1. B

    Who's gonna be playing SW:TOR?

    Just wondering who is going to be playing SW:TOR and if you want to play together. Myself, along with a few guys from work will be setting up a guild on a server I can't remember as of yet. We'll be going as sith. I am pretty sure the server we have picked out is a PvE server but I'm trying to...
  2. DiebytheSword

    Mass Effect 3 co-op mode, who's gonna help me help Shep? *SPOILERS*

    http://kotaku.com/5848484/mass-effect-3s-co+op-multiplayer-fully-detailed-by-bioware This is going to be sweet. I had the game pre-ordered before the news dropped, but I'm definately going to rock the co-op to The Reapers will know fear. I'll be rocking ME3 on the PC.
  3. H

    just a question not sure if its been asked yet or not

    its about that new melee thing i aint played esf in ages but is that melee new setting in use already or is it gonna take a while to come out?
  4. Deathshot

    Not gonna be a doctor....

    So I got a copy of Trauma Center: New Blood finally for Wii and I have to say.... Im not a ****ing good doctor at all... I nearly killed some guy fixing his broken arm.... I kept stabbing him constantly with the broken bone pieces by accident...
  5. The Deco

    Are the current beam sprites gonna be the default?

    Are the current beam sprites gonna be the default for ESF 1.3?
  6. vinay87

    [BEWARE OF SPOILERS]Is Bleach Gonna Go to the Fillers again?

    OK.... If you dont want spoilers dont look further. Anyway am I the only guy who thinks Bleach is gonna hit the fillers again? Well, why I feel so is the fact that not much has happened in the manga and the story has caught up. at 124 We'll see twice the Bankai, say around 125 Ichigo...
  7. LSSJ-Goku

    im gonna start modeling :)

    HI , as u can see the topic :) but i have problem , im gonna start from normal objects but when i see tutorial video i see where to "get material" "mtl libary" i dont have anything there ;[ where can i get that ? using 3ds max ^^ And can u give some tips ? :P u have skill in this :P
  8. sub

    Some dude is reselling 100 PS3s, gonna get paid

  9. J

    IMPORTANT!! Gir is gonna be responsible for a minor!!! =o

    IM GONNA BE AN UNCLE!!! my sister is preggers, (not my fault...) but she is putting the kid up for addoption. i feel that i would rather look after my relative, rather than let someone else do it. so i am taking the reigns =] discuss!!!
  10. Hash

    DS gonna surf the web, and become a portable TV too

    Seems the DS is starting to expand itself more and more from a "gaming machine," to a "multimedia machine," like the PSP. http://www.gamespot.com/news/6144345.html Dunno if I'd ever really use the features, of course, thats assuming they make it here overseas, but I still think it's pretty...
  11. C

    So whos gonna win the Superbowl?

    Now that we know whos playing, whos gonna win? Seattle vs. Pittsburgh Poll will end Febuary 5th
  12. Jimesu_Evil

    Here's an ambitious project... I'm gonna make my own DBZ movie special

    Yep, you heard me. No, I haven't lost my mind. I'm planning to have the movie go for about an hour, it will have some music by Bruce Faulconer, and the storyline will revolve around a war on Namek involving the Namekians and an alliance of Saiyans and an unknown race of Demon warriors. It...
  13. True-Warrior15

    Is ESF 1.3 Melee System gonna be better

    Well I know the ESF Team is working on adding somethings to the melee system, I just wanna know is ESF 1.3 melee gonna be similiar better or something near Zeq 2 melee system (I''m just really curious). Here's how Zeq 2 gonna do there melee system http://www.zeq2.com/about.php So is it...
  14. crazykorean10

    SS4 gonna be in ESF?

    I am a SS4 fanatic so i would be pleased if there was so i was wonderig if esf was gonna mkae a later patch that has SS4 or is 1.3 last one?
  15. The_Forgotten

    Gonna Get Hacked

    ROFLMAO!!!!! Lol, AKA dReAmKilLa is getting his friend to hack me rofl.Lol so I dont know what to do with my last few moments.Any suggestions?:)
  16. Ultimate Trunks

    When is the ESF Website gonna be Done?

    Can anyone tell me when the ESF website will be done they said Wedensday like 3 weeks ago im curious to see what new stuff they have plus I cant wait for 1.2.2 and 1.3 to come out, The ESF Team done a great job so far. Keep it up guys
  17. S

    How many of you gonna see exorcist the beginning

    I was just woundering how many of you people are gonna see this movie when it comes out I wanna see it I really liked the first one
  18. Enix

    Spiderman 2 for PC is gonna blow?

    Yes, i have read many articles and stuff from IGN and GAMESPOT. And the reviews are in, Spiderman 2 for PC is gonna blow. They say because kids play on the PC that the PC version should be rated E [everyone] so all the little 3 year olds can play it for 5 mins and say "daddy i pooped in my...
  19. J

    Euro 2004: who's gonna win it!

    like the topic says: I think Holland is gonna win, because i'm dutch and we all know all dutch people always become high of themselves whenever we win a few matches :p we don't know the outcome of Denmark vs Czech yet..so i'm putting those two in it aswell.
  20. S

    I'm just gonna' have to accept it...

    I'm never going to outgrow dbz. I got interested in it like 2-3 years ago- lost interest, got back into it, etc... new esf comes out and i'm right back interested again. I'm gonna be 100 and still be like- "I don't care, I like the way SSJ4 looks." And some other old dbz nerd will be like- "It...