1. FalconFury

    Swoopdust file problem

    Hi. I have a problem with the swoopdust file. Since i download it and tried testing it to see if it works on ESF ECX it doesn't work, no dust no water effect is showing. Just only nothing I see. Where do I put that plugin file?
  2. Vegeta

    ESF 1.2.3 [Installer] file type unknown?

    Properties: Name: esfb123 Type of file: file Size: 184mb It can't run, because it doesn't know how to- it just asks me to choose a program to run it with. I have never seen this before..
  3. Wolf

    QC File issues while trying to compile a mdl.

    Its been a pretty long time since i've attempted to compile my own mdl. I lack the SDK's from steam do to my internet, downloading 1gig would take me a few days and i'm under a monthly limit out here, so i'm having to do a QC from scratch and by hand. Anyways, I'm using GUIstudiomdl to compile a...
  4. EvolutionX

    App File

    Hi. Can someone tell me how to create an application file for esf (not shortcut). TNX
  5. D

    not seeing any servers in esf 1.3

    This is weird, I got the message that esf 1.3 is released, so I downloaded the file from, downloaded it, installed it, restart and launch steam and the mod, gone to the servers and don't see any servers at all... are the original server closed down?
  6. M

    Help I search the "xxx" File.

    Pls help this on the forum pls? why on rapidshare i can't download this file...pls help me!!
  7. SG_SSJ!

    How can I create a amxx file for ecx:rc2?

    How can I create a amxx file for ecx:rc2?
  8. L

    Model File Conversion

    Model conversion is not working, I've been trying to get my scenes to go into .mdl for the mod but can't get it. help?
  9. Otpidarp

    How to create an mdl file?

    how to create an mdl file :confused:
  10. Raine

    Avatar - Upload of File Failed

    Sorry if this is the wrong section, i didn't want to put this under help because that is ESF related. Whenever i try to upload my avatar it says Upload Failed. It is 28.4 KB and 100x100 Pixels, and i tried it in JPG and GIF form. Whats going on?
  11. hleV

    ESF installer source file

    Hi. I'm here to ask for ESF installer source file. I mean the .nsi file, from which I need to take some functions like checking if folder has hl.exe file and forcing the starting directory to be Steam directory. O maybe someone can tell me those functions?
  12. M

    Bill of Rights for ISPs and File Sharers?

  13. SaGaR

    wich file in ESF folder is you favorite servers list?

    wich file in the esf folder is the file of your favorite servers list? greetings, SaGaR
  14. M

    50 Cent... On file sharing

  15. L

    Annoyance of file formats.

    So I saved a video (.mpeg) and a part of the file name had a "." in it and now the remaining letters are showing up as the incorrect format of the video. Thus, I cannot watch it even with MPC. Is there some way I can rename the file so that it will be the proper file format? I tried .mpeg...
  16. H

    hl sdk file for damage texture/animation

    can i use sdk to edit half-life engine and which allow me to shoot the carcass of enemies alive to gibs with mp5 submachinegun(we all know that the corpes in half-life can be destroyed but i mean can that be destroyed by bullet weapon, not explosive weapon.) and also the damaging texture, can i...
  17. V

    Cannot delete this file

    So, here's my problem. Recently wanted to try out mechwarrior 4, so i went and tracked down a demo at gamershell. the installer was 67mb in size and when i ran it, all i did was open up a DOS window for about a second and nothing else afterwards. Naturally the whole dos window thing gave me a...
  18. G

    paint accesory file on comp

    ok so i painted a picture on my comp using Paint but how do i paste it onto these forums?
  19. S

    need some file help

    okay well i'm wondering what folder should i save wad files for (i downloaded some esf maps and they come with wad files and i don't know where to put them so i just stick them in the ESF folder) so please i would appreciate the help
  20. Tsunami

    good online file storage?

    What's a good online file storage? I don't really like megaupload.