1. dany_goku

    Brolly normal form

    This is my Brolly.
  2. C

    Cartoon Form of Me

    hey, i got i made me ;D take a look Poly count = 4346
  3. U

    King Cold form 5 vs perfect cell

    All we know about King Cold in dbz isnt that much, even he already killed by trunks...but before he kill by trunks that he must be in Frieza's form 2 and he had the powerlevel as stronger as frieza !00% than if he can trun to the next form that he would gain the great power, if he can transform...
  4. GoldenBlade

    Frieza 3 Form picture

    sometime ago i saw a picture of the esf 1.3 frieza 3rd form but now the only thing about him is the face picture on gallery. Can someone tell were can i find the full body picture that i saw sometime ago, the one where we could see his cutted tail.
  5. D

    ssj form ki drain

    i think that, just like in every other dbz game ever made, that ssj should have a ki drain on it including ssj2 ussj,ussj2 (if it is in the game) and ssj3 the drain would work like this(well its obvious how it would work but ill explain anyway):every second you would lose 1/100 of your ki bar...
  6. Ravendust

    Favourite Saiyan Form

    Chakra-X made best Non-SSJ, so here's best Saiyan \o/
  7. S

    Tri Form Technique

    if you remember the battle on earth with the z fighters vs vegita and nappa when krillin and piccolo split them self into four parts do you think it would be cool if could get krillian and piccelo could do it in esf and when you use it in mele scene each of them has a quater of the overall power...
  8. Ravendust

    Cell's Super Perfect Form

    Here's an idea of how to implement it: (Assuming Cell's transformations are permanant) 1. Ascend all the way to Perfect Form 2. Get 1mil PL more than the Perfect Form's required PL 3. Press Z, which will cause a glowing aura (like the Final Flash aura) to surround Cell and cause his ki...
  9. TourPallanen

    Uub For a final Form Of majin Buu...

    I think it would be cool if you had for the final Form Of Majin Buu as Uub and if you can't squeeze it in this build maybe in future ones : :)
  10. G

    Character Form Sounds

    My suggestion is that ESF has different sounds for each form of a character. For example, Goku has a set of sound and SSJ Goku has another set of sounds. This would be useful to us people who customize stuff >_> Yes, I am fully aware that it would take up more space :/
  11. Kreshi

    Frieza Form 4

    Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting I made this model in 3-4 days for the ESF-World team. They asked me to make for them a Frieza model for their EVM-Modelpack. Actually it´s just an edit and a reskin of my old Frieza which was VERY VERY BAADD. BUT I fixed and changed so many...
  12. S

    Ssj2 Form

    When Im playing and I get enough PL to turn ssj2, I press "z" and it just goes to regular ssj. ? Do they look the same or am I doing it wrong ? :cry:
  13. Grega

    Another form of screenshot bug

    As said in the title I joined the Redsaiyan server and there was a candy left in the middle of the map. When i looked at the candy the screenshot bug apeared then i chose Buu and ate the candy. As soon as i did the bug disapeared.
  14. S

    Kamehameha for Gohans first form!

    :S I really think that gohan should have the kamehameha wave even in his first form.
  15. imkongkong

    new 2nd form frieza

    i think it's a nice model for frieza two, but i'd like to discuss the model and give my crits anyways the frieza looks nice, he looks pretty big, but somethings are buggin me a little bit the shoulders shouldn't be sticking out so much, they were more shaped as if they were his deltoid...
  16. VivaLaPineapple

    something a bit different form me

    yeah so i was just messing with brushes, and decided to make something sort of minimalistic and grungey at the same time. im pretty happy with the results. completely different from what i usually do. tis a wallpaper in case u are wondering.
  17. H

    Frieza Form 4 reskin

    I reskinned the frieza form 4 from the unofficial evm model pack original creator: Kreshi reskinner: Me :D texture for reskin: Frieza Form 4 by Nuttzy & shjing
  18. R

    Lilde Model 2nd Form

    Can somebody make a Lilde model in 2nd Form ? (Liquid Metal)
  19. Flying Dutchman

    cell`s second form missing wing-thingy`s

    allright I know nobody cares, and probably nobody knows either, but I have to ask, WHY O WHY did cell lose his wings in his second form and had them again in his perfect form ? Ì`m not expecting any serious answers :laff: < unless you actually might know :shocked: >
  20. R


    I CAN PASS TO the second form(spuer sayajin)if gohan, i tranform to the third form?i have 4milions ki in normal form and 8in ssj form