you guys were planning after this.
  3. M

    will this error happen with esf 1.3

    will this error happen with esf 1.3 coz if it does then you guys need to fix the client.dll coz not all people will play. what was the point in making your NNK game only for opengl video thats a bit dumb i still think that this game should be released untill the minor graphic and .dll are all fixed
  4. B

    Pet Peeves / things that happen in your daily life that piss you off

    So, I was bored at work today, like I am everyday, and I was like "hmm, I should make a post on the ESF forums so people can post what pisses them off" so i did. Now post. For me, most of the things happen at work. Here are a few things I can't stand: 1. When customers in drive thru have a lit...
  5. J-Dude

    Oookay...I'm not sure THAT was supposed to happen...

    I don't think this is anything major, but the new PSU I bought contains a LOT of cords, particularly unused ones that I had to tuck awayin out of the way spaces so they wouldn't touch certain components and hurt the machine. One cord was a 4-prong cord that goes into the motherboard on the...
  6. Sicron

    Playstation Home: Best thing to ever happen to the gaming community?

    I say yes. Read this: http://www.gamespot.com/features/6194613/index.html?tag=top_stories;title;0 Home is getting more and more interesting the more I read about it. It almost makes me want to buy a PS3 alone for that.
  7. Suh Dude

    What happen to Origin?

    Why are the posts "O/", was Kurt bored? O_o
  8. Damaera

    2012 - Will it happen?

    Topic says it all. Post your feedback.
  9. J-Dude

    And you all said it would never happen...

    Dudes...big ****ing news... The Dragonball Z Movie is a reality. It has NOT been scrapped!!! I've seen a number of documents online RECENTLY speaking of it. The film did indeed go to "production Hell" in 2004, but is being picked back up again! Here's two bits of proof: First, this...
  10. NightShade

    Lots seems to have happen.

    Glad to see the team is still going strong. I pop up one time was wanting to come back but computer died out. Been doing some catching up reading about the new drama...seeing open beta soon. Sounds great and even with the kick in the crouch. Glad things are going strong even with the leak...
  11. M

    Good things do happen in this world...

    ...developing a program is one of them. Keep away spyware and trojans! If you're also wondering about how to maintain an error-free PC and achieve 100% system performance, try this! 2Admin: Sorry if the message doesn't suit your forum. Kindly ask to move it to an appropriate section...
  12. Suh Dude

    What will happen when...

    ESF dies? What will people do without ESF? Where will people go and talk about pointless things? Post what you would do if ESF died. If ESF died, i'd cut myself. ;/ Oh yeah and don't post that ESF will never die because it'll die eventually like us.
  13. Phobius

    !READ! Here is what happend to Andreyesf and could happen to you. !READ!

    Andreyesf was permanently banned this evening for spoofing hosts and registering different accounts to vote for himself just to get access to a $5 forum now was that $5 dollar forum worth a permanent ban I'd say no but I guess he said yes. Now let this be a lesson next time we do a nice...
  14. saiyan_warriors

    Would anyone happen to know how to switch Model Skeletons???

    Hello everyone. I was just wondering if anyone knew how to switch model skeletons. I recently downloaded this model for ESF and it is really being odd. Any help at all would be nice. Thank you! :yes:
  15. J

    Could this happen?

    Well instead of very humongous updates. Could we just get a little bit at a time?
  16. I

    Whats the Wierdest thing to happen latley?

    Mine would have to be, sitting outside, havin' a durry, and suddenly the person next to me fell Inside of the bucket. no wait... painting the white cat pink with purple feet...
  17. Alteh

    OMG WHAT happen everything gone!!!

    OK, I restarted my computer and started up firefox......when it was started I looked in my bookmarks...gone....looked at my link icons....gone...my start up page...gone. Someone tell me what happened everything is gone. Although it might have happened because before I restarted my comp. I went...
  18. The Taco Man

    What Happen?

    I though that the new 1.2.1 patch for ESF was coming out last weekend. I waited paitently only to be greeted with a new website and no patch. When i go to downloads it links me back to the main page!
  19. K

    wow odd things happen when people makes games/mods

    lots of time when there is an update or something like a huge patch or anything small, lots of times, someone important happens to get into an accident, y is this so common for mod/game makers? whats going on? omg they are cursed!!! STAY [email protected] O_O O_O O_O O_O
  20. J

    What will happen to the english sound pack when beta 1.2 comes out?

    What will happen to the english sound pack after beta 1.2 is released? Although Freedom did a great job with the japanese battle cries, will he eventually improve upon the current english one?