1. G

    ESF Final Goku Super Saiyan God Form

    Who that dont know it there is a stronger form that SSJ3 the form name is Super Saiyan God it is from dragon ball z movie 2013 Battle Of Gods By Akira Toriyma (i write his name correctly ???) and it from Dragon Ball Z not GT !!! Here is a video (trailer) (see they say in 50 sec the SSJ God)...
  2. Nebulisreconx

    New form of attack: Beam spreads (*drools*)

    Sounds delicious right? Well I looked around and hadn't seen such an idea brought up yet, so here it is. Hows about the ability to increase the blast radius of your beam attacks as done in the series with various signature moves. For instance, rather than fire a kamehameha as a narrow...
  3. Skyrider

    Forums now has a "Report Forum Issue" submission form.

    I'll keep it short and simple. Got a issue to report? Use the Report Forum Issue form which can also be found in the "features" navigation tab under the ESF logo. I've done this on purpose so I can keep a track of all the issues. It is possible that the forms will be altered/changed in time...
  4. Chakra-X

    Solar Super Form

    This if for a character in my senior thesis animation. He's a a hand to hand fighter with powers that draw from the Sun. When he is in direct sunlight, after absorbing enough energy, can transform in to a much more powerful version of himself where his skin glows red and his eyes glow white...
  5. krzyhox

    esf Japanese voice form oginalne

    hmm Japanese voice form oginalne. With dragon ball.??
  6. P

    cell's final form glitched

    When you use cell and get him to his last form (not sure if it happens with every form) and you press one of the side button then the forward button his whole body goes to the right side of the screen.For example u press "d+w or a+w" and when he walks his arms dont move.
  7. Damaera

    News Update 7/28/2010 - Frieza Form 2

    Lookin' sexy! One concern though, I'll just copy what I said on moddb: Edit: Also, Karrde or whoever sees this first, can you move this to the News section?
  8. Skyrider

    Request: A good Contact Form Script (PHP)

    I was wondering if anyone knows a good PHP Contact Form script out there.. Either by manual file edits or a software that makes the looks / needed edits for you. So far, I found two of them right here: - - And another one I totally forgot, heh. The problem...
  9. S

    I try..

    I have a problem when i try to install ESF. See : ns56231 :/home/esforces/steam# ./hlds_run -game esf +maxplayers 16 +map esf_arri val +port 30000 Auto detecting CPU Using AMD Optimised binary. Auto-restarting the server on crash Console...
  10. Boogyman93

    Ichigo's New Form? (bleach spoilers)

    This is sick...
  11. Ryuuzaki

    What form was Goku at Cell's Games

    So he turned into something but it wasn't ssj2...was that just a simple ssj?
  12. SSJfan

    So how do you go to this form in big pack

    So how do you go to majin vegeta in big pack i put my pl to 99999999 but nothing happens i tried damaging him and that just summons gt vegeta so can somebody tell me.
  13. Denz

    Cell form 2 beech

    haven't shown or worked in a while now have I? here's a little something to bring ol' DBZ back in the game the model it self weights 1790 poly's, dont mind the head and arms they are placeholders, will add more details to them later on.. Ive been mostly concentrating on them legs and...
  14. It's over One Million!

    Piccolo's Final Form with yellow Sparks

    In dbz anime Piccolo's final form (super namek) have yellow sparks. What you think?
  15. Deathshot

    Scientists Create a Form of Pre-Life

  16. L

    Problem with models of Frieza form 2 and 3

    Where I can find models of Frieza form 2 and form 3? Because the all transformation are Frieza form 4 o_o
  17. Tenzo

    Frieza form 2

    Is there any chance for us to see this in the upcoming openbeta release?
  18. UZIboy4201

    New Form of Power Struggle

    Okay, you know how the initial power struggles are and people can help my shooting a beam towards the enemy. So you can have team power struggles. Well, instead of them throwing another beam to help. The other people can help by either putting their hand on the person shooting or shooting and...
  19. john_volkov

    Frieza Final Form

    Frieza Final Form it's still the same his head it's of in the character screem menu
  20. ~*Logan*~

    Pick your Form and Ginyu's Body Change

    1) From what I hear after having a talk with Phobes, the powerlevel change option was abused a little too much. Removing that option is a good idea, however, attaining higher forms seems harder with how frequent the server crashes, especially with the new Ginyu "afterimage" abuse. I propose...
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