1. NehuIII

    HL or HL:S to run ESF

    Hi everyone and first of all sorry for my bad english. I'll buy Half-Life to can play all hl mods and i have a question. Can i buy Half-Life source and run esf or i need to have the first hl version?. That's all, thanks
  2. DaFeLa

    valve update on HALF LIFE TODAY

    valve brought today update out to let people play it on linux with new optimized engine wich also prevents play it FOREVER ANY MODS game titles like half life 1 half life 2 counterstrike 1.6 and source does it mean esf will die? otherwise esf must work on a pirated hl game ! this is not a...
  3. G

    A Request For Half Life 1 On Steam

    Hello everybody can someone give me a Half Life 1 On Steam my Username is:orraff10 i am a dragon ball fan and i wont to download this new downloads on steam like:Open Beta Final and Final (full) (sorry for bigging on the last Thread i am new and i dont know that) Tnx For Help Anybody
  4. G

    A Request For Half Life 1 On Steam

    Hello you guys can someone help me on send me a Half Life 1 to my steam Username:orraff10 i am a dragon ball fan and i wont to download the new ESF Final game Full and the Open beta on Half Life please i really need this Half Life on Steam who can help me is the best ever !!! please ...
  5. Eli

    Half Life or Half Life: Source

    Well, I'm going to buy Half Life on steam since I can't find the cd key to link it to steam and I was wondering if I should buy Half Life Source or just Half Life.
  6. Blashix

    Half Life (non-steam) - my question

    Hi, can I play on the final esf.1.3 for Half Life (non-steam) ?
  7. Y

    Is it possible to play this with Half Life (non-steam)?

    Is it possible to play this with the Half Life 1 non-steam version?
  8. N

    how do i verify my half life?

  9. S

    It's time for my annual-obligatory half incredibly grateful, half teasing post!

    I can remember, way back in high school, rocking the 1.2 build across a LAN at school, and decimating an entire crowded server against me. I never particularly used WON, as we were most likely the last family in the states to get high speed internet, so I was mostly regulated to local games...
  10. kio

    half installed ?

    i don't know but i installed ecx and got it working (i know cause i can go beyond ssj) and the HUD is the same as normal esf =/ i can't see all the moves >:/ like kaioken and other. i can see more then 3 wishes to :/ i don't if it's a bug or somthig.
  11. S

    how do you select ESF in half life?

    i just downloaded the 1.2.3 version that came out, and installed it, but i have no idea how to access it and start playing it. any help :/ please?
  12. D

    which one do i need. half life 1 or two?

    subject. thanks. ---------- Double Post below was added at 02:21 AM has been merged with this post created 02:18 AM ---------- that and i do not know what all i have to do to be able to get this. i heard it was awesome and looks like it and plus i love dbz so you guys are like gods right now...
  13. M

    need help what do i need to play half life mods

    Ok i don't have half life BUT i going to buy it thru steam but i only get a download copy can i still play half life mods like esf becose thats the only reason i whant it :D plz tell me.
  14. Mkilbride

    Codemasters to sell half of game, other half DLC.

    http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2010-11-16-codies-versus-pre-owned-game-sales **** you Codemasters, piracy isn't your problem, it's your poorly coded, bug-ridden games!
  15. J

    Ssj4 in esf 1.2.3 in half life

    Can any of you help me out on how to get ssj4 in esf 1.2.3 in half life i cant call shenron to become kid goku
  16. L

    Half Life

    Well, i recently got Half Life 2: Deathmatch & Half Life 2: Lost Coast, by NVIDIA Promotion. I'm able to play Earth Specials Force, with them? :P Also, what about 1.3, it is finished? :D
  17. N

    downloading Half Life, Esf help

    Hello guys, im new around here and trying too figure out how things work, i have read the rules and instructions, from what mistakes i have been doing is that i thought the esf 1.2.3 will work by just downloading that but im wrong aint i, after going through some of the threads and by the...
  18. Mkilbride

    Frieza can be chopped in half by Disc weapons

    And float around as the top half, like in the series. Ahah.
  19. EvolutionX

    Half Life 2 Demo

    Hi. I want to ask if I download Half-Life 2 Demo through steam, will I be able to play any mods for Half Life 2? Like DBSource?
  20. J

    Don't have steam, but I have half life.

    How might I go about getting ESF to work without having to use steam? I don't have a pay-pal or credit card so I can't buy it. Any help would be much appreciated. And No, It's not pirated.