1. Sakuya

    Fighting help.

    Okay..0_o On the punching thing, I see arrows. What the hell are those, and how do they work?
  2. Promiscuous Girl

    Why Can't Fighting Games Be This Intense...

    This is a must-see, although it might be old too some. Im still amazed at the moment by how well this was done. I would love too see a fighting games like this. It's the MK vs SF 2 one in the middle by the way. If you don't want too see the short storyline before it, go too scene selection and...
  3. B

    New fighting speed

    I have ESF from the oldest version and i have to say that fighting speed in duel is to slow.Oder suggestion is to combine yellow color not white collor in duel and it have to be glowing.Thats offcourse ki and when someone charghes it up in duel rocks fly around,cloud sourrounds them.When players...
  4. D

    Character Fighting Stances

    How about it,it shouldnt be hard to do for the esf team considering how much you've done with the animations thus far?Its no big deal but i like characters in their own stances,it shows they have indaviduality,cuz in real dbz and budokai 3 and tenkaichi they have the stances of each fighter.It...
  5. real goku

    fighting against really good players

    hey! i'm playing for a couple of weeks now.. and i am not a total noob at all anymore... but if i play against a really good player i don't even have any chance.... i lose the overview when somebody is teleportating all the time.. it just confuses me, and i cant block him, cause i'm just...
  6. K

    Any one have a esf website with some fighting tips?

    Hey does anyone know of a website where there uh might be some combos for fighting? Im not asking you to post the combos on the forums. just askin if there might be a site out there.
  7. S

    fighting gifs D: (warning, some strong language)

    heh, i downloaded this program which is pretty cool and me and my mate keen bean (Ste >_>) took it in turns to do some, this is what we came up with: if you wanna have a go at the software (freeware) check out this thread at...
  8. Chakra-X

    Most Essential Fighting Game Element

    Most fighting games consist at least one of the above...I think air combos are the most important thing a good fighting game MUST have.
  9. D

    Round Based fighting....

    This hit me when playing the other day,how about a tourny like round based fighting mode,2 players fight the others spectate,when 1 dies he gains some health and he fights one of the spectating players while the loser becomes a spectator.When the time is up on that map the person with the most...
  10. I

    Free Fighting Mode

    Hi! I have Steam and am trying to play Free Fighting on Steam. I assume Free Fighting stands for FFA (everyone can attack everyone) but we all get divided into teams and cant hit the other ones on our team. It dosent mater if Friendly Fire is on or not, we cant damage our party members...
  11. Y

    fast fighting models

    Ok i dont want to bother anyone but does anyone have thos fast fighting models made by someone named dalte89 still. Someone told me about them and id like to see them but unfortuantely the links dont work anymore. So i was wondering can someone send them to me. But thanks anyway
  12. john_volkov

    beam strugal ,fighting ,maybe new melee attack

    BEAM strugel : let's say you are Goku and figting aganst picolo Picolo SBC (SPECIAL BEAM CANION) you block Picolo comes near you and shots kiblast like in the esf 1.3 you will get hurt per shot ori generic beam you will stil get damaged i sugest like in the beam strugal Goku block and...
  13. R

    Rumpelstilzchen's Fighting Tutorial

    ESF Fighting Tutorial for Beginners Intro: This guide is made for all new people and those who spam all the time because they dont know how to fight properly, and who think that this game is boring because they always get annihilated and don't know why. I also don't want to be...
  14. DarktoothDKD

    Survey: Your Fighting Games

    Well kinda like the topic. Im sure a lot of you people here like to play fighting games such as Dead or Alive, Smash Brothers, Tekken, Soul Calibur, etc. Im wondering of the fighting games you play. Out of them, which one do you like the best and why do you like them. Im going to describe some...
  15. Dalte89

    Fast Fighting Models

    I have been working a small project for a while, as I have notice many people hated the original style of 1.2 melee. Many hated the the standing still while inputing attacks so I decided to start making models with fight fast animations. So far I got it on Goku, Vegeta, and mystic Gohan. They do...
  16. Ravendust

    Ground Fighting Advantage

    I was thinking, most ESF players fight up in the air, but I like fighting on the ground. Also it seems a bit strange that you lose ki while floating, but can recharge it in a few seconds. So my idea is; eliminate charging in mid-air, so you can charge up, fly, have a fight, then come back down...
  17. Chakra-X

    What's your favorite fighting environment?

    ESF has many fighting environments, ranging from water, ground, and air. Similar to the show, characters have perferable fighting spots, so what's yours? Mine is underwater, it saves ki, it looks cool to see buble travel with beams, easier to basic melee someone, and I love to swim in this...
  18. Z

    The Fist Of The North Star Fighting Game

    I know that using the first post for spam it's not nice, but i have to tell you a great news! Finally it is released the beta for Winmugen of Hokuto No Ken Mugen Project, the fighting game based on the manga "The Fist Of The North Star". Finally everyone that couldn't play it before cause...
  19. Taurus 2112

    Best 2D Fighting Series

    Ok ladies and gents, vote your soul. What is the best 2 demensional Fighting series out there. In your post please give specific reasons, and your favorite character from that series. Ill start off with the Guilty Gear Series: for super fast paced strategy fighting. My favorite characters...
  20. C

    Fighting Help

    O_O i was playing on a server all of a suden a guy comes flying at me then it goes into some weird battle thing and i was getting my butt kicked and i have no idea how to fight cause the guy was Slashing me with a sword beating me and throwing me around and i got pretty pissed off at him,and im...