1. Deathshot

    UFCF: Ultimate Fictional Characters Fighting (Not mine)

    There are so many of these. These are the fights we really need to see somewhere. These are amazing.
  2. Painkiller

    2D Fighting games (and others)

    Can someone tell me GOOD 2D games which support online play. I really love these kind of games, but I'd like to play with someone online. If possible tell me some other online games(not fighting or w/e, simply online) which I can play with other guys 1v1 or co-op.
  3. A

    Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team Fighting

    Another new Dragon Ball game for the PSP has been announced, alongside the new Raging Blast game. It involves 4 player co-op.
  4. chaRizma

    The Ultimate Fighting Championship

    So who else watches this? I can't help but be reminded of DBZ whenever I watch it. Sometimes I'm half expecting one of the fighters to Kamehameha at any second lol Favorite fighters are Florian, Nog, Hughes, GSP, and The Spider Silva.:yes: Anyone watch UFC 112 last Saturday?
  5. Painkiller

    Playing Multiplayer Fighting game on 2 pcs

    Hey guys I'm sending M.A.M.E. 32 to my cousin right now. He wants us to play that game, ofc it can be played on 1 pc only. So if there's a software good enough for me to enter his PC and play the game. Something like TeamViewer, but better, ofcourse.
  6. Jariroth

    One year of fighting, finally over...

    As some of you might remember me from the end of year 2007, i was about to go serve my time in finnish army. And to clear things up, in finland going to army isnt voluntary work, after turning 20 every boy in finland is called to army regardless if you want to or not. However there is...
  7. Rikmaru

    Fighting Positions

    I think the team already may think about it but just for sure...add fighting positons XD...instead of Goku just keep stand looking right and left...make he stay on some fighting position looking right and left XD
  8. majin-vegeta

    How to enable free fighting

    How do I enable free fighting? When I make it in the game, it just start a team battle. I remember I read some post some time ago with some file you had to delete, but I cannot remember the name. Please help
  9. M

    Another 2D Fighting Engine? Other Then MUGEN?

    It's called ShugenDo Heres a video of the new engine If you want it go here. Can't wait for the updates. Do you think this has potential?
  10. vinay87

    More fighting on ground?

    Well, its like this. It's not like all DBZ fights take place in the air. Some also take place on the ground. Would it be so hard to implement more suppost for fighting on ground? Say make it so that melee encounters last for longer on the ground. Anything. One more thing, what if melee and...
  11. kenny-DK

    Fast fighting

    SV and I tryed out the fast fighting animations on SV's Gohan and Vegetto model.. And it came out pretty well :) The Gohan animation is made by SV, and the vegetto animation is made by me.. Enjoy! Megaupload youtube
  12. webber

    PC Fighting Games

    I'm looking for some good pc fighting games (preferably 3d), could someone recomend some?
  13. SaiST

    KwonHo: New Online Fighting Game!!

    (If you're a Fan of the Tekken or Virutua or any fighting game series really well listen up. The long awaited English version of the Popular Korean fighter I have been playing for two months is finally about to come out in closed beta. KwonHo is a pc fighting game where you make a character...
  14. M

    Mike Tyson to Fight in PRIDE Fighting Championship

    Further Reading: Looks like it's official. It sounds nothing more than a boxing match though, but who knows.
  15. M

    What Makes a Good Fighting Game

    What do you guys think makes a good fighting game? Is it a deep story-line? Large selection of fighting styles? Complete customization? What?
  16. M

    COD3 new closecombat fighting The thing is what would happen if like 50 soldiers were behind him?
  17. Ravendust

    Goku's Traffic Safety and Fire Fighting PSA's?! I had no idea these even existed. Anyone know where I can buy, find, see or download these two shorts? I don't care if they're...
  18. M

    Some Good Fighting Matches

    Who would win? 12 - year - old goku(dragonball NOT GT!!!) vs. Hercule Ssj Brolly(NOT BUFF AND BIG JUST REGU SSJ!) vs. full power bojack if goku was ssj 4 and looked at the moon ssj 4 oazuuru(I DONT KNOW IF HE CAN) vs. ssj 2 gogeta discuss
  19. W

    its a sample of the fighting for jinx's movie Hey wassup Jinx got me to do some fighting in one of his videos and he's gotten really good Check out what he did with our fight. Hope you all enjoy! :)
  20. S

    Fighting Help

    Okay I see people goin at it in melee and some how they are able to follow each other around, and they are flying and teleporting all over the place and they always know where they are, and I cant follow them, is there some trick into a person, or do they just have no lives and play way to much ESF?
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