1. DaFeLa

    Metal Gear Rising:revengeance

    demo is out today who played this awesome demo and who knows the story p.s this metal gear is not a tactial spionage action this metal gear is a hack and slash game like devil may cry and ninja blade fused
  2. M

    A Next Metal Gear is...

  3. Damaera

    Next Metal Gear game possibly on the 360? What do you guys think this means? MGS4 is being ported to the 360? Or is there going to be a whole new Metal Gear game on the 360?
  4. Spunky

    Metal Gear Solid Issue

    I'm playing the PC version. It's bugging the crap out of me. Let me start by saying I've tried every compatability mode to no avail. My drivers (for a Geforce 6800) are up to date, everything else that matters is fully up to date. I'm not the only person to have problems, but I'm hoping to get...
  5. Enix

    Metal Gear Spider

    Well, I saw this spider hanging from a light in my kitchen a little bit ago and I decided to try and get a macro shot of it with my new digicam, but it wouldn't stop moving. Well in one of my attempts something kinda cool happened: When I went back to preview my failed macros i saw this...
  6. Epedemic_Optikz

    Metal Gear Online Beta

    Anyone play? It is quite a fun game, my PSN is Epedemicc and if anyone is interested in playing with me, drop me a friend request. The game is really fun, and the lag is very minimal. :yes: To add, the game is a like a mixture of CoD4 and Socom but more stealth oriented in a way. The fun of...
  7. M

    Air Gear

    I've heard that this anime was pretty decent. I also heard that the music was very impressive aswell. I have considered watching this anime but first I need to know if it's recommended or not.
  8. Tsunami

    Metal Gear Naruto found this video on youtube, and my god this guy did an awesome job with it.
  9. M

    Metal Gear Solid Movie Confirmed

    Source: Source:
  10. VivaLaPineapple

    ringo star (air gear)

    new stuff im kinda running out of layout ideas
  11. TehMuffinMan

    Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots ingame TGS 06 <:|~~ someone put my jaw back in socket.. Discuss!
  12. VivaLaPineapple

    air gear wallpaper

  13. J

    Metal Gear Portable Ops.

    hot-diggidy! im so pumped about this game its not even funny, i cant wait to get my pals at work to join in with me and play some metal gear! although, im gonna have to fight them for the right to play as snake.. but thats ok.
  14. ZeroNightmare

    Metal Gear Solid: Subsistence

    whos played it? i think the online is alright, but i think the controls are too touchy for that type of gameplay, unless your just camping somewhere with a rifle. i've only played it a few times though, and i hadnt played any other mgs game for years. i havent played the single player but my...
  15. Sicron

    Metal Gear Solid going Hollywood.

    Don't know why anybody hasn't posted this here yet. O_o But MGS is going to the big screen: Thougths, comments...complaints?
  16. Ravendust

    Metal Gear Solid: The Movie

    :O A movie of a game that's practically a movie. The only thing that can screw this up is Uwe Boll, who has nothing to do with the film. Can't wait to see who's directing it.
  17. SuperDragonFist

    Metal Gear Solid 4 High Resolution Trailer

    Just found the MGS4 trailer that was shown at TGS in high quality (it's a torrent by the way) You've probably already seen some bad quality versions of this but trust me seeing it in high quality is worth it. The file size is...
  18. Hash

    Air Gear!

    Thought i'd whip up a new sig for myself, seeing as I haven't done so in a while. And since i've been infatuated with Air Gear recently, it gets to be the theme for it. It's kinda crowded, but I'm too tired to change that. Anyways, I came up with two slightly different versions, and I don't...
  19. VivaLaPineapple

    random metal gear wallpaper

    i didnt do much to the overall image and im not ganna claim i did a whole lot with the background, a couple scratchy grunge brushes and there ya go. wallpaper is here if ya want to use it enjoy
  20. ~*Logan*~

    Metal Gear Solid (and a quick FPS question)

    I was never a fan of stealth games. I played the X2 Wolverine game and I was annoyed with the stealth part of it. But I still finished it and it was fairly enjoyable in the long run. I hear so many great things about the MGS series though. Its like...I always hear the same things. "MGS IS...