1. Z

    Will ESf work on Half life 2

    I was just wondering does EsF work on HL2?:-/
  2. S

    I bought Half life for this!

    xD, Gotta love it, not very much ECX users though, i'd like to test some of it's content =/
  3. B

    Half Life 1

    By Half Life 1 do u mean just straight up Half Life 1 or can it be:Counter Strike,Counter Strike Condition Zero,Counter Strike Condition Zero Deleted Scenes.I dont have Half Life 1 but I have those.I have seen other mods that say Half Life 2 and I have Counter Strike Source and it would work.Can...
  4. K

    half life 1

    i have the first half life 1( non steam) i brought it a few years a go i tried to play it but it don't work so my friend in school said to ask the people can i barrow their steam account so i can down load so i came to ask i wont steal account im no noob PS:i dident torrent down load...
  5. D

    Esf half life 2 mod

    Hi all just woundering if anyone knows about ESF doing a half life 2 mod as that would be very cool as people using steam these days tend to be purchasing for HL2 and CSS as they have great mods like Insurgency ??
  6. N

    Half life two (Sorry if its allready been suggested)

    Is it possible to make this compatable with HL2? Because i'm a HUGE fan of dragonball, and the other series, I just feel a little bad that i can't play this because i don't have Half Life As it said in title sorry if its been suggested.
  7. J-Dude

    Crysis vs Half Life 2

    I got a copy of Crysis for Christmas this year, and just finished the game last night and have decided to reflect on it a little. Crysis played a lot differently than most games I've seen, to both it's benefit and detriment, though usually more to it's benefit. It let you choose your own...
  8. ESCachuli

    play in half life levels

    Is there a way? I saw some screens of esf running in hl levels with the enemies (but a little wierd, because the enemies are giants compared with them, but is something that doesnt mind for me). thanks for reading.
  9. G

    Half Life 1

    ok, i dont have Half life 1, where can i download it for free?
  10. B

    Half life or half life source?

    which half life do i need to play this game? regular half life or the source version?
  11. P

    Half life on steam won't install Mod

    Hey, i bought half life today and entered the code into steam so i could install esf. esf wont install when i run the exe. it detects the directory but then it won't let me click next. do i need to just have steam installed for some random reason and install from disc? HELP PLZ.
  12. MinioN

    Half life movie?

    I am just wondering if someone know if there will be any half life movie.It would be great movie.The game itself it's one big movie with great story. I saw this on youtube: <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
  13. U

    Half Life CD-Key Problem (I Have a Valid One)

    This is pathetic. I don't know why im having this problem but i didn't have it before. Im using Half Life and ESF 1.2.3. When I install Half Life it just needs the CD Key once and works correctly when i start a new game. but when i install ESF and play any level Offline for fun against...
  14. S

    Downloaded esf before half life

    i downloaded esf before i got half life and now that i have it i dont know how to run esf on it i also have the steam one. it asks me what i want to run esf with but half life dosent pop up on the list. even when i browse through my programs
  15. The Deco

    Half life 2 - Steam question

    OK!! I'm thinking of getting HL2 so I can play all the GOOD stuff in it (half life isn't good ;D) So I saw this Episode one and Episode 2 and I don't understand what does it mean. Here how it goes: Along time ago I bought a normal half life from a store (not from steam) before HL2 and when I put...
  16. M

    Half Life without steam?

    :\Hello, does anybody know, if there is a page, where I can get Half-Life non steam version?
  17. MinioN

    Half Life: Natural Selection

    This mod look pretty cool.I just download it but i can't start it.After i install in my HF directory there is no shortcut to start the game.Cna you tell me how to make shortcut myself so i can start it.I tried likethis: "D:\Half Life\hl.exe" -game Natural Selection".What is missing? Homepage...
  18. Sicron

    Esf: Most played Half Life mod.

    Garry's mod has more servers, but on average, ESF gets played more. Nice job team! Never would have imagined that ESF would beat Natural Selection.
  19. D

    Downloading Half Life One With Half Life 2 CD Key?

    i bought half life 2 game of the year that came with half life : source and counter strike : source i KNOW i can't use play esf on half life source but can i download half life 1 through steam ? or do i have to go buy the original half life 1 with its cd key or do i just need to install half...
  20. Spunky

    Half Derrr, Half Super-human >_>

    Source: http://www.mymultiplesclerosis.co.uk/misc/kimpeek.html Crap, I can barely remember my parent's birthdays. >_>